Studio Apartment Vs One Bedroom : Which is Best and Why?

Studio Apartment Vs One Bedroom

Finding the right accommodation is an arduous task for sure. An accommodation today is not only a place to live. There are many more things which have to be thought of before looking for a place to stay.

In urban areas, towns, and cities, the demands of apartments are extremely high. There are different varieties in which apartments are available and you can choose the most suitable one as per your needs and your budget.

When you are looking for an apartment on the smaller side, you can choose from two options – both of which are quite readily available nowadays. The options are 1 bedroom apartment and a studio apartment. Infact, there is stiff competition in the studio apartment vs. 1 bedroom apartment.

Before you take any decision regarding the studio apartment vs one bedroom apartment, you have to know in detail about each kind of apartment. This will help in taking the right decision. In this article, we will discuss both these kinds of apartments and their features and pros and cons.

What is a Studio Apartment?

What is a Studio Apartment

A studio apartment comes with an extremely compact design where there is just one space. The only separate room in a studio apartment is that of the bathroom. Otherwise, the dining space, sleeping space, and living space are all in one area.

Studio apartments are basically self-contained units, which you have to arrange as per your wish and requirements. There is a large single room in a studio apartment with an attached kitchenette or kitchen. Many people create temporary walls in the space for giving the feeling of different rooms but practically it doesn’t work.

Individual space can be defined with the placement of respective furniture in different areas. For instance, the place where the dining table is kept can be the dining area coupled with the living area. You might not have a bed in studio apartments as it will take up quite a lot of space. Instead, there can be a large mattress on the floor, which can be used for sleeping, working as well as for welcoming guests and friends.

When it comes to studio apartment size, the majority of them come within size of 500-600 square feet. However, there are really small studio apartments as well, which measure to about 300 square feet. Smaller the area of the studio apartment, greater will be creativity in finding the right kinds of storage space in the apartment. Since there are no separate rooms in studio apartments, their prices are less when compared to general apartments.

What is a 1-Bedroom Apartment?

What is a 1-Bedroom Apartment

Now that you have an idea about the studio apartment, you must also know about the 1-bedroom apartment so that you can make the difference between the two and choose the one which suits you best. As the name indicates, in this kind of apartment, there is a distinct and separate bedroom. There is a specific separation of spaces like the dining room, living room, and kitchen and of course the bathroom. There are distinct divisions in the rooms. The number of closets in the 1-bedroom apartment will also be more. Since there are separate spaces, you can decide the décor and settings of each space individually.

If you compare the area of studio apartment vs. 1 bedroom, you will find that there is a decent range in which these apartments come. The size of one large studio apartment can be similar to that of a small 1-bedroom apartment. It has been seen that even with the same square feet area, the one-bedroom apartment looks larger as there are separate rooms and you don’t get to see the whole space at once.

Difference between Studio and One Bedroom Apartment

There are some strong differences in studio vs. apartment. There are pros and cons of a studio apartment as well as a single room apartment. After considering the differences and the pros and cons of both types of apartment, make a choice which is most suited. Mentioned below are the differences between the apartment types:

  • In the one-bedroom apartment, there is a dedicated space for sleeping and privacy. There is also a door to the bedroom, which when shut, cuts connection from other parts of the house. On the other hand, in a studio apartment, there is no different sleeping place – it is the same place where you sit, eat and work.
  • Lifestyle is an important factor. Nowadays the younger generation looks to do things in a small space and accommodate in small areas. For them, studio apartments are a great choice as they can eat, sleep, work, and hang out with friends in the same space. There is no need for shifting from one room to the other. A single room apartment is a preferred choice for couples or a small family as there is privacy in such apartments.
  • Generally, one-bedroom apartments are slightly furnished with the necessary amenities and facilities. This makes living in the apartments convenient and easy. However, studio apartments only provide a large space and no amenities or facilities whatsoever. There might be a common amenity option in the whole building, but dedicated services are not available in each studio apartment.

What is better – Studio Apartment Vs One Bedroom?

There is no simple and straight answer to the question as to what is better – studio apartment or 1 bedroom apartment. The competition of studio apartment vs one bedroom is a close one and one needs to think a lot before taking a final decision. Along with the advantages and the pros and the cons, costing is also an important factor while purchasing the apartments.

When the budget is compared to the two kinds of apartments, it was seen that the price of rent for 1 bedroom apartments was higher than that of studio apartments. However, when it comes to purchasing these apartments, the rates might be slightly different. The home in which you plan to live will reflect the kind of lifestyle that you follow. Therefore be very clear in the choices that you make as it might impact your entire living.

In case of real confusion, consult a property expert.

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