21 Christmas Decorations for Small Apartment On a Budget

Christmas Decorations for Small Apartment

With Christmas around the corner, everyone is busy in thinking of ideas regarding decorating their homes. Even if you live in a small apartment, there is nothing to lose heart. There are abundant decor ideas for Christmas, which can be implemented in a small space. It is true that Christmas decorations for small apartment might become quite an overwhelming affair, but it has to be done in any way. Regardless of the size of the apartment, you can add a joyous spirit of Christmas to the space with excellent Christmas decoration ideas. Read on to know more about the ideas:

1. Festive Fairy Lights

Small Apartment Christmas Decor

For people living in small apartments, using festive fairy lights is a great option for DIY Christmas decorations. These lights can be strung along walls, by the ceiling and even by the windows. Most importantly, these light don’t take up any additional space. Choosing the colors of the lights is completely your discretion. With the indoor lighting, the small space looks really bright and vibrant.

2. Using Window Decals

Small Apartment Christmas Decor

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If you are looking for cheap but beautiful Christmas decorating ideas, there is no better option than that of Christmas window decals. This is a fun and kid-friendly option, which will jazz up your small apartment with little effort.

There are various kinds of decals to choose from for Christmas from frost to snowflakes to nutcrackers and reindeers. Since these are easy to apply and remove, they are a hassle-free alternative for décor.

3. Mini Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces

Christmas is not complete without a Christmas tree. However, since there is space constraint, you can put up a small Christmas tree in the house in a corner.

With proper decorations on the Christmas tree, it looks lovely and bright. You might not be able to hang too many balls and other decorative items on the tree, but still having one in the house betters the feel of Christmas to a great extent.

4. Paper Ring Garlands

Small Apartment Christmas Decor

Paper ring garlands are a great choice when it comes to decorating a small apartment for Christmas. Making these garlands are a fun-filled activity for the kids and they get involved closely in the same. Use colored papers and cut them in strips of varying widths. Make a circle with the strips and secure them with tape. Make loops with the circles and continue like a chain. These can be hung on walls or on doors and windows.

5. Flower Garlands

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Real flowers add lots of color, brightness, and freshness to space irrespective of its size. One of the best holiday decorating ideas is to use flower garlands for the décor. The garlands come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Moreover, there are different choices of flowers in the garland as well. The garlands can be put up on the walls or even on the doors of the apartment. They might not be very cheap, but they are great Christmas decorations for small apartments.

6. Festive Doormat

Christmas Decoration Ideas

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When it comes to small decorations for Christmas, very minor things start making a difference. In this case, it is a doormat, which can be placed outside the door or even inside the door. The doormat is kind of a subtle way of welcoming the guests and wishing them Merry Christmas as well. The best part is that they don’t need any additional space for the décor and adds to the show of the space at the same time.

7. Try some Festive Themed Throws and Linens and other Items

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Decorative linens and throws are a great way of jazzing up a small apartment for the Holiday season. It adds Christmas flair to the space. You can try the idea with linen, or tablecloths, sheets, napkins, throw blankets, towels and so on. If none of these suit you, you can place Christmas themed décor items, which are available in plenty at cheap rates.

8. Pillows can be changed Matching with Holiday Mood

Christmas Decoration Ideas

The bedroom might be a private place, but the festivities enter there as well. Pillows are a must in the bedroom along with them being used on chairs and couches. The use of decorative and holiday-themed pillows add a different dimension to the place. Though this is a small functional change, but it makes a great impact.

9. Elegant Wreaths on Walls

Christmas Wall Decoration Ideas

When you are looking for Christmas wall decoration ideas, you simply cannot go wrong with Christmas wreaths. Available in different kinds of designs and patterns, these wreaths impact the décor of the walls excellently. The materials used in the wreaths vary from one another. The kinds of flowers and leaves and decorative items also vary. Choose the one which is in sync with the décor of your space. This occupies no extra space in the room as well.

10. Deck up the Chairs with Christmas feel

Christmas Decoration Ideas

The dining chairs in your home need to be given a makeover in this festive season. And doing this will not be expensive at all. Try using removable chair covers and décor for Christmas. These are available in different designs and patterns. These minor Christmas decorations for small apartments change the way a place looks. A happy and vibrant ambiance is created with the help of these chair covers and décor.

11. Hang Christmas Ornaments from Ceilings or Walls

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Accommodating a Christmas tree with all kinds of decorations might not be possible in a small apartment. In such a case, you can hang the baubles and the ornaments from the ceiling or from the chandelier in the room. This décor will not occupy any extra space. Sometimes, these can be hung from other light fixtures in the room as well. With colorful décor hanging from the ceiling, the whole room looks vibrant.

12. Work on the Centerpieces in the Room

Holiday Decorating Ideas

When you are aiming small apartment Christmas décor, you cannot go wrong with decorative centerpieces in the room. The colorful centerpieces add color and vibrancy to the place significantly. Infact you can collect colorful items and place them strategically on the table creating a unique decoration on the table. You can place colorful Christmas décor balls in jars and put them on table creating a unique look.

13. Decorate with Christmas Cards

Holiday Decorating Ideas

You must have got lots of Christmas cards this year and in the previous years. Instead of piling them up in some corner of the house, why not use them as a part of décor for Christmas? These cards can act as excellent Christmas decorations for small apartments. The cards can be arranged on shelves as well as on tables. Colorful cards make the place look beautiful and lively. You can place other décor items with the cards which are in sync with the settings of the place.

14. String Glittery Garlands on Doors and other Places

Holiday Decorating Ideas

When your guests come, they will enter through the front door. It is therefore important that the door has some décor as well. One of the best and most common apartment door Christmas decorations is using string glittery garlands. The glittery garlands can have various kinds of designs and patterns on them. Choose designs and patterns in sync with other Christmas decorations in the space.

15. Pine Cone Table Decorations

Holiday Decorating Ideas

Though there are many Christmas tree ideas for small spaces, yet it might not always be possible to have a Christmas tree separately. That lack can be compensated with the help of pine cones, which can be painted green in color and decorated with glitter and other items. The cone can be placed on some kind of holder that acts as a centerpiece. An excellent décor idea without breaking the bank.

16. Use abundant Candles for Décor

Holiday Decorating Ideas

Candles can enhance the décor of any place instantly. And this item can be used for décor purposes for all occasions including Christmas. You can either purchase candles or make them on your own at home. Aromatic candles are in great demand in this regard. Candles can be placed on the center table or on shelves or in different corners of the house. Christmas is all about lights and what better way than candles for the same!

17. Tree Branches for Christmas Décor

Holiday Decorating Ideas

Your small apartment might not be able to accommodate a Christmas tree. But you can use branches of trees for decorating the space. You can place the tree branches inside vases, place them on mantles etc. If you have time, you can hang decorative ornaments and baubles from the branches making them look colorful and beautiful. There is an aroma of Christmas obtained from these branch decorations. They don’t even occupy any extra space.

18. Use your Holiday Photos for Décor

Holiday Decorating Ideas

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Every Christmas you click loads of photos with friends and family and they just remain in the stocks. This time for Christmas décor, why not use these photos? Until and unless you display them, no one will be able to see and appreciate them. An excellent space saving idea for Christmas décor, this idea is also a conversation-starter in itself. The photos bring back memories and can make one nostalgic as well.

19. Edible Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations for Small Apartment

Though this practically does not count in Christmas décor, yet it can definitely increase Christmas cheer without compromising on the available space. These goodies not only enhance the look of the dining table where they are placed, but they add special aroma to Christmas dining. Once you complete appreciating the goodies, you can gobble up one or two of them.

20. Use the obtained Gifts as Décor Items

Christmas Decorations for Small Apartment

Often Christmas gifts come in well-wrapped manner and start piling from the beginning of December. By Christmas, you have loads of gifts. You can use these presents as decorative items. As it is that they occupy space; why not use them for some fruitful purpose? You might somehow need to do some touchups for some gift wraps. Place the gifts in strategic places and see how they add value to your Christmas décor.

21. Star of David with any Available Materials

Christmas Decorations for Small Apartment

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The Star of David is an integral part of Christmas decorations. You can make this star with any available materials and decorate the same. Lights can also be used for illuminating the star. Hang the star at any place you feel suitable.

Final Words

With all the above mentioned ideas you should have no doubt now as to how to decorate an apartment for Christmas. These ideas of Christmas decorations for small apartments are simple and cost-friendly. This Christmas, try the décor and see how your little space gets transformed completely. Your guests will also be impressed with the décor and you will be appreciated for your efforts surely.

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