41 Wonderful Living Room Ceiling Ideas

Living Room Ceiling Ideas

What’s the most unobstructed portion of your house, can you tell? Well, its the ceiling my lovelies! However unobstructed a ceiling may be, it, for sure needs to look stylish and in tune with the rest of your home decor. This is because of the simple reason that a ceiling is the first to be spotted when you enter someone’s house. The head automatically moves up to view the beauty of the ceilings constructed. Each ceiling idea lends a distinct and an inimitable character to a house, and thus, its of prime importance that you choose the best of the lot to create a lasting impression. Look at my round up of the most wonderful living room ceiling ideas to get inspired!

Gorgeous Living Room Ceilings – Vaulted Ceilings

If you wish to add a dynamic sense of openness to your living room, then the vaulted ceiling is the best option to pick. But, do you know what a vaulted ceiling is? Well, its a tall ceiling with an arch. Such types of ceilings give your space an inimitable character by making the decor seem larger than it actually is.

Vaulted ceilings bring in loads of natural light to the interiors as well as make them more airy and bright. These are any-day better than choosing flat and white ceilings that are generally installed by everyone.

You can have vaulted ceilings in traditional as well as modern styled houses. A very fine example of a traditional home is shown here where the owner has installed a unique looking vaulted ceiling. The white ceiling catches your attention with its brown mouldings.

Living Room Ceilings
Traditional living room with barrel ceiling

Image Credit: guojj

Quite a spacious looking room that looks striking mainly due to its curvy vaulted ceiling. It lends a bigger look to this already spacious living area.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Stylish vault ceiling

Image Credit: hyperigo

This vaulted ceiling in white looks a little different than the rest and brings in ample natural light to the interiors.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
White vaulted ceiling

Image Credit: ownmutually

Oh boy..I love the ambiance of this room that mimics a Gothic castle! The wooden vaulted ceiling lends a high end appeal to its decor for sure!

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
High vaulted ceiling

Image Credit: pinterest

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Living Rooms with Box Ceiling Design

A box ceiling design makes use of several panels or sunken beams that add a distinct appeal to a room. Such a type of ceiling is also known as coffered ceiling. Box ceilings come with panels that can be of any shape like rectangular or octagonal. You can even opt for ornately carved panels for a more elaborate look.

Quite a charming box ceiling seen here that makes use of octagonal panels in brown. The box ceiling looks very high end, thanks to the golden recesses. The room looks elegant with a high dose of style.

Box Ceiling Design
Box ceiling design with octagons

Image Credit: zillowstatic

Doesn’t this living room with an open floor plan look absolutely spacious and bright? Its mainly due to its ceiling that’s doing all the wonders. The interiors look fresh and airy.

Box Ceiling Design
White box beam coffered ceiling

Image Credit: designingidea

The elegant choice of wall color seems to work wonders for this living room that’s looking all the more enticing because of its light blue box ceiling design. Its a simple design perfect for a white and neutral themed living room.

Box Ceiling Design
Light blue box ceiling

Image Credit: zillowstatic

Wonderful Living Room Ceilings – Exposed Beams

Wood is one of the most popular elements that’s used in interior designing, including ceilings. Wood not only brings calmness to the interiors, it also integrates perfectly with every kind of decor and style. When talking about ceiling designs, wooden exposed beam ceilings have to be mentioned as these are pretty much in vogue.

A room with an exposed beam ceiling has visible wooden beams on the structure and looks very versatile. Its usually tall and merges well with traditional, rustic or contemporary homes. You can pick from a wide range of exposed beam ceilings that are offered at different prices.

Like I mentioned, when using such a type of ceiling, you aren’t restricted to any set theme or decor. It works magically in any setting such as this simple yet contemporary living area. The masonry walls merge well with the exposed beam ceiling, thereby, lending it a more spacious look.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Stylish exposed beam ceiling

Image Credit: studio5555

This dark oak exposed beam ceiling lends an extravagant style to this room’s decor because of its textural beauty. It makes the room warmer, earthy and rich.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Extravagant exposed beam ceiling

Image Credit: rilane

The black wooden beams of the ceiling contrast elegantly with the white to create a fab looking space. The chic appearance of the beams makes you feel good. You also get to enjoy the feel of a bigger space in this living room.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Black exposed ceiling design

Image Credit: suncityvillas

An all white living room is one of my favorites as it makes the decor look bright and spacious. Thanks to the white colour palette as well as the white exposed beam ceiling, the room is perfect for hanging out in summers!

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
White exposed beam ceiling

Image Credit: realvalladolid

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Stunning Small Living Room Ceiling Designs

What chance can small homes have when it comes to choosing elegant ceiling designs? Well, I would say that small living areas can smile all the way as there are a multitude of ceiling ideas designed specifically for them! Yes, I am talking about small living room ceiling designs that suit smaller sized rooms.

Most small living rooms opt for false ceilings that lend a bigger feel to the space and also make the decor look brighter. One example of a stylish false ceiling in brown and white is shown below. This ceiling is making the room appear bigger and visually very interesting.

Small Living Room Ceiling Designs
White and brown false ceiling design

Image Credit: louisvuittonpurses

A small living room can also benefit if you choose a vaulted ceiling for decking it up. The living room below is inspired by nautical theme and has a color palette dominated by white and blue. Another feature that is lending a spacious and brighter feel to it is its vaulted ceiling in white that blends well with the wainscoting frames on the walls.

Small Living Room Ceiling Designs
Small living room with vaulted ceiling

Image Credit: designingidea

Stunning Tray Ceiling Designs for Living Room

Do you want a living room with a high end look? If so, then, opt to install a tray ceiling that gives you the feel of a larger and an airier room than a standard ceiling. Mimicking the look of a flipped tray, tray ceilings have become a coveted decor element in most glamorous houses. Such type of ceilings are mostly installed for lending a grand look to the interiors. However, tray ceilings are expensive.

Seen here is a unique circular tray ceiling in white that features light fixtures illuminating the white living room. Its a different take on the usual rectangular tray ceilings that you typically find in houses.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Circular tray ceiling

Image Credit: openpoll

Step into this warm and cozy living room that’s looking earthy because of its stylish tray ceiling with nice lighting and contemporary accessories such as the floor lamp.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Lit up tray ceiling

Image Credit: babywatchome

If your house looks a little bland, add a tray ceiling to spruce it up instantly. It can become the selling point for your house if you choose the right kind of tray ceiling such as the one seen here. This tray ceiling with a twisty touch lends a unique touch to this room’s ambiance. The wooden beams are an addition to this ordinary tray ceiling. This ceiling is making the space feel more homey.

Living Room Ceilings
Tray ceiling with wooden beams

Image Credit: homedit

The beauty of a tray ceiling is that it blends nicely with most decors such as this stunning brown living room. The style of the ceiling is kept simple, but nevertheless, it is lending a homey feel to it.

Living Room Ceilings
Brown tray ceiling design

Image Credit: litro

This tray ceiling looks appealing with three layers and a painted texture. The painted ceiling works magically to add a unique depth and richness to the interiors. The harmony between the colors is maintained well.

Living Room Ceilings
Painted tray ceiling

Image Credit: g9z0bl

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Appealing Domed Living Room Ceiling Ideas

Living room ceiling ideas of today hover around simple to downright ornamental and decorative. One such ornamental ceiling design is the dome that is usually installed in higher end houses. The look of these ceilings is elaborate and very classy.

Dome ceilings feature tall domes in the middle and make the rooms appear luxuriant. These also help in making the space feel bigger and brighter. In the living room in the image below is a fine example of a stylish dome ceiling. The dome ceiling is lit up elegantly and this is lending a bright tone to the decor of this sleek room. The dome ceiling acts as a showstopper of this room’s interior.

Living Room Ceilings
Bright and lit up dome ceiling

Image Credit: adsttc

Are you falling short of words when you look at this room? Well, the living room is a sheer example of opulence and grandeur. You can spot an intriguing dome ceiling that mesmerizes you with its grand chandelier, spreading a soft glow all around.

Living Room Ceilings
Elegant domed ceiling design

Image Credit: biodiversityworldtour

Victorian styled living rooms are always luxuriously decorated with minute detailing that can be seen on every aspect of their interiors. A rather interesting focal point of any Victorian living room has to be its ceiling. Below is a beautiful living room with a graceful Victorian decor that surpasses others with its choice of colors, walls, floor, accessories and finally the dome ceiling. Notice how elegant the ceiling looks with golden motif etchings all over.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Victorian living room with dome ceiling

Image Credit: aucanize

Who says that your dome needs to be large always? Choose this small dome design if you’re not too fond of big domes. The dome ceiling looks appealing with a hanging chandelier.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Small domed ceiling idea

Image Credit: golbiprint

Look how elegant the dome ceiling here looks. Such a type of ceiling can add value to your home and add an inimitable character to its decor with its dramatic look.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Accent dome ceiling

Image Credit: fratantonidesign

Cool Brick Ceilings

Are you a lover of rustic designs and decor? If yes, then, its my advice that you go for brick elements to deck up your interiors. These can include your walls or ceilings as well. Brick ceilings are very popular as these are cheaper than metal or other kinds of ceiling ideas. In addition, these lend a distinctive industrial flair to your home.

For sprinkling your space with timeless charm, use this brick ceiling that’s lending a distinctive individual character to this room.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Stylish brick ceiling design

Image Credit: home-designing

How about sprinkling a dash of industrial flair to your decor? Pick this exposed brick ceiling that looks attractive with wooden beams. The architectural styling of this ceiling is worth your glance!

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Exposed brick ceiling with wooden beams

Image Credit: pinterest

Doesn’t the arched brick ceiling with a barrel design appear to be stealing all the limelight of this exotic Mediterranean room? Well it is, and I must say the decor is worth every penny invested!

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Mediterranean living room with brick ceiling

Image Credit: irastar

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Gorgeous Photo Ceiling Designs for Living Room

A ceiling gives character to a house and hence, must be chosen well. If you’re looking forward to adding an eclectic touch to your interiors, then you ought to pick such designs that are visually intriguing. Photo ceilings are the new age trend everyone is following these days. Photo ceilings let you play with varied imaginative ideas.

Such type of ceilings make use of art in beautiful ways and styles. You can pick photo ceiling ideas after matching these with your decor’s theme. For example, if you have a beach theme in your decor, then, you can match the look with a cloudless sky ceiling. Often, photo ceilings become the centerpieces of your homes.

Photo ceilings are mostly designed using wallpapers. You can go in for a natural or wild wallpaper ceiling if you’re a nature lover, or else, choose nighttime sky as your ceiling deign. Look at this gorgeous sky wallpaper ceiling of this living room! What a cool way to bring nature inside.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Cool blue sky photo ceiling

Image Credit: aliimg

How stunning is this night time sky photo ceiling! Its an art that blends well with the color scheme and accessories incorporated all around.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Starry sky ceiling design

Image Credit: alicdn

If its renaissance that you’re trying to bring to your ceilings, then, pick this graphic wallpaper ceiling idea that lends a very decorative feel to this gorgeously set living room. The bold graphic ceiling matches seamlessly with each and every decor element.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Graphic wallpaper ceiling design

Image Credit: summerthorntondesign

Wow… a true example of graphic beauty seen on this 3D geometric ceiling! The art ceiling modernizes this otherwise traditional decor in a very intriguing way.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
3D geometric floral ceiling

Image Credit: dhgate

Glass Ceiling Ideas for Living Rooms

You must select such living room ceiling ideas that complement your decor’s style as well as define its character in the most individualistic manner. There’s just another thing that you must weigh when choosing your ceiling designs – lighting.

A room must be well lit up. It can be from the light fixtures installed inside or natural light. Rooms with natural light always seem to transform themselves from time to time. These also tend to look brighter and more energetic. So, how do you bring in more light to a room? Windows do it, we all know. But, do you know that ceilings too can enhance the lighting of your room?

If you wish to bring in natural light inside, then pick glass ceilings. Its one of the easiest ways to let sunlight enter a home. There are different types of glass ceilings you can pick. Some come with glass panels, some with skylights, while some can be a combo between metal and glass.

The metallic beams with glass panels work smartly to let sunlight enter inside this rustic styled living room. It is simple yet chic in design.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Living Room Ceiling Ideas

Image Credit: shelterness

Who says rustic and colors cannot go hand in hand? The living room below defies any sort of wrong notion that you may have regarding rustic styled decors. The highlighting feature of this room is the stained glass ceiling with a rainbow of colors.

 Living Room Ceilings
Colorful stained glass ceiling idea

Image Credit: lushome

The high glass ceiling of this living room helps in letting lots of sunlight inside, thereby, making the decor appear more lively and fresh.

 Living Room Ceilings
Metal and glass ceiling design

Image Credit: squarespace

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Metal Ceiling Designs for Living Rooms

When it comes to metal ceilings, you’ve a world of ideas at your feet. You can choose between gold, silver, copper or iron depending on your like and your budget. Metal ceilings suit industrial as well as modern styled interiors.

A metal ceiling can become the ‘piece de resistance‘ of your living room provided you pick the right kind of design. For a luxurious take, you can pick a brass finish ceiling or even a golden one. However, if you want a hint of rustic, then go for a tin finish ceiling, just like in the image below. Its minimal in style but lends a powerful punch to the interior’s style.

 Living Room Ceilings
Rustic metal ceiling design

Image Credit: td-universe

How do you like this intricately carved copper ceiling? Doesn’t it look awesome? It is an interesting visual element of this decor and lends quite a depth to it, making it feel more spacious.

 Living Room Ceilings
Copper ceiling idea

Image Credit: armstrongceilings

Seen here is a metal ceiling tile integrated gorgeously with the decor of this room. It shines brilliantly and lend a sense of more space. As you sweep your eyes up, you get awed by this intricately woven ceiling design.

 Living Room Ceilings
Stylish metal tile ceiling design

Image Credit: deavita

Golden ceilings have the capacity to become piece de resistance in any kind of decor. These lend a hint of glamour to your interior without overwhelming the eyes. The golden ceiling here is simple but blends nicely with the green color scheme.

 Living Room Ceilings
Golden metallic ceiling

Image Credit: shelterness

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False Ceiling Designs for Living Rooms

False ceilings are typically used to bring in more light and a feel of a larger space to a room. These kind of ceilings help to cheer up the decor by holding in light fixtures of various kinds. With false ceilings, you can create a beautiful symphony of lighting everywhere.

If you wish to add an elegance of block to your decor, go for this POP false ceiling design with yellow blocks. It is a stylish take on POP ceilings and lends a charming touch to the decor of this room.

 Living Room Ceilings
POP false ceiling design with yellow blocks

Image Credit: youmeandtrends

The yellow and white living room looks refreshing, but, the most noteworthy feature here is the false ceiling design with the two yellow bracket shapes. LED lights are installed so as to make the room light up elegantly.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Yellow POP false ceiling

Image Credit: colourrays

The false ceiling of this large living room looks elegant with wood as the primary element. It has LED’s that are installed to light up the room in the most charming way.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
False ceiling design in wood

Image Credit: moydom

This gypsum false ceiling looks every bit heavenly with a stunning light fixture hanging to illuminate the corners of this room. The piece de resistance of this room has to be its ceiling that leaves you awe-struck.

Ceiling Designs for Living Room
Gypsum false ceiling design in white

Image Credit: blackpeplum

Ceilings can either make or break the look of your interiors. Hence, always pick them with utmost care and prior planning. From glass, wooden beams, vaulted, domed, metallic to false, you have quite a handful of living room ceiling ideas to choose from. So, buckle up and make your pick!

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