41 Gorgeous Master Bathroom Ideas

Master Bathroom Ideas

A master bathroom is the most coveted among other things that you desire, and, not many people have the luck to own one. So, you should thank your lucky stars if you have one. Master bathrooms are large enough to accommodate a world of luxuries, and often become retreats for homeowners. But, designing a master bath is not at all a child’s play dear friends. It needs full proof planning and dedication to get the right type of master bathing area. From choosing the correct flooring plan, ceiling type, wall colors, vanity style to picking the right type of tiles, everything needs to be planned in detail. But, there’s no need to worry as today I am presenting a round up of 41 most glam master bathroom ideas to enthrall you.

Beautiful Master Bathrooms with Stunning Chandeliers

How to dazzle up your master bathroom in one fell scoop, can you tell? Well, go for chandeliers! Chandeliers can easily bring an element of wow and luxuriance to your bathing areas, thereby offering you a spa like ambiance and feel. Choose such chandeliers that define your taste and lend personality to your decor. There are a number of designs to pick from when you plan to get a chandelier for your master bathroom. Let’s show you a few of my favorite picks below.

How do you like this gorgeous crystal chandelier hanging from an illuminated ceiling? It definitely makes the bathing room appear divine like! The bathroom looks radiant with this crystal chandelier that seems to work elegantly with the purple walls. The silver and chrome textures add brilliance to this bathroom.

Master Bathroom Ideas
Crystal chandelier design

Image Credit: designingidea

Quite a dramatic master bathroom, isn’t it? It looks regal with touches of gold and an ornate flooring that strikes your eyes instantly. But, the centerpiece of this bathing room has to be the jewelry inspired chandelier that hangs over the claw foot bathtub.

Master Bathroom Ideas
Dramatic chandelier idea

Image Credit: hearstapps

With the vastness of the blue ocean offering the perfect backdrop, who couldn’t possibly fall in love with this stunning bathroom? The two pink toned mini chandeliers that hang in front of the stylish vanity are worth your glance. These lend a touch of traditional to the decor.

Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Pink glass mini chandeliers

Image Credit: designingidea

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Gorgeous Master Bathroom Showers

Master bathroom ideas focus on many details and aspects out of which showers form an integral part. Showers can help you transform your ordinary bathrooms into spa like retreats only when you pick the right type. A modern and trendy shower can add dazzle to your bathroom’s decor in one single sway.

Showers of modern homes are not merely built for service, but, these are increasingly being used as decor features to bring style to the whole process of bathing. Today’s master bathroom showers are custom made with ornate fixtures, glass enclosures, tiled flooring and backsplashes. Look below to get some ideas on choosing the right kind of shower features for your bathrooms.

Make your bathroom spa worthy by installing this refined and very elegant shower design. Its a steam shower idea built for two people and nestles coyly behind the stylish white tub. The central position of the shower with frame-less glass looks striking. The other noteworthy features of this shower are the vintage inspired sprays.

Master Bathroom Showers
Elegant master shower idea

Image Credit: traditionalhome

Would you like such master bathroom shower ideas that let you play with the bold and beautiful? Well, try this shower idea that looks more like a luxurious living room than a bathing area. The marble frames encapsulating the shower, and the mosaic tiles lend a beautiful touch to the decor.

Master Bathroom Showers
Marble framed master bath shower

Image Credit: traditionalhome

What a riveting play of patterns seen in this stylish shower area! The most eye grabbing feature here of course is the mosaic tile wall with engaging geometric patterns. The wall becomes the signature piece of this shower design. Also, note how elegantly the bronze fixtures play with the geometric wall!

Master Bathroom Showers
Tasteful master bath shower idea

Image Credit: pinterest

Desire the feel of a desert oasis while you bathe? Well, this Moroccan inspired shower design surely makes you believe you’re in an oasis surrounded by elegant neutral color scheme and airy ambiance. The integration of the big and miniature mosaic tiles in this shower takes your breathe away!

Master Bathroom Shower Ideas
Airy Moroccan themed master bath shower

Image Credit: thestudiobydeb

Beautiful Master Bathrooms with Skylights

Don’t you dread visiting a bathroom that lacks proper lighting and looks duller than dull? I do, and so does everyone! A dull bathroom is a dreadful feature no-one wants in their homes. So, its more than a necessity to have well lit up bathing areas that let you enjoy the experience of bathing and relieving your nature calls. Apart from light fixtures like chandeliers, sconces and pendant lights, there’s another feature that can bring in air and light to your interiors – Skylight.

Skylights in your master bathroom not only add practicality but also a dramatic flair. These help in becoming architectural centerpieces that fill your decor with fun and loads of excitement. So, if you’re itching to get ideas on skylights, do look below.

For an opulent look, pick this skylight idea for your master bathroom. The slanting ceiling holds the skylights that lend a dynamic touch to the interiors. It is a pleasing architectural feature that brings loads of natural light indoors.

Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Gorgeous slanting ceiling with skylights

Image Credit: decoist

Wooden accents integrate beautifully into the decor of this brilliant master bathroom. Matching with the wooden cabinetry are the wooden framed skylights that lend an ethereal touch to the bathroom’s decor.

Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Bathroom with wooden accented skylight

Image Credit: homestratosphere

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas with Ornate Ceilings

A bathroom ceiling joins forces with the floor, windows, and wall to create a harmonious background for the other features like the shower, faucets, fixtures and cabinets present in a bathing room. If the ceiling is not correct, then, the whole backdrop will fail to appear perfectly balanced. Therefore, you have to be ultra careful when picking the right type of ceiling for your bathroom.

Most master bathrooms feature white ceilings as these reflect light easily and make the space appear bigger. However, if you’re someone that loves to try ornate and ‘out of the way’ color combos, then choosing white will be the dullest idea ever. For a bathroom that has a high ceiling, you can have different patterns of contrasting nature to bring in some peppiness. Domes and arches are other features that one can try to add a touch of regalia to their interiors.

Seen here is a royal master bathroom featuring an ornate domed ceiling with golden carved pillars. It definitely looks regal and incredible in architecture.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Luxurious domed ceiling

Image Credit: pinterest

This red and white ceiling looks glossy and is supported by four white columns that surround the bath tub.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Glossy red and white ceiling

Image Credit: nartsis

With walls of this master bath featuring painted panels in earthy tones, and a ceiling that mimics a clear blue sky, this bathroom is a classic blend between Asian and English charm. Most noteworthy is the ceiling that’s painted with blue Farrow and Ball paint.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Gorgeous blue ceiling

Image Credit: occdb

Here’s a very expensively built master bathroom that boasts of a designer tray ceiling with wood work. This ceiling helps in stealing the show from other architectural marvels installed throughout the bathing area.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Designer tray ceiling

Image Credit: homestratosphere

The domed ceiling seems to tower over the huge bathroom seen below. It mesmerizes you with its arches that lend the decor a royal touch. Other features to intrigue you are the plaster walls, two vanities, bronze fixtures, alabaster chandeliers and the marble countertops.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Domed ceiling design with arches

Image Credit: priceypads

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Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas with Tubs

What makes a master bath? Apart from the walls, flooring, ceiling, fixtures, lights and other accessories, there is yet another integral element that your bathroom cannot do without. Its the bathtub. If you’re thinking tubs are out of trend, then, think twice as these are making a powerful comeback. Yes, tubs are here to stay!

A bathing tub goes a long way to make or break the look of a bathroom. A master bathroom deserves a tub that is spa worthy and rejuvenates you with its style and make. From alcove, freestanding, claw-foot to tubs with intricate works of art, you have a world of tubs at your feet these days.

How about choosing a claw-foot bathtub for your master bathroom? No, not your type? Then, opt for a corner bathtub or an alcove. Alcove tubs fit such bathrooms that are limited in space while freestanding tubs are best suited for bigger master baths.

What’s the first thing that grabs your eyes here? Its got to be the stone bathtub that is stealing the show from all other accessories in this bathroom! Matching with it are the vanities that blend well with the neutral curtains and the flooring in tiles.

 Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Gorgeous stone tub

Image Credit: hgtvhome

The octagonal ceiling is an architectural marvel seen in this large bathroom. Equally enthralling is the bathtub with stenciled designs on its sides. The design of the claw-foot tub will make soaking in it a memorable experience for anyone!

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Gorgeous tub with intricate designs

Image Credit: tqn

There’s only one expression for this lovely bathroom – serenity re-defined! What a relaxing ambiance! The soaking bathtub has a freestanding design and overlooks the green vista through a window. The tub is surrounded by stones that lend a natural feel to its decor.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Modern free standing tub

Image Credit: hgtvhome

Master Bathroom Ideas with Glamorous Floors

There’s a world of options you can try when remodeling your master bathroom’s flooring. But, don’t think choosing floor type is a easy job. Rather, its quite a tough nut to crack, and mind you, you have all the chances to go wrong if you let your guard down. Hey, stop…I don’t mean to scare you, but choosing the right type of floor for your master bathroom is a serious task. And, you need proper planning and research before you make your final pick.

Your flooring must match with your wall paint, the fixtures, the ceiling and other accessories if you want a coherently designed master bath. It must also resist humidity as well as water. The choices are varied and you can pick between stone, wood, concrete or ceramic as you deem fit.

The monochromatic color palette below is played well by the designer who has matched it with a patterned flooring. These patterns work in contrast with the white Ottoman and the tub.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Stunning patterned floors

Image Credit: zillowstatic

Stepping into this all white master bathroom will make you remember it for a lifetime because of the way its floor has been designed. The marble floor is bordered with a rectangular black tile that heroes the white vanity and its charming cabinets very cleverly.

 Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Marble floor with black border tiles

Image Credit: decorpad

Walk into a world of stylish earthiness that seems to be the flavor of this bathroom. In addition to the wooden and brown accents splashed all around, the other highlighting feature here is the slate stone flooring.

 Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Gorgeous slate stone flooring

Image Credit: casthorndesigns

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Master Bathrooms with Stunning Wall Art

Modern age master bathroom ideas are not only focused on practicality but also on looking suave. Master baths should be designed in such a way that they offer you a spa like experience. Walls are one of the most essential features of any bathroom. Since, walls join forces with the floors and ceilings to offer awesome backdrops for the rest of the bathroom features, these must be designed stylishly.

How about picking stunning wall arts to define the personality of your master bath? Well, you’ve got quite a plethora of options to choose from. For example, the flower wall art seen in this stunning master bathroom. The neutral palette works wonders for the decor of this bathroom. The most lovely accessories to grab your attention are the gigantic flowers on the wall, vanity mirror and the stylish oval bathtub.

 Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Gorgeous floral wall art

Image Credit: russwittmann

What a lovely background we get to enjoy with this stunning wallpaper backsplash! It contrasts well with the white color scheme used all around.

 Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Decorative wallpaper

Image Credit: bead-licious

Master bathrooms with arches and pillars

Domes, arches and pillars are very much in fashion with most homeowners incorporating them into their bathrooms. These are popular the world over because of their architectural beauty. The mere inclusion of an arched window, or an ornate pillar framing the tub are enough to add a regal touch to your bathroom’s decor.

Care for an intimate shower amidst carved pillars and a marble ceiling? Well, you can experience a world of luxury in this stunning master bathroom that boasts of pillars that are carved intricately, and integrate perfectly with the arched vanities and doors. The covered ceiling in marble stands striking to the eyes.

 Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Ornate pillars and arched vanities

Image Credit: zillowstatic

What’s the one thing in this bathroom that draws your attention instantly? It has to be the arched vanities as well as the canopy over the tub that’s designed with cut stone pillars. The wall finish of the entire bathroom is done up with metallic pearl plaster. The double vanity also looks elegant.

 Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
White arches and pillared canopy

Image Credit: hzcdn

How about a colonial style bathroom? Well, the master bath seen here is built within a colonial home and looks luxuriant with arch barrel ceiling and ornately designed pillars. It boasts of a corner vanity and a soaking tub led on by stone steps.

Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Stylish dome and pillars

Image Credit: 007shoes

Coastal and Tropical Themed Master Bathrooms

Both coastal and tropical themes bring freshness and air to your bathroom decor. When you decorate your master bath with these two themes, its always summery elements that you choose to make the room more lively and energetic.

Coastal or beach inspired bathrooms focus their attention on highlighting features that mimic the sea and the sand. You’ll find such bathrooms always colorful with blue and green dominating the color palette. In addition, you’ll also spot accessories that remind you of the under sea life such as coral, shells, fish and sand. Usually, such bathrooms feature large windows that allow ample natural light to enter inside and are always spaciously decked up.

A tropical inspired bathroom usually focuses on natural elements like plants, rattan, bamboo and water. The color palette chosen for painting the walls, the flooring and the ceiling is often bold but not too loud. Lots of wooden elements are utilized for decorating such bathrooms. The decor usually is focused on bringing the outdoors inside.

The bathroom design here is all set to win you with its light blue color scheme, a stylish soaking bathtub that’s placed right at the corner of the window offering a beautiful view of the ocean, and a pillar with sea foam green mosaic tiles. I particularly love the walls that mimic the coral reef!

Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Beach themed master bathroom

Image Credit: brand-google

This design has nailed everyone with its ‘oh so tropical’ decor! Don’t you love the waterfall like feature that is cleverly mimicking the tropics? Note how each feature is cleverly placed to resemble a rain-forest.

Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Tropical bathroom with water feature

Image Credit: zyouhoukan

Doesn’t this spacious coastal bathroom motivate you to make a trip to the Bahamas? The fish motifs of course catch you by surprise!

Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Airy coastal decor

Image Credit: twimg

Featuring decor inspired by Zen, this bathroom makes use of wood in the most brilliant form. The tub is placed outside to allow you to relax amidst nature. The tiles complement the Capiz shell light fixtures brilliantly.

Wooden accented tropical master bathroom
Wooden accented tropical master bathroom

Image Credit: twimg

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Stunning Master Bathrooms with Natural Stones

Natural stones have a timeless beauty, and help in adding a natural touch to a bathroom’s decor. These make your bathrooms never go out of style, and are therefore, one of the most popular choices when designing interiors. Stones help in harmonizing the balance between hot and cold and are perfect to be incorporated in walls, and flooring of your bathrooms.

A gorgeous stone wall with patterns is seen decking up the shower area of this stylish bathroom. Its made of natural stones which complement the white soaking tub placed next to it.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Patterned natural stone feature

Image Credit: kimskeylimepies

Step into the old world with this spectacular bathroom design that has incorporated natural stone walls rather beautifully. These walls join forces with the wooden floor and the ceiling to highlight the beige marble sink top and the white soaking tub.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Natural stone walls

Image Credit: thaivillageaf

Master Bathrooms with Glam Vanities

No bathroom can function without a vanity, let alone a master bath. However, vanities for a master bath must be designed gorgeously, and any idea that looks dull must be rejected downright. When it comes to choosing the type of vanity for your master bathroom, the choice is unlimited as there are different styles and designs on offer.

If you’re a ‘me, myself’ type of person, then, pick a single vanity design. Such a type of design also suits smaller master baths. A single vanity often features a single sink with a cabinet. But, on the other hand, a double vanity is perfectly apt for a bigger bathroom. Having a ‘his and her’ vanity in a bathroom offers you and your spouse separate spaces to attend to intimate chores. Such vanities often feature double sets of cabinets, sinks and mirrors.

Luxury is an understatement for this gorgeously designed master bathroom that features a glam wooden vanity sink that’s complemented beautifully by the carved floral mirror frame and a golden tub. The design boasts of various finishes and materials that help in lending a distinct charm to this bathroom without clashing with one another.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Wooden vanity with floral mirrors

Image Credit: aruodas-img

What a gorgeous vanity design! Its a contemporary bathroom where each element surpasses the other, particularly the koi fish-scale bathing tub and the matching vanity sinks. The other feature to grab your eyes is the one of a kind mirror framing the vanity. Wowsy!

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Unique fishscale tub and sinks

Image Credit: luxurybathrooms

A masterpiece, this bathroom really enthralls you with its dome ceiling and ‘his and hers’ vanities featuring grey brown cabinets. The designer has used metallic textures that integrate brilliantly with the rest of the accessories like the tub, wooden board floor and the tufted ottoman.

Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Vanity with gray brown cabinetry

Image Credit: freetemplate

Aren’t the white eggshell basins cute? These are lodged on top of this double vanity and contrast well with the wooden accents incorporated all throughout. Its a small master bath whose design has been executed very wholesomely.

Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Double sink vanities

Image Credit: meetly

Mediterranean Styled Master Bathrooms

Any design that lends a comfortable and a laid back feel can be termed Mediterranean as this theme lays focus on maintaining a relaxed ambiance for the interiors. Bathrooms decorated on this theme will feature colorful tiles, color schemes and draperies. However, the flavor of such a type of decor will be casual and not very formal. Check out a few master bathroom ideas on Mediterranean flair below.

A unique and one of a kind Mediterranean bathroom is seen here. It features brown stone slab steps that lead up to the tub. The tub’s accessories look very chic and feature brass taps. The iron chandelier with frosted glass lamps lends a Gothic touch to the whole ambiance.

Mediterranean bathroom with iron and bronze accents
Mediterranean bathroom with iron and bronze accents

Image Credit: designingidea

The arched alcove featuring a white tub is the main highlight in this Tuscan inspired bathroom. The other elements reminding you of the Tuscan land are the lacy white curtains, patterned tiled walls, maroon mosaic tiled floor, the candle holders and the planters.

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Tuscan style master bathroom

Image Credit: achatbricolage

The windows of this magnificent bathroom can let heaven enter inside! These are quite a few in number and make the whole decor bright and airy. The design of this bathroom incorporates a mix of brown, white and beige with focus mainly on allowing you to unwind slowly.

Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Elegant Mediterranean decor

Image Credit: dwellingdecor

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Master Bathrooms with Fireplaces

Are you the type that loves to unwind, soaking in warm waters of the bathtub after a hard day’s work? If yes, then a fireplace is a feature that your master bath must have! Now a days, master bathrooms have become USPs for selling properties, and hence, must posses such features that stand apart from ordinary bathrooms. One such spectacular feature is the fireplace.

There are a host of things that lend comfort to your master bathrooms, but, nothing gets the task done quite as brilliantly as a fireplace my dear friends! A fireplace seals the deal when it comes to defining a luxurious master bathroom. It helps you to get cozy while you soak in your tub, and also makes the decor stand out.

Do you wish to own this masterpiece of a bathroom? I do because its a one of a kind bathroom with artistic impressions to enthrall everyone! Particularly eye grabbing are the fireplace, the area rug, and the wallpaper with floral designs.

Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Artistic decor with a fireplace

Image Credit: netdna-ssl

The built in fireplace lends a sophisticated look to this elegant bathroom. The luxuriant feel of this bathroom is taken a notch higher with the drop in tub, the bay window and the wall mounted TV.

Beautiful Master Bathrooms
Built in fireplace design

Image Credit: pinterest

The alcove in this bathroom captures you with its stylish sunken bathing tub and a large window that lets in ample light and fresh air. Nestling coyly is the cozy fireplace by the tub-side that looks enticing.

Master Bathroom Ideas
Cozy tubside fireplace

Image Credit: hbu

Master bathrooms must reflect upon your personality, taste and ultimately your lifestyle. Before you design your master bath, make sure to plan the various elements and weigh them against each other. Do ping back if you loved our master bathroom ideas shown today!

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