45 Beautiful Diy Wall Shelves For Your Home

DIY Wall Shelves

Mirror mirror on the wall…is my shelf the most beautiful of all? Well, fellas, the mirror isn’t going to answer your question…its me!! So, how do you make your shelf an eye candy? Well, you have to try these DIY wall shelves today! Yes, dear friends, it gives me immense pleasure to show how you can transform your vacant walls into looking gorgeous.

Shelving is a very important task in home designing. Now, you no longer have to depend on IKEA or for that matter anyone else to help you deck up your walls. You can release some of your creative juices and craft out your own wall shelves out of ordinary things. Most of these ideas are affordable and super easy to try. Hence, don’t stop and let the show begin!

Stunning DIY wall shelves for books

Every house, no matter how small or big always seems to ‘not have a space’ for books. Don’t you feel it too? Be it your own bedrooms, or your kid’s, there is always the issue of keeping books organized and at one place. How do you tackle this problem? Well, its high time that you create a proper shelving for stacking your books. With these awesome DIY wall shelves for books, I am sure that your books will find a perfect spot to rest and relax!

What do you feel about this hanging book shelf? Well, you gotta try this as its an easy craft and looks very chic. You can create this shelf out of plain wooden boards and several wooden blocks. In addition to looking good, this kind of shelf can be installed anywhere in your house like bedroom, living room or even study room.

Diy Wall Shelves for Books
DIY wooden book shelf

Image Credit: accbud

Old pipes can be best put to use when you try this idea. The shelves are built out of old pipes and lend an industrial touch to the decor of the walls. These can be used for stacking books or other things that you may like. The look of these shelves is a bit odd but its a great DIY project anyone can try at home at much lesser price. A little birdie told me that it costs $79 on Etsy…!! Come on…make it at home at half the price!

DIY Shelving Unit
DIY pipe bookshelf

Image Credit: jacquelynclark

Have an empty wall space behind the door of your living or bedroom? Yes? Then, utilize this space for stacking your books neatly. The vertical white DIY bookshelf is simple and very affordable. Any novice can do it at home.

DIY Shelving Unit
Easy white wall bookshelf

Image Credit: carissamiss

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Creative DIY shelving unit for living room

What mars the look of a living room, do you know? Well, in addition to being decorated with wrong color scheme, or inappropriate furniture, there’s just another thing that breaks the look of your living area. Yes, its the universal problem of clutter. Any living room that has a cluttered up environment where there’s no harmony between one element and the other is bound to sore the eyes. But, the million dollar question is – How to tackle this problem of clutter? Well for starters, try shelving your walls for a neat and savvy look.

Wall shelves are one of the most useful inventions to have revolutionized home designing. A shelf on your living room wall can solve your clutter problem as it gives you ample space for storing things in a systematic manner. From wall mounted bookshelves, to corner shelves that can be built to save space, you have a lot of options to try when picking wall shelves for your living areas.

Wall mounted shelves, like in the image, are suitable for small living areas. This wall shelf unit solves your storage problems as you can place a number of things in a very systematic way. This is an all in one solution for your clutter!

How to make Wall Shelves
DIY open wall mounted shelf

Image Credit: npdodge

How about trying this wooden boards shelves? Its a great shelving idea where you can place all your pictures and frames for a grand display of elegance. Its DIY and anyone can do it with help of some online tutorials .

How to make Wall Shelves
DIY wooden board wall shelf

Image Credit: blogspot

Stylish DIY shelving unit for bedroom

Like any other room in your house, the bedroom too must look airy, fresh and very well kept. Wall shelves are the best way to spruce up your bedroom’s style and lend it a wholesome look. If you have a bedroom that’s always cramped up, you’re most likely to feel less lively and always tired. Wall shelves, be it, floating, freestanding or corner help in allowing free passage and flow of air and light in your bedrooms. So, how about having a look at some of the most fabulous wall shelve ideas shown below?

One of the most perfect spots to install a wall shelf is the space above your bed. Having such a shelf helps not only in storing a variety of things, but also helps in adding a focal point in your decor. In the image, the shelving unit is DIY and is a simple design made of wood. But, it definitely lends character to this room.

How to make Wall Shelves
Simple DIY bedroom shelf

Image Credit: 0451zp

This rustic wooden wall shelf floats elegantly to create a suave look for this bedroom, doesn’t it? Well, its a very easy DIY project anyone of you can do at home.

How to Build a simple Wall Shelf
DIY floating wall shelf

Image Credit: eemcnow

DIY wall shelves for bathrooms

Do bathrooms need shelves? Of course they do! Where else will you stack up towels and other toiletries neatly? If you don’t cater for storing these things, then, you can expect to see a cluttered up and a dirty bathing area that will look like an eye sore and nothing else.

When it comes to deciding on how to store things in a bathroom, you have very limited choices. There are only a few ways to store things here, like cabinets, shower caddies or shelves.

Shelves are more convenient to store bathroom fundamentals as these come in a variety of styles. If you wish to save on space, then floating shelves are your best option. Otherwise, you can simply attach a pallet with a layer of shelves for stacking multiple thing like shampoo bottles, soap boxes, perfumes, e.t.c.

Now, you don’t have to burn your pockets when planning on shelving your bathrooms. With creative DIY ideas on display, your job of picking a perfect shelf will become easy and smooth. How do you feel about this wood and pipe shelf idea? Doesn’t it look creative with a hint of rustic? Its an easy DIY project which you can accomplish with only a few sets of wooden slabs and some old pipes. Its a pretty sleek way of storing!

DIY Shelving Unit
DIY pipe and wood shelf

Image Credit: homedit

These DIY spice racks add a zing of style to your bathroom storage. These are super easy to put together and do the job cleverly.

DIY Shelving Unit
DIY wall mounted spice rack shelves

Image Credit: homedit

Will this rustic styled pallet shelf add layers of chicness to your bathroom space? Well, yes, it would as its very attractive! The DIY pallet shelf looks rustic and is pretty simple to assemble.

How to Build a simple Wall Shelf
DIY vertical pallet shelf

Image Credit: ripost

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Fabulous free standing shelves for kids room

A kiddo’s room without a doubt has to be the most eye grabbing among all the rooms of a house because its the spot where your precious munchkins spend most of their growing up years. A cluttered up kid’s room is a total disaster, and believe me, no child would ever want to live amidst chaos and dirt. So, the big question here is : ‘HOW DO YOU TACKLE THE PROBLEM OF CLUTTER’? Well, the most simple way to add a balance to your kid’s room is to build freestanding shelves.

Freestanding or floating shelves are essential to bring coherency to your room’s decor, specially a kid’s room. These lend a feel of a bigger space to a room and make the flow of air and light easy. But, do you know its quite simple to create your own DIY freestanding shelf? If you want to know how to build free standing shelves, there are tutorials that can help you with clever solutions.

Do you like wood? Then, this idea is probably the one for your kiddo’s room because it is easy to build and doesn’t burn your pocket! Also, it can be installed behind doors to save on space.

How to Build Free Standing Shelves
DIY freestanding bookshelf

Image Credit: formgoodhabits

These DIY shelves are in-fact spice racks by IKEA that have been given a whole new purpose by the DIYer. Instead of using these in the kitchen, the DIYer has used them to store books in his children’s room. What a clever shelving idea, don’t you feel?

How to Build Free Standing Shelves
DIY freestanding rack shelf

Image Credit: blogspot

Gorgeous DIY wall shelves for kitchens

Do your kitchens need storage solutions? Without a doubt, yes! A kitchen is the heart of any home and as such, needs proper storage and design. Among all kinds of features, wall shelves are the simplest to build and install. These offer you practical storage at strategic places that allow you to make full use of each and every corner of your kitchen.

Now a days, most homeowners are taking things in their own hands, and are creating wonderful DIY wall shelves for their kitchens. These wall shelves are easy to put together and are also way less costlier than store bought shelves. So, if you’re ready, let’s get rolling and see a few clever ideas!

Desire something rustic? Well, try this wooden shelving idea as it looks suave. These wooden rustic shelves are placed cleverly over the brown cabinet and are used for displaying pots, trays and all kinds of dishware. The rustic tones of these shelves play wonderfully with white, a color that’s used dominantly here.

DIY Shelving Unit
DIY floating shelves

Image Credit: pinterest

For an industrial look in your kitchen, use pipes and wooden planks to build your own shelves, just like the ones in the image here. Its a cheap DIY project anyone can try.

How to make Wall Shelves
DIY industrial pipe kitchen shelves

Image Credit: domesticimperfection

Innovative and simple DIY shelf ideas

Believe me, I am an avid DIYer, and that’s why, I always inspire you all to try DIY as well. Wall shelves are easy to build and you don’t need any experience of carpentry to craft clever shelves for your home. If you have some free time, you must make use of it fully to create your own shelves that will probably cost way less.

Here are a few DIY shelve ideas that are far easier to try than the others that I have shown you above. So, that makes viewing them all the more important.

How to make wall shelves as beautiful as the ones shown below? Well, you’ll need a few basic tools, wooden planks, rope strings, screws and voila…you are all set! These hanging wall shelves are artsy in appearance and can turn your vacant wall into an art corner.

How to make Wall Shelves
DIY hanging wall shelf

Image Credit: britcdn

Well, well, well…this shelf is truly an eye candy! Made out of white wooden planks, its hung from an ornamental hook using rustic rope. This artsy DIY project is simple to create and can be used as a centerpiece for your wall.

How to Build a simple Wall Shelf
DIY artsy rope shelf

Image Credit: britcdn

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DIY wall shelf with old buckets

Am I for real when I say a bucket can be converted into a shelf? Yes, its true my friends. Buckets of any kind can now be transformed into DIY shelves for your house. Many times, people throw away junk thinking they can no longer be used. From old doors, drawers to buckets, everything on this planet can be recycled and re-used. Using buckets as shelves is a clever way to save some money and yet, achieve something so practical for storing things.

I would like to show you a few ideas where the homeowners have DIYed their buckets and converted them into awesome shelves. Let’s have a look.

How to build a simple wall shelf such as this one? Well, you don’t need carpentry knowledge to try this awesome shelving idea! With a few basic tools, an old washtub and a few wooden slabs, you can build your very own shelf that looks unique. It can be installed either in your bathroom or kitchen.

How to Build a simple Wall Shelf
DIY upcycled bucket wall shelf

Image Credit: homebnc

Absolutely perfect for books, these roundel paint bucket shelves are adding a natty touch to the wall of this house. Creating these is easy where you’ll not need anything other than old paint buckets for this DIY project.

DIY Shelving Unit
Creative DIY paint bucket shelves

Image Credit: britcdn

Cute DIY shelving ideas with books

A shelf made out of books? Are you kidding us? These are the typical questions you would ask when you see the next section where I will be showing you clever shelf ideas to try using books. Yes, books can become shelves for storing a number of things. These shelves are pretty easy to build and can lend a very cool look to your house decor.

Book shelves can transform the way your wall looks and hence, you must try these if you’re looking for creative DIY ideas that are affordable. For example, this floating book shelf really adds character to this wall and is simple to be done at home. All you need are a few brackets, screws and books, and you’re done!

DIY Shelving Unit
DIY floating book shelf

Image Credit: ideachannels

Use old books to build awesome book shelves such as this one. It isn’t tough to put together as you’ll need a few basic things for this DIY project to get started.

How to Build a simple Wall Shelf
Cute DIY book shelf

Image Credit: instructables

Gorgeous DIY natural shelves

Why go with artificial things when you can go all natural? Use twigs and branches to create crafty looking shelves for your walls because these lend a rustic touch to the decor as well as come very cheap, if not free. Tree products like branches have always been popular with home decor and designing projects. The homeowners of present times are chucking the artificial and going for natural things when DIYing. So, looking at the popularity of wood in home decor, I have displayed a few shelving ideas that have made use of branches.

How to build a simple wall shelf that will not drain your pocket? Well, look at this shelf below. This grey branch shelf is actually a gift that has been put to great use for hanging things. It not only looks chic but also serves storage purposes. Its a simple and cheap DIY project. You can hang things easily such as coats and mufflers.

How to Build a simple Wall Shelf
Adorable branch shelf

Image Credit: googleapis

A perfect shelf meant just for your child’s room! Made entirely out of wooden branch, this shelf can become the signature spot of your kiddo’s room, and believe me, its a simple project all of you can do at home. In addition to its rustic appearance that catches your eyes, the wooden branch shelf is Eco friendly.

How to Build Free Standing Shelves
Cute DIY branch shelf

Image Credit: trendhunterstatic

No home design project is considered to be complete unless wooden elements are used in the decor. How about incorporating wooden slabs or logs in your interior designing? Log shelves are increasingly becoming popular with DIYers because these are easy to acquire plus these don’t drill holes in your pockets.

Log shelves add a pop of rustic to your decor and blend in harmoniously with any kind of color palette. Seen below is a semi circular log shelf idea used on the wall of this house. It surely looks chic and is perfect for displaying small accessories.

How to Build a simple Wall Shelf
Rustic styled log shelves

Image Credit: igdara

Why are logs and branches so popular in home designing, can you guess? Well, these are much easier to acquire plus you can get them either at a less price, or at no cost at all. Some DIY projects make use of logs to craft creative shelves, while, others make use of branches to bring in the feel of the wild. One such project is shown here where the branches of a tree are used as shelves without painting them or re-purposing them. These branch shelves are worth a glance for they look very contemporary!

How to Build a simple Wall Shelf
Decorative log shelving

Image Credit: kn3

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DIY suitcase shelving ideas

The best part about DIY crafts is that it allows you to make use of old and obsolete things to the best of your abilities and convert these into clever and useful things. Old suitcases are very commonly used as shelves, but, are always in trend as these lend a vintage feel to a decor. In addition, these can be converted into shelves quite easily and that too without spending a bomb.

If you have a few suitcases that are simply collecting dust, then, here are some awesome ideas to try. Try this quirky shelving idea that’s made out of old suitcases. The suitcases have been successfully fixed and are lending a vintage touch to the wall. You can use these shelves to display a number of artsy things.

How to Build Free Standing Shelves
DIY vintage suitcase shelves

Image Credit: huffpost

The wall here looks every bit eclectic, thanks to the vintage suitcases that have been converted into artful shelves. An easy DIY project, you can create these with very minimum effort. Thanks to the suitcase shelves, the cabinet of this room looks striking to the eyes.

DIY Shelving Unit
Cute DIY suitcase shelving

Image Credit: decoralista

DIY shelves made with old drawers

How to make wall shelves with old drawers? Well, its not rocket science and anyone of you can create awesome looking shelves using DIY ideas with re-purposed furniture such as drawers. Drawers can now be re-purposed, thanks to DIY ‘enthu cutlets’ that have invented cool ideas to convert them into useful wall shelves. In addition to lending a rustic touch to your decor, these are cheaper on your pockets. Moreover, you can craft your shelves easily using old drawers.

Planning to hide your old dresser somewhere in your attic or garage? If so, I will request you all to rethink and make best use of it by converting it into a lovely looking wall shelf! Yes, the drawers of this dresser can be converted into shelves that you can install either in your living room, or bedroom. The shelves seen here are actually drawers of a dresser and add aesthetics to your wall with minimal effort and money.

DIY Shelving Unit
Stylish dresser drawer shelves

Image Credit: biankylounge

Here’s another ingenious idea that you can try if you have drawers that are no longer in use. Its again the dresser that comes to your help here! The decorator has hung these green drawers on the wall to add an accent, and has gone further to beautify these with a polka dotted background. Its a fun project you all can try!

DIY Shelving Unit
Beautiful green drawers as shelves

Image Credit: idolza

Is your chest old and is soon gonna be dumped in the attic? If yes, then, why not make the best use of it by turning its drawers into creative wall shelves? Try this idea as it makes use of drawers of an old chest and successfully accents your wall. Breathe new life into your chest by transforming it into these lovely shelves as seen here. The DIYer has done quite a brilliant job!

Diy Wall Shelves
Simple DIY drawer shelf

Image Credit: novamett

Charming DIY corner wall shelves

Every house has a corner that seems rather odd if left vacant. It looks all the more strange if you try to accommodate a small dresser or a chair to fill in the space. Then, what’s the next best alternative to beautify such a corner? Hey, go for shelves! Yes, shelves are the perfect solution for filling the corners cleverly. Not only do you make the space more practical, but you also lend style to your corner with wall shelves.

In one fell scoop, you can create additional storage when you add corner shelves. Here, the owner has smartly decorated the corner space by installing 3D wooden block shelves in an artistic way. Your kiddo would love to have these shelves in his or her room. The best part about these shelves is that they don’t gobble up much space, and hence, are perfect for small rooms.

 How to make Wall Shelves
3D DIY wooden corner shelves

Image Credit: homedit

Is your kitchen too small to accommodate a pantry of its own? Well, try this corner shelving idea that lets you store condiments and spices systemically. These corner shelves are perfect for displaying cutlery and crockery as well.

How to Build a simple Wall Shelf
Kitchen corner shelf

Image Credit: atmedia

Does anyone of you have a nursery with an empty corner wall that screams for a makeover? If so, then, here’s presenting you a very cool corner shelf idea that the owners of this house have tried. The corner shelves in white add style to their baby’s room. Additionally, these help in storing books and toys in a very organized way.

How to Build Free Standing Shelves
Cute nursery corner shelves

Image Credit: ns1

Floating shelves are perfect for corners, such as these. The design is modern as the shelves are stacked over one another that can help you fill up the crannies with stylish accessories and utilities.

 DIY Shelving Unit,
Stacked corner shelves

Image Credit: twinyc

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Cool DIY ladder shelves

Its trendy to use old ladders as shelves for your homes as ladders offer so much more than just functionality. Old ladders add a pop of rustic to your interiors without breaking the harmony of your decor. These can be installed in different ways as well. You can create storage space for your knick knacks in one fell scoop with ladders.

Ladders can be left unpolished if you want them to appear more rustic. One great example of a rustic ladder shelf is shown below. Its installed in a horizontal way and acts as a bookshelf. The look of this ladder shelf is such that you’ll find yourself over the moon!

How to make Wall Shelves
Antique ladder shelving idea

Image Credit: dandelionexpress

How about using a ladder to fill up your corner? This shelf looks chic as a bookshelf.

How to make Wall Shelves
How to make Wall Shelves

Image Credit: noithatmagazine

This V shaped ladder shelf in white looks very chic and matches well with the other bright pops of colours splashed throughout the room. It acts as a bookshelf plus as a spot to display your modern knick knacks.

How to make Wall Shelves
V shaped ladder shelf

Image Credit: diy-enthusiasts

DIY shelves with crates

DIY crafts out of crates? Yeah, crates are quite useful even after they have delivered you your quota of apples and oranges. But, what use do crates serve? For starters, crates can be transformed into lovely shelves, what do you have to say about this? Shelves made out of old crates not only lend your decor a rustic punch, these also help you organize your things in a very neat manner.

Crates offer DIYers lots of scope to try out varied things, one among which is transforming them into artsy shelves for your empty walls. These are a dream of any DIY crafter. How about converting your old crates into jewelry shelves? The idea shown here is simply awesome. You can create a vanity as well using this idea.

DIY Shelving Unit
DIY jewelry crate wall shelf

Image Credit: mrkate

Doesn’t this shelving idea work wonders for a bathroom? Try using rustic crates and stack these on top of one another. These crate shelves help in displaying toiletries like soap bottles, towels and a few personal things like picture frames.

DIY Shelving Unit
Easy DIY crate shelves

Image Credit: finplan

Lovely! Its a simple DIY project that every person can try without getting any professional help. Paint the crates in any color if you don’t want white. A perfect spot to display your knick knacks!

How to Build Free Standing Shelves
White crate shelves

Image Credit: jsonline

DIY geometric floating shelves

Desire some geometric accents in your home decor? Well, try these shelf ideas that have incorporated geometric shapes in plenty of appealing ways. Most modern homes feature geometric accents, either in their furniture, or on walls. Below, I have presented a few pictures of geometric inspired wall shelves that you must try.

Versatile and chic, geometric shelves lend an artsy touch to your interiors, and blend in easily with any color combination and theme. How about these stylish honeycomb shelves for your living rooms? Aren’t these lovely? Its a tad difficult to craft them, but with time, you can get the hang.

How to make Wall Shelves
DIY honeycomb shelves

Image Credit: flickr

This beauty is worth your glance what say? Its made using timber, saw, glue, nails, white acrylic paint and sandpaper. You may find it a tad tough, but, its a pretty simple craft. Only the angling of your wooden pieces need to be correct.

How to make Wall Shelves
Cute triangular shelves

Image Credit: blitsy

DIY hanging wall shelves

Hanging wall shelves are quite in fashion as these look very chic and are available in a plethora of styles and designs. Look below at some of the most inspiring hanging shelves that you can craft using basic things like wood, rope, paint and drill.

Try this hanging shelf that’s made out of rope and wooden planks. Paint the wooden shelves in any color that you like. Its an easy project for all. Perfect for displaying your pricey succulents!

 DIY Shelving Unit
DIY rope and wood hanging shelf

Image Credit: perkymommy

Are you wondering what made you wait to try this easy and awesome project till now? Dearies, its not late as you can always give this idea a try whenever you want! Its a very simple way to create a wall shelf out of wooden planks and your old leather belt. You can use gold paint to decorate the edges of the shelf and hang it using the leather belt.

How to make Wall Shelves
DIY leather belt and wood hanging shelf

Image Credit: facilisimo

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Clever DIY wall shelves with old pianos

Are you a fan of re-purposing old stuff? If you are, then this idea of using old pianos is just for you. If your piano looks dull and has done its time, then you can craft something creative out of it. For example, wall shelf. How do you like this idea?

Give your pianos a new lease of life by converting these into glamorous shelves for your walls. Just have a look at this creative shelf below. Its made not with anything else, but with an old piano. The decorator hasn’t broken the piano into bits, but, has used the whole thing as a shelf on the wall. Wow!!

How to Build a simple Wall Shelf
DIY repurpose piano shelf

Image Credit: architectureartdesigns

What do you do when your piano has stopped functioning as an instrument of music? Well, you can simply stash it away in your basement, or else, create a whole new shelf for your empty wall. I would choose the second option any-day! Below, the keyboard serves as a great shelf for displaying keepsakes and intimate things. The bench of the piano also makes for a great wall accent.

DIY Shelving Unit
DIY piano shelf

Image Credit: ssmscdn

The modern age demands that you DIY everything. From furniture, accessories, roofs to walls, homeowners are taking DIYing to the next level. Like I mentioned before, DIY wall shelves are perhaps the easiest of projects to try that are unique in their own ways. Choose the one that you find is easy and apt for your home.

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