15 Creative Room Dividers for Studio Apartments

Room Dividers for Studio Apartments

Studio apartments have become a popular choice of accommodation in majority of cities nowadays. With no separate rooms, studio apartments provide a large space, which you can use as per your needs. The bathroom is the only separate room in a studio apartment. The best thing about such apartments is that there is a flow and continuity in the house with brightness and fluidity.

However, if you are the one who loves privacy and separate rooms, a studio apartment will not be your cup of tea. But now, even that problem is solved. There are excellent room dividers for studio apartments available with which you can create small separate spaces in the studio apartment. The dividers come in unique designs and styles and you can choose the one which is in sync with the interior settings of the space. The dividers are flexible and can be removed as and when needed.

Here are some excellent room divider ideas for studio apartments:

1. Hanging Room Dividers

Hanging Room Dividers

Image Credit: Pinterest

The biggest advantage of these room dividers is that they do not occupy floor space as they hang from the ceiling. Available in different shapes and designs, you can choose the one which is in sync with the room settings. Refrain from using solid patterns in dark colors as they might lead to obstruction of light and air. The material of such dividers might vary, right from wooden to plastic to acrylic, and so on.

2. Rope Room Divider

Rope Room Dividers

Image Credit: TheSpruce

If you are looking for eco-friendly and green room divider ideas, there is no better option than this one. Along with being environment-friendly in nature, the ropes help in the passage of light and air comfortably and conveniently. The width of the ropes can be adjusted as per one’s wish and room settings. Also designs with ropes can be created as well. A natural and rustic appeal is brought into the room with such material for room divider use.

3. Thin Curtains

Thin Curtain Room Dividers

Image Credit: home-designing

Thin white curtains can act as excellent room dividers in studio apartments. Since these curtains are almost transparent, light passes very easily through the material and keeps the space bright. White is the preferred color of such curtains as it reflects light and makes the space look big. Also, when the partition is not needed, the curtains can be moved to the side and flow of the space can be maintained. The curtains make the space look very dreamy and stylish as well.

4. Twinkling Branches

Twinkling Branches Room Dividers

Image Credit: tipjunkie

If you are looking for some unique and standalone room dividers for studio apartments, you cannot go wrong with this particular thing. This not only imparts stylish décor to the space, but also adds twinkling light to the space beautifully. Placed in between frames, the dead branches of the plant when decorated with lights, helps in making a distinct space in the studio apartment. Along with being a divider, it also acts as a brilliant room décor for the apartment without much investment.

5. Projector Screen

Projector Screen Room Dividers

Image Credit: makespace

Do you love watching movies? Do you like watching sports on a big screen in your house? In such instances, installing a projector is a great idea as this is not only helpful for watching movies and sports, but also a great way of dividing the room in a smart manner. The projection screen is placed or installed by the foot of the bed. Since the projector is almost a translucent thing, light passes and keeps the area bright and open.

6. Stylish Floor to Ceiling Shelf

Floor to Ceiling Shelf

Image Credit: contemporist

Look at this lovely idea of room dividers which is dividing this studio apartment. This floor to ceilings shelf comes in an excellent design and shape. Various kinds of decorative items and essential items can be placed on the shelf. These shelves are movable and one can shift their location in the room from one place to another to change the look and appearance of the space. These shelves are available in other designs as well and look really nice in a studio apartment.

7. Custom Panels

Custom Panel Room Divider

Image Credit: Pinterest

There is no doubt about the fact that custom panels can act as excellent room dividers in any kind of home setup and particularly in studio apartments. The panels can be removed and replaced with other panels from time to time. They can be customized as per one’s choice and preference. The panels can be placed anywhere in the apartment as a divider.

8. Fabric Screen

Fabric Screen Room Dividers

Image Credit: diys

Creating a single fabric screen is not very difficult. This will make an excellent room divider in the studio apartment. The most important thing in this kind of divider is that you have to choose the right kinds of fabrics for the same. The fabric should complement the home décor and style well and not look out of place. Infact it must look like an integral part of the home décor and not a divider in the first place.

9. Bookshelf

Bookshelf Room Divider

Image Credit: scene7

If you are looking for stylish as well as utilitarian room dividers for studio apartments, bookshelves are the best option for the same. Available in different styles, shapes, and sizes, the bookshelves will enhance the appeal of the space considerably. Along with books, you can arrange various kinds of decorative items on some of the shelves of the bookcase for breaking the monotony. This is the most commonly used room divider in studio apartments. The color of the bookshelf should match the interiors of the apartment.

10. Floating Closet

Floating Closet Room Divider

Image Credit: makespace

One of the most creative ways to divide a room is with the help of a floating closet. Until and unless your studio apartment has four closets, you will need space for storing your clothes and other essentials. The floating closet will not only help in keeping clothes, but will act as an excellent room divider without the need of doing much actually. The closet can be in a single line or in multiple lines as shown in the image above.

11. Pendant Lamps for Room Division

Pendant Lamps Room Divider

Image Credit: home-designing

Making room dividers with the help of lights is quite amazing in a studio apartment. Lighting is an integral part of any apartment and this can be used in a very effective manner. Hanging pendant lamps are a great choice in this regard. They hang from the ceiling and help in saving floor space. Hang the lights in such a manner that they create a kind of practical barrier separating the different areas in the space.

12. Area Rugs Custom Room Dividers

Area Rugs Custom Room Divider

Image Credit: babywatchome

Room dividers for studio apartments are varied and some of them are quite outstanding like this one. In this apartment, the room division is done very smartly with the help of area rugs. Though the distinction in the spaces is done smartly with the help of rugs, one cannot make the difference at first go. This looks more like flooring design than room dividers. Very interesting setup!

13. Adding Greenery to the Space

Plants Room Divider

Image Credit: Pinterest

One of the best studio apartments room divider is in the form of adding greenery to the space. The plants not only make the space look colorful and bright but make it healthy as well. While some people use the same kinds of plants for the divider; many use varieties of plants. It depends upon the preference of the apartment resident.

14. Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board Room Divider

Image Credit: designsponge

When your studio apartment is also your office space, you need a room divider for sure. And what better way of adding some zing to the space with this colorful bulletin board? You can pin and stick your work essentials to the board for ease and convenience of working. The board helps in creating a division without hampering the looks of the space in any way.

15. Storage Options

Storage Room Divider

Image Credit: louisvillehomesblog

One of the most innovative room dividers for a studio apartment is in the form of various storage options available. Since space is a problem in studio apartments, the storage items can be used in different ways and one of them is being used as a room divider.

All the above mentioned ideas for room dividers in studio apartments are quite simple and easy. Some of them are DIY projects as well. The best thing is that most of them are not very expensive and pretty affordable. Try them and give your studio apartment a new look and feel.

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