39 Stunning Floral Centerpieces For Dining Tables

Floral Centerpieces For Dining Tables

Dining is much more than simply filling your tummies with food. It is an experience by itself. People love to dine in ambiances that offer pleasure and contentment. The dining table plays a very important role in creating a comfortable atmosphere for your dining space. And, therefore, has to look good and chic. When it comes to dining table setting, its often that we think of flowers as main decorations. This is because flowers bring cheer and liveliness to the tables. There are a plethora of things that you can try with blossoms. So, get ready to get inspired with these amazing floral centerpieces for dining tables. Am sure you all will love them!

White Floral Centerpieces For Dining Room Tables

Oooo….I love white in every form, don’t you? Well, white is a symbol of purity and adds loads of elegance to any decor or setting, specially dining tables. Floral arrangements in white look anything but kitschy, and are loved by all. White floral centerpieces help in bringing the soft allure of the nature to your table settings without much effort. A simple arrangement of white lilies or hydrangeas in a glass bowl will do the job just fine.

Follow this below showcased idea by placing an arrangement of white flowers on a glass dining table. Doing this will enhance its charm if your chairs are black because the shades of white and black contrast perfectly to create a stylish ambiance.

Floral Centerpieces For Dining Tables
Charming white floral centerpiece

Image Credit: bhag

White floral centerpieces work nicely even with rustic tablescapes such as the one seen below. The look of the tablescape is shabby chic with two floral centerpieces in large glass vases. The white flowers contrast well with the rustic tones of the tablescape.

Floral Centerpieces For Dining Room Tables
Shabby Chic white floral centerpieces

Image Credit: vix

Large floral centerpieces look good only when they are the main highlights on a table setting, such as the one below. It lends a charming touch to the dark table dressed with white table mats and plates.

 Dining Table Flower Arrangements
Stylish white floral centerpiece

Image Credit: bobmwc

Look at this stunning white floral centerpiece which is offering a calming ambiance to this stylish dining space. The ceramic vase looks spectacular with these white flowers!

 Dining Table Flower Arrangements
White ceramic vase and flower centerpiece

Image Credit: revistanuestramirada

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Stunning Dining Table Flower Arrangements with Twine

Create an aura of whimsical with twine as an accompanying element to your floral centerpiece. Twine is a natural element that goes well with any tablescape and centerpiece, specially flowers. You can do a variety of things with twine and flowers, such as wrap the twine around a glass vase and then, fill it with fresh flowers. For a more rustic look, you can arrange a bunch of thick branches and mix these with flowers and leaves, after that tie them up with twine.

The floral centerpiece such as the one seen below can work wonders for your spring dining table as it looks refreshing and very pleasing to the eyes. The centerpiece comprises of a mason jar that’s filled with fresh flowers in pastels. The whimsical angle is lent by the twine which is wrapped around the jar. For a more tapered look, place candles.

 Dining Table Flower Arrangements
Twine and floral vase centerpiece

Image Credit: hearstapps

This Poise centerpiece looks stunning with wooden sticks and twine. A must to be used in case you’re looking for ‘an out of the box’ idea for your tablescape!

 Dining Table Flower Arrangements
Posies and twine table centerpiece

Image Credit: homebnc

A single bottle can be transformed into a lovely looking centerpiece when you wrap it round with twine. Seen here is a fine example of this. The decorator has wrapped twine all around the bottle and accented it with a white lace. The single sunflower in the wine bottle helps spread cheerfulness all around.

 Dining Table Flower Arrangements
Entwined floral centerpiece

Image Credit: werewp

Wonderful Flower Candle Centerpieces

The soft glimmering glow of candles is enough for letting romance spread its flair on a tablescape. Its charm doubles up when you combine flowers to it. Yes, flowers and candles gel wonderfully to create magic on any table setting.

You can arrange any type of flowers like roses, pansies, peonies or lilies and complement them with candles of any kind. These can be small, short, tall or pillar as you wish. Candles and floral arrangements can not only be used for dressing festive tables, but also for regular dining purposes.

Seen below is a lovely floral centerpiece in red that looks ravishing with white candles. The whole arrangement is set up in a wooden tray, and its looking glamorous.

Flower Candle Centerpieces
Red flowers and candles centerpiece

Image Credit: decolover

You can either have a single centerpiece comprising of flowers and candles, or else, arrange candles alternately with flowers such as the picture below. The tablescape delights the visual senses, thanks to its white candles and pink flowers.

Flower Candle Centerpieces
Pink floral and candle centerpieces

Image Credit: venidair

How about going for a tall centerpiece? Well, take note of how elegant this floral centerpiece with roses and candles looks!

 Flower Candle Centerpieces
Roses and white candle centerpiece

Image Credit: misshendrix

Here, the tablescape features a bouquet of purple roses and a spread of white candles all around it. The contrast between the white and purple shades is worth noticing!

 Flower Candle Centerpieces
Purple rose and candle centerpiece

Image Credit: wohndesign

The long floral centerpiece with white candles looks spectacular and suits this long dining table. Instead of using only flowers and candles which would have made the centerpiece bland, the decorator has infused more appeal to it by adding greens.

 Flower Candle Centerpieces
Charming floral candle centerpiece

Image Credit: upsite

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Dining Table Flower Arrangements in Vases

Vases are the most commonly used vessels for arranging flowers on tables. There are different kinds of floral vases that you can place for stylizing your dining tables such as glass, metal, or ceramic.

Most floral centerpieces feature vases made of glass as the beauty of a transparent vase is unparalleled to any. When you fill water to a glass vase and arrange fresh colorful flowers in it, the wholesome look that you get is unquestionably beyond comparison.

Look at this cute floral arrangement in a square glass vase. The glass vase is filled with pink flowers along with leaves and helps in bringing romance to the whole table setting.

Floral Centerpieces For Dining Tables
Floral arrangement in square vase

Image Credit: vbmodder

For a whimsical flair on your tablescape, place cylindrical glass vases such as the ones below, and then, add some creativity by placing waffle cones inside. Thereafter, fill the cones with fresh flowers such as roses. How cool is this idea!! This is ‘vase in its most crafty avatar’!

Dining Table Flower Arrangements
Waffle cone floral vase centerpieces

Image Credit: takprosto

Wow…its just what I feel looking at this elegant and feminine table setting where peonies are making their presence felt in a very stylish way! Combine peonies in bud vases such as these for lending a dash of glamour to your tables and nothing more.

Dining Table Flower Arrangements
Peony bud vase centerpieces

Image Credit: hearstapps

The table setting below looks colorful with pink being displayed romantically everywhere. From pink colored chairs to pink peonies and anemones in glass and ceramic vases, this tablescape looks very feminine yet balanced.

Floral Centerpieces For Dining Room Tables
Pink floral vase arrangements

Image Credit: arafen

The ‘piece de resistance’ silver vases, and cutlery seems to rock this dining space!

Dining Table Flower Arrangements
Silver vase with white flowers

Image Credit: naviratous2

Charming Tea Kettle Floral Centerpieces

Have you guys ever attended any of those ‘hoity toity’ garden parties or teatime afternoon soirees? If so, then, you must have noticed at least a few tablescapes featuring teacups and kettle centerpieces. Tea kettle floral centerpieces play their roles perfectly when you deck up for an afternoon tea party. Using tea pots and cups on a table helps in adding a vintage flair to it and makes eating a joyful experience for everyone.

Tea kettle and cups in pink and pastels are the most popular mediums for displaying grand floral shows on tables. If you’ve a few vintage or china tea pots and cups, arrange fresh flowers such as peonies or roses in these and you’ll see the magic unfold instantly.

Below is the image of a retro themed tea kettle floral centerpiece that can add much prettiness to any table setting. The blue tea pot looks stunning with pink flowers filling it.

Floral Centerpieces For Dining Room Tables
Retro teakettle floral centerpiece

Image Credit: hearstapps

This antique tea pot with big blooms below is ornate and features bird designs. Its lending a very sophisticated touch to the setting.

Floral Centerpieces For Dining Room Tables
Antique teapot floral centerpiece

Image Credit: pathofexilecurrency

Nothing works better than pastels to spread romance on a table. The decorator’s choice of pink blooms matches eloquently with the white tea pot placed as the main centerpiece on this tea party table.

Floral Centerpieces For Dining Room Tables
Light pink teapot floral centerpiece

Image Credit: pinterest

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Vintage Floral Centerpieces For Dining Tables

Vintage never goes out of style, believe me. Its a trend our grand-moms started and has lasted till today. Its not merely home decor where you can use vintage to the best of your capacity, tablescapes, too, can benefit tremendously from this theme. Any tablescape that declares itself vintage must look dreamier than ever with pastels working their magic in every fold and crease.

What defines vintage dining tables? Well, its their femininity that attracts all. All vintage styled dining tables feature soft pastel color palette in their choice of cutlery, table-cover, mats, napkins, and even centerpieces.

Flowers in pink, peach and white help in bringing a vintage feel to a table setting. There are umpteen number of vintage floral centerpieces ideas that you can try, and trust me, most of them are quite affordable to be out together!

If you’re a fan of colors but wish to add a vintage flair to your table setting, use old books to prop your floral vase centerpiece on top. The bright pops of colorful flowers will work in contrast with the vintage books.

Floral Centerpieces For Dining Tables
Vintage books and floral centerpiece

Image Credit: hearstapps

What an elegant way to display flowers in the most vintage way! Take inspiration from this idea and integrate your pastel flowers with greens.

Dining Table Flower Arrangements
Victorian vintage floral centerpieces

Image Credit: keshasebert

Wooden Planter Floral Centerpieces

There’s nothing in this world that complements a flower better than wood. Wood adds a rustic charm whereas flowers lend softness to any decor or a table setting. As I have said earlier, a dining table must have ‘to die for‘ centerpieces that make your dining a memorable experience. And flowers make this come true for you. In addition to complementing flowers with candles, twine and vintage tea pots, there’s another element that you can use. Yes, wood.

For someone that likes a flair of rustic on his or her dining table, wood is the best choice. You can come up with a number of crafty things with wood such as the centerpiece seen here. The wooden crate or box is filled with mason jars holding light purple fresh flowers. Its a shabby chic arrangement you all will love!

Dining Table Flower Arrangements
Shabby Chic wooden planter floral centerpiece

Image Credit: homedit

Look at this lovely table setting where two wooden planters are used for displaying pink flowers filled in mason jars.

Dining Table Flower Arrangements
Two wooden planter centerpieces with flowers

Image Credit: decorpalace

Rustic and femininity go hand in hand and work coherently such as the floral centerpiece in the wooden box. It surely looks stunning with every detail well assembled.

Dining Table Flower Arrangements
Rustic wooden box floral centerpiece

Image Credit: homebnc

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Re-purposed Floral Centerpieces For Dining Tables

This is the most creative of times to have ever existed in this world with lots of tablescape ideas incorporating DIY. Most DIY ideas involve the use of re-purposed things, some of which I personally have tried. For example, I once turned my mum’s old colander into a lovely looking floral vase which I placed on my coffee table. Likewise, there are numerous ways to create stunning centerpieces using old and re-purposed stuff.

This is a very affordable yet chic looking tablescape centerpiece which will give other ideas a run for their money. The re-purposed metal bucket has been transformed into a rustic looking floral centerpiece and looks unique.

Floral Centerpieces on a Budget
Metal bucket with flowers

Image Credit: blogs

This baby is definitely one of the most stunning floral centerpieces on a budget where you don’t need to spend even a dime, but brings loads of chicness to your dining table. The sprinkler works as a vase for large blossoms.

Floral Centerpieces on a Budget
Old sprinkler vase with flowers

Image Credit: pinterest

Another cool and and interesting idea is to convert your old cabinet into a lovely looking floral vase just like below. Its a no cost DIY project anyone can do easily. And wow…what a result!

Floral Centerpieces For Dining Room Tables
Repurposed cabinet vase with flowers

Image Credit: prodigalpieces

Citrus Flower Candle Centerpieces

Add tangy lemons not only to your drinks but on tablescapes as well. Yes, lemons add layers of freshness to your settings when you combine these with fresh seasonal flowers.

One idea is to cut slices of lemons and place these in glass bowls or vases. Then, fill water and fresh flowers. The yellow tone of lemons contrasts well with white tulips or other fresh flowers to create a bright look for your tablescape. Below, yellow roses and lemon slices in the vase add a summery look to the table.

Floral Centerpieces For Dining Room Tables
Floral centerpiece with lemons

Image Credit: diy-enthusiasts

Doesn’t this lemony floral centerpiece grab your eyes? Well, it definitely sets the mood for some summer fun and frolic!

Dining Table Flower Arrangements,
Tulips and lemon centerpiece

Image Credit: blogspot

Stunning Artificial Floral Centerpieces

Fresh and seasonal flowers help to bring your garden’s aura to your tables and there’s nothing that can compare with their charm and beauty. However, if you don’t have seasonal flowers to dress up your tables, artificial flowers can be used instead.

Artificial flowers come in different styles and mimic the look of real flowers. From tissue, paper to silk, you have a wide range of artificial flowers to choose from. These flowers are custom made and are available at different prices. You can wash these when needed and can reuse them for a long time.

How about dressing up your tablescape with this gorgeous faux floral centerpiece dearies? Doesn’t it look absolutely stunning?

Artificial Floral Centerpieces
Faux floral centerpiece

Image Credit: memorabledecor

Matching with the brown stain of the dining table is this very elegant floral centerpiece made out of silk. The blooms in white look beautiful and very real.

Artificial Floral Centerpieces
Gorgeous silk floral centerpiece

Image Credit: utabrandstudio

Can you believe that this floral arrangement is not real? Its a beautiful vintage floral centerpiece made out of silk. Note how artistic the whole arrangement looks with a Grecian styled pedestal urn. The flowers are crafted out of Patique silk which will last a lifetime.

Artificial Floral Centerpieces
Vintage silk floral centerpiece

Image Credit: custommade

Craft these adorable paper flowers and assemble together in mason jars, and what do you get? Well, you get some of the most charming floral displays for your dining table! These flowers are pretty and can deck your tables for a lifetime.

Artificial Floral Centerpieces
Spring paper floral centerpiece

Image Credit: consumercrafts

Colorful Floral Centerpieces

Grab some fresh and colorful flowers, assemble them together and lay out on your dining tables to create an awe-inspiring tablescape. Colorful seasonal flowers in purple, red, violet, pink and yellow add a summery look and make the whole table decor vibrant and lively.

Grab a few bright sunflowers along with their leaves and fill these up in a colorful vase. Voila…you’re done and how pretty your tablescape looks! See below and get this idea on road dearies!

 Dining Table Flower Arrangements
Yellow sunflower centerpiece

Image Credit: elsavalle

Are you on the lookout for floral centerpieces on a budget, but can’t find ideas that are worth trying? Well, look at this bright tablescape that’s a product of freshly plucked garden flowers like bougainvillea and roses. Also notice how stylish the metallic vase looks!

 Dining Table Flower Arrangements
Colorful floral arrangements

Image Credit: decorgolddesigns

Lovely…lovely, and what’s this centerpiece made of? Well, several bright red flowers, some greens and red candles!

Floral Centerpieces on a Budget
Bright floral centerpiece

Image Credit: villageofforgottenwidows

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Branch Floral Centerpieces For Dining Room Tables

If you want to DIY, then incorporate branches and flowers together to create awesome and memorable centerpieces.

See how stunning this branch centerpiece looks with white blossoms assembled inside a tall glass vase. Also noteworthy are the crystals filling up the vase.

Floral Centerpieces For Dining Room Tables
Branch with white blossom centerpiece

Image Credit: erahomedesign

This is an elegant origami and branch table centerpiece worth trying as its cheap as well as it lends many layers of style to the table’s decor. The springtime cherry blossoms add quite a charming flair to the table.

Floral Centerpieces For Dining Tables
Pink floral branch centerpiece

Image Credit: marthastewartweddings

Eating on a stylishly laid out table makes way for a memorable experience, and, with these stunning floral centerpieces for dining tables on display, am sure you’ll get umpteen ideas to recreate the magic. Take care!