41 Impressive Fence Design Ideas

Do you know that fences form a very important part of outdoor landscaping and designing? Yes, my lovelies! They, either, add loads of style to your kerbs, or, completely mar their look. Fencing is a much needed feature of any house without which you cannot feel safe. But, now a days, fences are being designed to make them attractive features of your house. They are no longer meant to offer you privacy and security alone. From being used for edging or framing gardens, fences, these days, are increasingly being integrated into your outdoors as special focal points. Since, there are a plethora of fence design ideas to choose, you may feel confused when making your pick. But, worry not as I am here to help you choose the correct fencing idea! Go ahead.

Impressive Metal Fence Designs

Want to make your fencing the focal point of your outdoors? Then, choose metal designs that are sweeping the world of exterior landscaping in a very big way. Over the years, metal fences have garnered much popularity because of their durability and versatility. If you wish to take your kerb appeal to the next highest level of style, then choose metal fences for your outdoors.

In the picture below, you’ll see how cool the owner’s outdoor looks. Do you know what makes it look so stylish? Well, its the metal fencing that’s drawing your attention. The vertical styled metal fence features intricate designs that are noteworthy.

Fence Design Ideas
Metal fencing with elegant design

Image Credit: fencepictures

A very unusually designed metal fencing, don’t you think? The fence is built out of solid steel plates and adds a modern touch to the outdoor. The width of these steel panels don’t match with one another, and that’s what makes these so interesting in appearance. You can paint thee panels in any colors that you like.

Metal Fence Designs
Solid steel plate fencing

Image Credit: carambapublicitat

The backyard of this house make me want to own it, why, do you know? Its the corten fence design that’s catching my attention, and oh boy, it surely looks stylish and suave! The laser cut corten fence design lends a whimsical touch to the outdoor decor with its rust like texture and look. Way to go Grace and Webb, the designers that have designed this stunning piece!

Fence Designs for Homes
Laser cut corten wall fence

Image Credit: graceandwebb

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Gorgeous Wood Fence Designs

When it comes to fencing, most homeowners pick wood. Do you know why? Well, wood is much more affordable than metal, and is also more durable and adaptable. Most homeowners pick wooden fences because these lend a natural touch to their outdoors. In addition, these can be easily cut to any shape or size as you fancy. Wooden fencing also suits any kind of decor. You can match your decor elements quite easily with wood. That’s why its so popular.

If you do not want outsiders to peep into your intimate world, then pick a wooden privacy fence such as this one below. The wooden fence is modern in style and has gaps to give you the view of the outside without jeopardizing your own privacy. This fencing helps in free movement of air and doesn’t make you feel claustrophobic.

Wood Fence Designs
Wooden fence with gaps

Image Credit: pinterest

Want to show some creativity to others? Then, pick this DIY wooden fencing idea with characters. The fence is designed with carvings of characters and is quite economical. Choose wooden panels and carve whichever character you want. Its a must to choose if you’re a family person!

Decorative Wooden Fence
DIY wooden carved fence

Image Credit: hngideas

Who’ll not fall in love with the wooden arbor and the bordering fence of this house? Pick this design if you live in an Asian themed residence.

Decorative Wooden Fence
Decorative wooden arbor gate and fence

Image Credit: hgtvhome

This horizontal pine fence can help you achieve a stylish garden without doing much. It offers a great backdrop to the lush garden of this house in Austin.

Wood Fence Designs
Stylish pine fence

Image Credit: czmcam

Wow, this wooden fence with white tips is really a stunner! Its not merely decorative in style, but also helps in keeping away pests. Its a low fencing idea that you too can try.

Wood Fence Designs
Black wooden fence with white tips

Image Credit: decorationy

Awesome Inexpensive Fencing Ideas

Fencing is a much needed feature that makes living complete. You cannot live in a house that’s devoid of a fence. This is so because a fence lends you a feeling of being safe as well as keeps your affairs private from the rest of the world. But, do you know that fencing need not put a huge dent on your pocket? Yes, friends. These days, most homeowners are picking inexpensive fencing ideas for their pools, gardens and frontage.

There are hundreds of cheap ideas to try when choosing fence ideas for your house. Fancy a bottle fence? Or, may be a surfboard fence? Well, you have a world of choices on offer, but, you have to pick the ones that you really like.

Have you recently gone broke when fencing your front-yard? If so, then, its time for you to chuck such kinds of ideas and opt for those that are pocket friendly. How about putting old wine bottles to good use? Try this fence design that’s made out of old bottles. With very less effort, you can get this project on board at no time. You can put this fencing either as a border in your garden or on your backyards.

Inexpensive Fencing Ideas
Wine bottle fence idea

Image Credit: habcdn

Here’s a very stylish yet inexpensive fencing idea that has made use of bicycle parts. Doesn’t it look absolutely creative? Combine old wheels and other parts to create this unique fencing design. Its simple, and a must to try!

Inexpensive Fencing Ideas
Recycled bicycle fence

Image Credit: 1decor

The owner has created a very unique looking fence backyard garden using building materials like corrugated roofing and rustic tools like crowbars and nail pullers. The fence offers complete privacy and is also easy to maintain. Its a great example of a creative fencing idea.

Inexpensive Fencing Ideas
Recycled building material fence

Image Credit: theshelterblog

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Bamboo Fence Designs for Homes

Wish to add an Eco friendly touch to your outdoors? Then, why not choose bamboo fencing? Bamboo is one of the most environment friendly materials to try for outdoor landscaping and designing. Apart from being tough, bamboo is a very versatile material that can blend in senselessly with any kind of decor. Bamboo fences complement nature more than your usual lumber. It also grows faster. In addition to lending a green and aesthetic touch to your decor, bamboo keeps pests like termites at bay. Its a strong material most suitable for fencing your outdoors.

How about installing a bamboo privacy fence to stop any kind of peek-a-boo attempt? Choose this dramatic bamboo fence that looks grand in stature and offers complete coverage.

Fence Designs for Homes
Backyard bamboo fence

Image Credit: itechgo

How about matching long and short designs when fencing your garden? This idea makes use of this concept pretty nicely and with double sets of bamboos. What a creative way to offer double coverage!

Fence Designs for Homes
Long and short bamboo fencing

Image Credit: sublipalawan

With woven cane panels and bamboo borders, this fence design looks very traditional and detailed. You can use this fence as a privacy as well as a decorative fencing for your house.

Fence Designs for Homes
Bamboo reed fencing design

Image Credit: homestylecentral

Lattice Patterned Fencing Designs

Think style, think Lattice. Again, think mess concealing, think lattice! Yes dear friends, lattice fences are here to stay. Do you know why? To start with, lattice fences work great with every kind of landscape. In addition, these help in adding an instant aesthetic appeal to your curb.

Below is a wonderful looking white lattice fence that’s adding quite an appeal to this garden area. It perfectly suits the ambiance of the surroundings and offers privacy as well.

Fence Designs for Homes
White lattice fence panels

Image Credit: designingidea

Th wooden lattice installed in the patio lends a touch of tradition to the ambiance. It blends in seamlessly with the serene decor of the patio.

Wooden Fence Ideas
Glamorous lattice fencing for patio

Image Credit: zillowstatic

Decorative Stone Fence Designs for Homes

Can you tell what kind of fencing style befits every kind of garden or yard? Well, its stone dear friends! Stone fences pave the way for creating aesthetic and heavenly abodes, and are unrivaled as far as their beauty and aesthetics are concerned.

Stone fencing looks more natural as it blends in easily with the natural surroundings of your outdoor. In addition to this, stone fencing and walls last for a lifetime which means that they are unrivaled as far as durability is concerned.

These are also available in a barrage of shapes, styles and designs. From limestone to granite, you have a plethora of options to pick. You can even pick ornamental stone walls as fences if you desire for eye catching focal points in your outdoors.

How about picking this gorgeous stone fencing? Its designed by the awesome pair of Naomi Zettl and Andreas Kunert. The fencing is a work of art and one of the best to be seen on any list of fence designs for front yards.

Fence Designs for Homes
Flowing stone sculptured fence

Image Credit: netdna-cdn

The low stone fence seen here doesn’t do much for privacy, but, it surely adds a stylish punch to this front yard. Such types of stone fences are perfect for enclosing front yards and patios.

Fence Designs for Front Yards
Stylish front yard stone fence

Image Credit: carambapublicitat

Think innovation? Then, this stone fencing is the one for you because it is downright appealing and very unusually designed. It features a metal gate with an arch made of stones. The whole decoration on the fencing looks unique and eye catching.

Fence Designs for Front Yards
Decorative stone fencing

Image Credit: lushome

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Eye Grabbing Gabion Fence Designs

With a barrage of fencing designs on offer by designers, who would have difficulty in picking their favorite fence ideas, right? Well, I think its the opposite! This is because with so many choices to spoil you, it often becomes a tough job picking the one that actually suits your outdoor.

There’s yet another fence idea that needs to be mentioned today. It is one of the toughest of any fencing ideas but has been used since time immemorial. Yes, I am talking about gabion wall or fence.

Its a design of stacking stones in a caged enclosure, just like you can see in the images presented below. These fences come in different styles. Homeowners of modern times are increasingly installing gabion fences as its the current fad with designers.

Gabion fences can incorporate just rocks, or can also be combined with wood, just like in the image below. The gabion fence is sturdy with perfectly defined lines. Its perfect for fencing your backyard garden as it offers you privacy and also lends a visual flair to your outdoor decor.

Fence Designs for Homes
Wood and gabion fence design

Image Credit: artflyz

Wow…a rather unique take on a gabion fence! The designer has assembled wooden logs in this basket fence in place of rocks. I must say that it looks pretty eye grabbing. What do you have to say?

Fence Designs for Homes
Gabion basket fence with wooden logs

Image Credit: boomerangazart

Fabulous Geometric Fence Design Ideas

Is protection your only criteria when installing fence for your outdoor? No, I guess. So, in that case, you must look at such ideas and designs that let you play with various tones, textures, materials and decorations that define your curb appeal. How about trying geometrically inspired fence deigns? I would suggest you try these as geometric designs are the latest fad these days.

If you’re someone that is looking for metal fence designs with character, take a look at this stunning picture below. How do you feel using the same style on your frontage or backyard? The fence is made of metal featuring a grey strain and bears geometrical designs all over. This fence has been designed by Atlanta Decking.

Fence Designs for Homes
Grey geometric fencing

Image Credit: hgtvhome

This one here is a bold take on a geometric styled fencing idea. It is a simple yet classy fence that compliments the frontyard of this house. Its made of steel and looks quite durable.

Fence Designs for Homes
Geometric garden fencing design

Image Credit: gatewayfencing

Decorative Metal Fence Designs

I am all for metal when I think of fencing my outdoors. This is why I have additional metal fencing ideas to show that I couldn’t complete in one of the sections about metallic fencing ideas above. So, where were we? Well, metal fences are a new age fad with most designers suggesting them when you think of installing fencing for your outdoors. There are a number of reasons for this. First being, metal fences are versatile. They can match with any kind of decor or landscape. Secondly, metal fences offer protection that’s unrivaled by any other material.

Another good thing about metal fences is that these come in different styles as well. From being simple, sober to more flamboyant, metal fences offer you an array of options. For a more elaborate affair, I would suggest you try this iron fence with intricate designs. Its a three rail fence that lends durability to its structure. Its ornate design will hook you.

Metal Fence Designs
Ornamental iron fence design

Image Credit: sciencerocks

Who wouldn’t want to install this beauty right outside their house? I would as it looks very ‘gardeny’ and makes me fall in love with nature. The metal fence with decorative glass panels is perfect to add bling to your garden or frontage. So, try it!

Metal Fence Designs
Colorful metal fence panels

Image Credit: distinctivephoenix

Combining vertical, horizontal as well as arches, this metal fencing is the focal point of this house. It features decorative roundel designs and curves that lend it a very unique touch.

Metal Fence Designs
Ornate metal panel fence

Image Credit: carambapublicitat

Why pick something as ordinary as white or dark when you could choose a different colored fence? See how gorgeous and appealing this blue fencing of the house looks. Its soft blue tone works well with the light pink facade of the house.

Metal Fence Designs
Blue metal fence

Image Credit: homestylecentral

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Decorative Wooden Fence

Here are a few gorgeous decorative wooden fence ideas that I am 100 percent sure will inspire you! These are no where close to being branded as dull or boring as these feature unique designs that make the outdoors more appealing. These fences lend a natural and more environment friendly look to your patios or front yards. Additionally, these are also easy to install.

Seen here is a basket weave style of fencing installed in the garden. It looks unique with a woven design and this is what fascinates the eyes. The idea is quite innovative, and hence, it can be tried.

Decorative Wooden Fence
Stylish basket weave fence

Image Credit: homedecor17

Where do people get such innovative ideas, I wonder sometimes!! These colorful wooden boards replicate the shades of a rainbow and fun to your outdoor decor. The fence design is DIY and has been crafted out of recycled cedar.

Decorative Wooden Fence
Cedar wood rainbow fencing

Image Credit: pinterest

Asian Themed Garden Fencing Designs

Asian inspired house will always feature a decorative wooden fence, a feature that is based on the concept of Zen. Asian themed fencing ideas focus more on using nature friendly materials such as wood and bamboo to maintain natural harmony. These fences look not merely aesthetic, but also very traditional and classy.

The wooden Japanese styled fencing is a very popular design with many householders trying this to replicate Zen inspired landscapes in their outdoors. Below is a stunning wooden fence based on Japanese style and offers much delight.

Fence Designs for Homes
Japanese themed fencing

Image Credit: pinterest

No Asian themed fencing design will ignore a wholesome use of bamboo and wood because these two materials are considered ‘Zen friendly’. Here, the pool area is segregated with the help of wooden and bamboo fence. The fence offers privacy as well as looks very appealing.

Fence Designs for Homes
Wood and bamboo privacy fence

Image Credit: hzcdn

The fence shown below is a contemporary take on Asian inspired fencing designs. It has a rustic tone to it. Most striking are the two thick poles and the arbor.

Wood Fence Designs
Rustic wooden pole fence style

Image Credit: chavesnamao

Picket Fence Designs for Front Yards

When speaking of wood fence designs, is it possible to forget about picket fences? Well, no. Picket fencing is one of the most popular fence ideas that is loved by everyone. Picket fences are short in height and come in different styles. These lend a more traditional touch to your outdoor space.

Here, I would like to mention that picket fences need not necessarily be short. Tall pickets too are in vogue, and offer you the much needed privacy. Most people install picket fences to beautify their front-yards and gardens. Horizontal stripes of wood are often used to build a picket fence.

Among the many types of picket fence deigns, the white option is the most popular. This is because white matches perfectly with all kinds of houses and surroundings. The white picket fence seen here offers visual enjoyment but its not meant for offering security or privacy.

 Fence Designs for Front Yards
White picket fence

Image Credit: amazon

One look at this house, and you go bonkers! Its traditional and looks very beautiful with its perfectly manicured lawn and the red picket fence.

 Fence Designs for Front Yards
Cute red picket fence

Image Credit: homestylecentral

The fencing here is done in two parts. One part is made of charcoal grey wooden boards, while the second part features white. The shades of grey and white lend a pleasing touch to the facade of this picket fence installed in the garden. Also, the arbor looks striking.

 Fence Designs for Front Yards
Grey and white picket garden fence

Image Credit: phinf

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Glass Fencing Designs for Pools

Choose only glass to fence your pool as its the only material that will lend the feel of a bigger space to your poolside. In addition, glass fences look exquisite and add lots of style to your poolscape. Their attractiveness cannot be challenged by any other material such as steel or wood, materials that may block your view.

Glass fences come in different styles. Frame-less fences, apart, from lending a visual flair to your pool, also make it possible for you to keep a check on your kiddos while you or they swim. You can also have a full view of your garden while swimming.

The fencing seen here combines metal as well as glass. You can have a full view of the garden while taking laps in the pool. A stylish design such as this needs to be tried.

Fence Designs for Homes
Metal and glass pool fence

Image Credit: pergolaquebecdotcom

This frame-less glass fence offers a grand view of the garden and makes the poolside appear much bigger. Its an idea that suits families with kids.

Fence Designs for Homes
Glass pool and backyard fence

Image Credit: installitdirect

Stunning Green Fence Designs

What’s a green fence? To start with, a green fencing is one that’s made of actual hedge and greens. Green fences are one of the most popular outdoor landscaping trends as these are easy to build and also lend a complete natural look to the exteriors. However, you do have to understand that growing a hedge fence is a time consuming project. But, the end result is fabulous.

How stunning and creative this dragon hedge fence looks! It must have taken a long time to build it, but the effort has paid off really well. The fence acts like a barrier and offers complete privacy.

Fence Designs for Homes
Dragon hedge fencing

Image Credit: technabob

Likewise, you can create green fences in many other designs such as animals and characters. Green fences can be built with decorative shrubs or evergreens to lend an appealing touch to the landscape. Climbers, too can be used on a green fence. I have shown a picture below where the designer has built a fence with stones and decorated it with evergreen plants. It makes the front of your yard look smashing.

Fence Designs for Homes
Green fence with evergreens

Image Credit: webhide

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Privacy Fence Design Ideas

Some fences are short, some tall, some wide, some simple, while a few of them are more ornamental and broad. Privacy fences are also a type of framing for your front-yards. These are tall and often go up-to 6 feet in height. Their main purpose is to offer privacy.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to install dull and plain looking fences to drape your gardens or backyards. Privacy fences of today come in different styles and materials. From metal, wood, bamboo to vinyl, you have a whole gamut of ideas on offer.

How about trying bamboo for your privacy fence? Well, pick this stylish idea as it successfully makes use of the world’s most Eco friendly material together with wood. Bamboo fencing seen here is in a stepped form and looks very interesting with black ropes holding together the bamboo pieces. This fence offers total privacy but doesn’t block the view from the top.

Fence Designs for Homes
Bamboo privacy fencing design

Image Credit: palettesnquills

This backyard has been decorated with stained wooden privacy fence that offers maximum privacy. No outsider can possibly have an inkling as to what’s going on inside. Plus, it also makes the decor look more in sync with the natural surroundings. The furniture, too, echos the tone of the stained wooden fence.

Fence Design Ideas
Stained wooden privacy fence

Image Credit: digsdigs

Aren’t you feeling just awesome going through these impressive and mind blowing fence design ideas? Well, I have already picked my favorite as I will be fencing my front-yard pretty soon! Have a great day!

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