41 Cool Pool Backyard Design Ideas

Pool Backyard Design

Who wouldn’t love the idea of owning a swimming pool right in their backyards? Well, I would die to have a pool where I can simply take a cool dip whenever I want to, and have the time of my life! What do you have to say people? Backyards of modern times are not merely spots which you utilize merely to sit around or to dry up your linen. These have become the ‘most desirable’ spots – spots to chill out and relax amidst a world of amenities and luxuries. One such luxury is the pool. And, today, I will be showing you some stunning pool backyard design ideas that are increasingly becoming popular with householders.

Here, you will be getting inspirational ideas on different pool designs like circular, beach entry, lazy river, rectangular as well as plunge pools. Each of these designs is stunning. However, I would like to point here that you need to pick only such designs that suit your budget, and your tastes. So, let’s get going friends!

Stunning backyard pool Ideas with steps and stools

Its not merely in hotel or resort pools where you come face to face with underwater stools and steps. Modern homes, too, are increasingly found boasting of such features. The architects of modern times are building homes with luxurious features like backyard pools with inbuilt stools and steps. And, you have to see them to admire how beautiful these pools look. Stepping stones are an added feature to any pool, and can be used for a number of purposes. For example, these may be utilized for strolling in the waters, or, for sitting, or, may be just used as a tool for enhancing the visual beauty.

So, if you are really keen to get a few gorgeous ideas, then, look below at the backyard pool that’s been landscaped beautifully. Its a Florida home that has been designed by Thomas Hamel. The house is built in such a way that the living area opens directly to the pool. The visually pleasing coral stepping stones are worth admiring. You can simply walk on the water using these steps. How amazing, right?

Backyard Pool Ideas
Pool with coral stepping stones

Image Credit: nengen

Can any pool be as stunning as this one here? The small backyard features this rectangular pool that’s been fitted with blue tiles on the corners, the steps as well as the bottom. The pool has semi circular double steps that can be used for walking down in the water or for relaxation.

Backyard Pool Ideas
Inground pool with steps

Image Credit: novicap

This in-ground pool in the backyard has been fitted with vinyl liner steel steps and stools that lend a dreamy look to it. These are easy to maintain and clean.

Backyard Pool Ideas
Custom steel steps and stools

Image Credit: startuphacks

Sipping a cool Mojito whilst sitting on these stylish stools…a dream? Not anymore! This is for real friends!

Backyard Pool Ideas
Stunning pool with stools

Image Credit: recreoviral

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Beautiful backyards with pools that have bridges

Do you like the idea of spending intimate time with your loved ones right in the comfort of your own homes? If so, then, you must look at these stunning backyard pool ideas that are about to open up your horizons.

These days, ‘staycations’ are becoming increasingly popular with most home owners chucking the ‘resort’ trips, and, instead, opting to stay behind, and enjoying the comforts of their luxurious backyards. How about finding ways to add thrills to your backyard pool? One very cool addition to your pool is a bridge. Oh yes, a bridge that will make your jaws drop!

Below, there’s a picture of a Mediterranean poolscape that appears to have popped out of some decor magazine. But, it exists! The main highlight of this backyard pool is the stone bridge that connects the pathway to the other end of the pool. Wow..what a beauty, isn’t it?

Beautiful Backyards with Pools
Stone bridge with a Mediterranean poolscape

Image Credit: decoist

A lazy river style has been adopted here. The poolscape looks dreamy with a stunning wooden bridge connecting the turf with the seating nook at the opposite end of the pool. Its an easy going pool design that blends in with the rest of the landscape.

Beautiful Backyards with Pools
Lazy river pool with wooden bridge

Image Credit: kinggeorgehomes

Want to up your pool’s style quotient with just a simple trick? Well, instead of using a full fledged bridge, opt for a stone stepper, just like in this picture. The poolscape looks discreet with a stone step bridge, open vistas and lush surroundings. Its a modern house with a very chic swimming pool worth to die for!

Backyard Ideas with Pools
Small and rustic stone bridge

Image Credit: decoist

Gorgeous backyard pool ideas – Tiles

When it comes to building a pool in your backyard, there are a whole lot of things to be looked into. One of those things is choosing the tiling for your pool. Tiling is a very important aspect of pool design. Therefore, its a must that you pick the right tile option for your pool.

From simple blue tiles, to mosaic, to sparkling and themed ones, the choices are plenty. You, of course, have to choose the one that fits your pocket and your tastes. For example, if you have styled your poolside on beach theme, then, its a good idea to tile your pool and its surroundings on a beach or coastal style. For example, the pool below looks pretty much influenced by the beach, and its entryway is tiled with motifs representing under sea life.

Love the interesting blue, sandy and white color tones splashed everywhere!

Backyard Ideas with Pools
Beach themed tile design

Image Credit: backyardboss

Oh…what a lovely tiled pool? You can tile the bottom of your pool with any kind of theme or color that you want. For a coastal theme, pick a design with lotuses, fish, conches and shells.

Backyard Ideas with Pools
Stylish decorative tiles

Image Credit: hhspot

The in-ground lap pool of this house has been fitted with a custom glass tile that looks suave and very ornate. Its a bit unusual in design, but, nevertheless, looks absolutely stunning. The tile inlay of this pool extends to about 40 feet.

Backyard Ideas with Pools
Ornate custom glass tile

Image Credit: yourkidscloset

This Mexican styled home has a pool that has been tiled on its borders. The design is eye catching in blue and white with motifs that resemble sea crabs and waves. Sometimes, people tile the borders of their pools for adding an extra flair to their poolscape.

Beautiful Backyards with Pools
Mexican pool with tiled border

Image Credit: mytechref

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Pool backyard design ideas with fresh and bright colors

Backyard pools must look appealing if not over the top ‘gorgeous’. Why, you may want to ask? Well, backyards are intimate spots to unwind, and, therefore, must have such features that bring in certain comforts that please the body, eye and soul.

Colors add freshness to any landscape, and your poolscape is no different. For a vibrant pool design, choose lots of usual shades like orange, teal, black, maroon and yellow. AND, please don’t hesitate to chuck away the boring tones of white and sand. When ‘poolscaping’, go for stylishly colored furniture, curtains and colorful tiles.

Here’s a very charming backyard with a rectangular pool displaying cool blue waters. The water’s color matches the teal cushions and upholstery of the wooden seater as well as the teal toned floor mattresses. Try this idea if you love blue and its various sexy tones.

Beautiful Backyards with Pools
Pool with wooden and teal accents

Image Credit: pinterest

Who could have thought of using old chairs to bring this gorgeous transformation by the poolside? Well, the designer of this poolscape surely thinks DIY! These colorful chairs sans their legs are perfect for hanging your feet in the pool’s clear water plus these add lots of color to the landscape.

Backyard Ideas with Pools
Colorful chairs for backyard pool

Image Credit: hometalk

The lap pool looks more than a place to take a dip because its so much more than a simple swimming pool. It looks very resort like with lanterns bordering it to offer gentle illumination when the sun sets. The pink floats offer just the correct amount of visual pleasure without over imposing.

Backyard Ideas with Pools
Pink floats and lanterns

Image Credit: minimahome

Doesn’t this poolside look appealing? Yes, we must thank the gorgeous yellow upholstery and colorful cushions for lending a fresh look to this poolside. The concrete bench with geometric designs looks stylish and contrasts well with the yellow tones.

Backyard Ideas with Pools
Colorful seating near the pool

Image Credit: sohu

Stunning backyard pool designs with flowers and stones

Modern backyard ideas with pools must focus on enhancing functionality and usefulness. However, its not functionality always that must play on your mind when choosing pool designs. You must also think of what makes your poolscape more visually attractive.

When it comes to landscaping your poolside, its always flowers and stones that first come to your mind. Why is that so? This is simple to answer friends…flowers increase the beauty aspect of everything, whether interiors or exteriors of your homes.

Like flowers, stones, too play a very important role in beautifying the landscape. From colorful bed of white stones to large decorative boulders, there are ample choices for poolscaping. Below, I have rounded up a few dreamy pools that have all incorporated flowers and stones in different ways. But, the end result is something which needs to be seen. Hence, do scroll down!

The lap pool below is perfect to swim laps amidst fresh flowers and boulders. Its a well planned out poolscape where every bit of land is used to perfection! By the way, I am in deep love with the artistic urns placed by the poolside!

Rectangular Pool Designs
Flowers and boulders

Image Credit: southviewdesign

This vacuous pool looks as if it belongs in a resort, don’t you feel? Well, it gets an added flair, courtesy, the yellow colored flowers and lush green surroundings.

Beautiful Backyards with Pools
Pool design with yellow flowers

Image Credit: pinterest

Boulders and flowers add a bit more style to your poolside, just like in the image here. The pool looks perfect for a summer dip and is surrounded by patches of colorful fresh flowers and boulders.

Beautiful Backyards with Pools
Gorgeous layout with flowers and boulders

Image Credit: thewowdecor

Cool and beautiful backyards with pools

Do you live in a house that has limited space, but, still dream of owning a swimming pool? If yes, then, you are not the only one to do it. In-fact, modern architecture has made it possible for people with small houses to have same kind of luxuries as big houses offer. One such kind of luxury is the swimming pool.

A pool need not be huge these days. You can opt to build a small sized swimming pool if your backyard is not big enough. Relieved? Yes, you should be as there are a plethora of small pool designs that are being offered these days by new age architects. These pools are no less in style than bigger pools, and there are different ways to style them up.

Seen here is a lap pool that looks suave with wooden decks and a contemporary landscape. The poolside is surrounded by lushness and looks compact. Its compactness blends in seamlessly with the rest of the features incorporated.

Beautiful Backyards with Pools
Small pool with raised wooden deck

Image Credit: europeanflowerdesign

How about choosing this kind of in-ground petite pool for your backyard? It definitely looks neat and is perfect for taking dips in the hot summer months! Its simple, yet, very comfortable in design.

Beautiful Backyards with Pools
Tiny pool with an urban touch

Image Credit: furnitureteams

Blessed are those that can swim laps in their backyard pools even when pressed for space. Really, I mean it! This pool is perfect for taking a plunge, and even swimming a leisurely lap to beat the heat. Its simple in design and looks pleasing because of the green turf that surrounds it. A must to try!

Beautiful Backyards with Pools
Small pool with a turf

Image Credit: steelronic

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Circular pool backyard design ideas

Do you think you have the freedom to choose every kind of pool backyard design that your heart wishes? Well, you do friends! With advanced designs and ideas, its possible for people to build any kind of pool in their backyards. Whether its rectangular or circular, you have the option to choose whatever you want.

But, its always clever to pick something other than the ‘done to death’ things or ideas. Rectangular pools are pass’e for its the age of curvy pools. When you pick curves for your pool, the first design that comes to your mind is the round shape. Yes, the circular shape is popular these days with pools featuring usual twists and curves.

The circular design of a pool can be made to look even dreamier with a well planned out poolscape. For this, you can incorporate flowers, decks, boulders, plantations and what not. The circular pool here is simple in design, but, mimics the look of a resort, courtesy, its open surroundings, stone facade and cactus. It also acts as a hot tub with its gushing water.

Backyard Pool Ideas
Circular pool for a dip

Image Credit: forfur

What can be more comfortable than dipping yourself in a cozy pool right in your backyard? The pool below is circular in design and is built on a wooden deck. It is a no frills type of pool, but, it looks perfect for summer dips!

Backyard Ideas with Pools
Backyard white pool in circular shape

Image Credit: fendhome

A no fancy kind of design is seen here. It suitable for people that live in small houses.

Backyard Ideas with Pools
Circular pool with wooden fencing

Image Credit: decoratw

Stylish beach entry backyard swimming pools

What’s a beach entry pool design? Well, such a pool has no entrance per se. Its left open to mimic the feel of a sandy beach. The open entrance often incorporates the look of a shore or a beach. The beach entry style works perfectly for in-ground pools. Previously, resorts adopted this style, but, these days, even homeowners are using it a lot. This is because the design helps them enjoy the feel of a tropical beach.

How about trying this pool design? Doesn’t it transport you to a tropical paradise? Well, it does and how! The stone lining and the rock waterfall aid in mimicking this tropical feel. I simply love it!

Backyard Ideas with Pools
Beach entry backyard pool

Image Credit: adcockpoolandspa

Aren’t you loving the curves of this pool? Well, come, fall in love with the curves of this beach entry pool that also incorporate a stunning hot tub for an extra doze of relaxation!

Backyard Ideas with Pools
Beach entry pool with hot tub

Image Credit: td-universe

Am I in some kind of paradise here? No, not at all! Its a backyard pool at someone’s house and looks very enticing. Its a big sized pool with beach entry and surrounded by tall trees and plants.

Backyard Ideas with Pools
Curvy beach entry pool design

Image Credit: lombardopools

Surrounded by stones and vast hilly terrain, this pool definitely mimics a sandy beach. The grotto, slide, jacuzzi and the waterfall are jaw dropping features of this pool.

Backyard Ideas with Pools
Beach entry pool with waterfall and grotto

Image Credit: bullyfreeworld

Fabulous rectangular pool designs

When it comes to picking safe and trusted designs for your ‘would be’ pools, its the rectangular pool designs that are often thought about. This is because out of all other shapes, it is the rectangle shape that is easy to build and it also makes swimming a whole lot easier, courtesy, a wide space to swim laps. Most houses incorporate rectangular shaped pools as these blend perfectly with the rest of the elements incorporated in their landscapes.

How about trying this pool design? I love the idea of placing candles in rustic styled pillars by the poolside. The floral pots add visual interest to the poolscape.

Rectangular Pool Designs
Rectangular pool with pots and candles

Image Credit: beeyoutifullife

Its a stylish rectangular pool with a geometric charm! It blends seamlessly with the covered seating nook and the veranda. Its complimented well by the spa that’s located at a higher level.

Rectangular Pool Designs
Modern rectangular pool with a spa

Image Credit: tqn

Who wouldn’t die to take a lap in this gorgeously designed rectangular pool? The infinity pool overlooks a vast and verdant park and is designed with ‘water in transit’, a technique that the designers of this pool have used. The pool overlooks a natural pond.

Rectangular Pool Designs
Infinity pool in rectangular shape

Image Credit: tqn

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Cool lap swimming pool designs

Have a teeny meeny backyard, but want to build a pool? Well, then, try opting for a lap pool which is ‘the’ solution for small spaces. This kind of pool design generally fits narrow areas of your small backyards and is typically used for swimming laps. Lap pools use less space, and also offer you the freedom to build other features in your backyard, such as a deck, a turf or a fire-pit seating.

Here’s a portable lap pool that can be transferred to other spots when needed. Isn’t it brilliant? Well, you’ll fall in love with its narrow design and the other features accompanying it like the wooden deck and its seating. Since, its cheap, I suggest you to opt for this pool if you’re looking for one.

Rectangular Pool Designs
Portable lap swimming pool design

Image Credit: allbackyardideas

Nestled amidst cozy settings, this lap pool is definitely a must to build pool since it looks stylish. In addition to its gorgeous appearance, this pool also grabs your attention because of its white deck, and the stone wall on its opposite side. The loungers are comfy and the look is modern, yet rustic.

Rectangular Pool Designs
Lap pool design with white deck

Image Credit: tany

Backyard ideas with pools that have waterfalls

Don’t you feel that a waterfall adds an extra flair to a pool’s style? According to me, a pool backyard design sans a waterfall looks pretty boring. Well, waterfalls are the ‘in’ thing in today’s world of poolscaping simply because people love the sound of gushing water. The soft spilling sound of water helps in transposing one to a dreamy land.

Waterfall features in pools help you to mimic the feel and ambiance of a tropical rain-forest or a cliff. Now, you don’t need to rush for a tropical sojourn every-time you want to enjoy the soft sound of water rushing. Simply, pick from a plethora of pool designs that incorporate waterfalls in a variety of styles.

Create this miniature version of a tropical waterfall and make your guest’s jaws drop. The tall stone waterfall helps in adding visual interest to the pool. It is nestled right next to a huge rock that makes you believe you’re in a jungle.

Beautiful Backyards with Pools
Luxurious pool design with a tall waterfall

Image Credit: houseconnection

Is this a resort in the Bahamas? Nope silly! Its a backyard pool with a stunner of a waterfall! The best part is still to come…yes…it has a slide underneath the waterfall! That’s what I call a fun pool design!

Beautiful Backyards with Pools
Stunning rock waterfall

Image Credit: formywife

Backyard swimming pool designs – plunge pools

In case your backyard cannot accommodate a big pool, you can try the other better and smaller alternative – the plunge pool. A plunge pool is the best solution for such backyards that are pressed for space. These are easy to build and cost a lot less than your regular sized pools. The most important thing about these kinds of pools is the depth.

These pools have to be deep in order to take a plunge. But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot deck up the exterior of such a pool. For example, the plunge pool seen below looks every bit dreamy as other pools. It has a wooden deck plus pillows that are thrown over to lend a comfy feel.

Backyard Pool Ideas
A cozy plunge pool

Image Credit: gardenoholic

Plunge pools can be constructed on decks or in backyards amidst lush green surroundings. The pool below looks captivating as it blends in easily with the natural greenery and is perfect for taking a relaxing dip.

Backyard Pool Ideas
Plunge pool and lush surroundings

Image Credit: rochii-office

Lazy river swimming pool designs

A lazy river pool design allows you to mimic the ambiance and feel of a natural water body like a river. It lends an ‘Au naturel’ feel and therefore, is very popular these days. In most cases, this design makes use of odd and unusual shapes. The curves of these types of pools look twisty but are very eye catching. Pick this design if you have a small backyard and wish to add many new horizons to it.

How about trying this lazy river pool design for your backyard? It looks very rustic with stone borders, gravel, palm, hot tub and a fire-pit that is decorated with hanging chairs.

Backyard Pool Ideas
Lazy river pool with hanging chairs and firepit

Image Credit: kinggeorgehomes

This definitely looks as if you are transported to some island surrounded by the vast blue sea! What I like about this design is the pathway leading up to the island patch that’s built to mimic the feel of an island. The seating nook with chairs looks comfy. In addition to the pathway and the island-like design, the feature that catches your attention is the white bridge.

Backyard Pool Ideas
Lazy river pool design with bridge and seating

Image Credit: remontik

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Backyard pool designs with hot tub

Most of you would know that a hot tub is nothing but a jacuzzi or spa. Its a very luxurious feature that allows you to unwind after you have taken several laps in your pool. Most pool deigns of contemporary styles have this feature as its highly demanded by homeowners.

A hot tub can be built outside the pool, or even inside at a different level. It depends on how big your backyard is. The pool below is perfectly landscaped with a gorgeous fireplace and a cozy seating nook. In addition to the comfortable sofas, there’s a hot tub or spa that’s built next to it. Its meant for relaxation of the muscles after the tiring laps.

Rectangular Pool Designs
Rectangular pool with hot tub and fireplace

Image Credit: waterlinepools

The roundel hot tub of this gorgeous pool definitely adds more flair to its look. It is built of natural stone just like the rest of the pool and offers a quiet place to chill and unwind.

Pool Backyard Design
Pool with natural stone liner and hot tub

Image Credit: flauminc

For anyone of you that has a backyard, its my advice that you start thinking about adding more features to it. This is because doing it will make your living more comfortable and lively. A swimming pool in your backyard can be that feature you’ve always been wanting to add. A pool can enhance the look of your backyard plus it can do wonders to liven your sprints. Hence, do pick any out of these cool pool backyard design ideas today!

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