41 Unique Kitchen Lighting Ideas That Are Attractive

Unique Kitchen Lighting

One way to make your kitchen to stand out is to install unique kitchen lighting. Thankfully, there are so many options available to you when it comes to this. Whether you have a modern or traditional kitchen, there’s always a unique kitchen lighting that’s suitable for your space.

When looking for a lighting fixture to illuminate your kitchen, there are lots of important factors to consider. For one, it should be something that can illuminate the space well enough. This is especially true if you tend to spend a lot of time in your kitchen at night or if there are not enough windows in the space to allow natural light. Moreover, the lights should last long and must be energy-efficient as well. Above all, they should have a design that matches with the rest of the decors in your kitchen. For instance, if you have a modern or contemporary kitchen, then you should consider any of the modern kitchen lighting ideas.

Some of the most common types of kitchen lighting fixtures are pendants, track lights, chandeliers, ambient lights such as under cabinet lights, and many more. Below are some unique kitchen lighting ideas to help you decide for your own kitchen lights.

Unique Kitchen Pendant Lighting

If you’re looking for a unique kitchen island lighting, consider the pendant lights. These lights are suspended from the ceiling using chains or rods. The pendant lights are used to illuminate specific areas in your kitchen, such as the kitchen island, counter, sink, etc. They have simpler features than the chandelier and depending on the designs you’ll go for, the lights usually have bulbs hidden under a shade and hanged at the ceiling with a cord.

Today, you will find that there’s a wide variety of unique kitchen pendant lights. Some of them have distinct shapes and styles, which will surely grab attention in your kitchen. When choosing the type of kitchen pendant lights, consider the size of the space that the lights are supposed to illuminate. Remember that aside from its aesthetic value, the lights must also work well according to its purpose which is to illuminate your kitchen space.

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If you need more ideas for a unique kitchen pendant lighting, check out the photos below.

Modern and unique kitchen pendant lighting.

Image Credit: waterfaucets

Unique and stylish chrome pendant lights.

Image Credit: home-designing

Glass bell shaped pendant lights.

Image Credit: tequestadrum

Unique pink colored glass pendant lights.

Image Credit: kutskokitchen

LED kitchen track lighting

Image Credit: youtube

Unique hanging pendant lights at the kitchen counter

Image Credit: candresses

Industrial style kitchen pendant lights.

Image Credit: baytownkitchen

Unique pendant lights at the kitchen island.

Image Credit: theluckycat

Antique Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Antique kitchen lighting is a great way to top off your kitchen remodeling project. However, there are certain things you need to think of before you decide to go vintage on your kitchen lights.

If you want something really unique, then go for antique lights. In fact, when it comes to unique kitchen lighting ideas, antique lights are highly recommended. They can serve as a focal point in your kitchen island, countertop or at a breakfast nook. But just because you are going vintage in your kitchen lights does not mean that you’ll follow the same thing for your other kitchen furniture and fixtures. The best thing about antique lights is that they can go with pretty much anything. In fact, they’re perfect for those who want a modern eclectic look for their kitchen design.

Another thing to remember is that authentic antique lights are often limited and can be hard to find in multiples. Thus, they’re only a great idea if you only need one or two of them. You can choose to have some kitchen lights custom made to look like antique, however, they will not look authentic and will defeat the purpose. Check out some of these antique kitchen lighting ideas that can work well for your kitchen.

Old fashioned kitchen pendant lights

Image Credit: ganecovillage

Retro style kitchen lighting.

Image Credit: jellyfruit

Antique kitchen linear chandelier.

Image Credit: ganecovillage

Beautiful vintage lighting in a vintage kitchen.

Image Credit: homihomi

Old kitchen lamps in the kitchen ceiling.

Image Credit: nakakirei

Metal bell shaped pendant lights.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Lovely vintage pendant lights.

Image Credit: theloopdetroit

Retro pendant lights at the kitchen counter.

Image Credit: ingraphis

Unique Chandeliers for the Kitchen

Having a chandelier in your kitchen is a good idea. They look very stylish and can surely make heads turn.

When choosing the right chandelier, make sure that you choose something that matches with your kitchen’s interior design style. Moreover, consider installing a dimmer or choose something that already comes with this feature.

The center area of your kitchen is often the best spot to mount the chandelier. You can also install the light above a kitchen island or at the kitchen counter. The size and scale of the chandelier is an important matter. Understandably, a huge chandelier is ideal for an ample sized kitchen while a small chandelier is perfect for a small kitchen. If you need to mount other lighting fixtures along with the chandelier, make sure that the kitchen lighting design will complement the style and design of your chandelier.

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Thankfully, there are plenty of unique kitchen chandeliers that you can adorn in your kitchen, and thus, you’ll not have a hard time in looking for something that matches with your kitchen space. Here are some ideas to consider.

Unique wooden kitchen chandeliers.

Image Credit: graphxdiva

Adorable and unique chandelier at the kitchen counter.

Image Credit: alleghenymillworklumber

Beautiful beaded blue kitchen chandelier

Image Credit: homedit

Classy looking vintage chandelier

Image Credit: glubdubs

Unique modern designed kitchen chandelier.

Image Credit: apartmentsilike

Uniquely designed chandelier at a kitchen island.

Image Credit: fileove

Stylish and unique round shaped kitchen chandeliers

Image Credit: sciencerocks

Unique Kitchen Lighting for the Wall

While it’s common to install kitchen lights at the ceiling, you can also choose to mount some lighting fixtures on the wall. This allows for more illumination in the space, which makes working in your kitchen easier and safer.

It’s a great idea to choose a wall lighting that can help to make your kitchen feel more inviting. Moreover, it should also help to make the space look bigger and brighter, while also creating a cozy atmosphere. Wall mounted kitchen lights can also help to balance the overhead light sources and adds character to your overall kitchen space.

Wall sconces are the best choice of lights for your kitchen wall. These light fixtures are very versatile and can work well in just about any area in your house. In your kitchen, you can install the wall sconces at the wall in your sink or beside the kitchen counter. They can also be installed above or below the cabinets.

For more inspiration when it comes to unique kitchen lighting for the wall, check out these photos below.

Wall mounted task lighting in the kitchen

Image Credit: fotoformation

Unique modern kitchen wall lighting.

Image Credit: hzcdn

Vintage inspired kitchen wall lighting.

Image Credit: theinspiredroom

Modern wall sconces for the kitchen

Image Credit: ahomestockholm

Traditional black and gold wall sconces.

Image Credit: slwlaw

Modern lighting design in the kitchen wall.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Unique Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

If you need to install just one lighting feature for your kitchen, go for the under cabinet lighting. These lighting features can serve as task lighting to your kitchen countertops. They are also a great choice for unique kitchen island lighting and makes preparing and cooking food so much easier. Moreover, the cabinet lights also help to illuminate the backsplashes. This can lead to a beautiful accent lighting and can make your kitchen to stand out at night.

When it comes to your kitchen cabinet lighting, you can choose from fluorescent, LED lights and other light sources. LED lights are energy efficient yet they can be an expensive investment. On the other hand, fluorescent lights are cheaper, however, they cannot be dimmed and are not the best choice if you want an energy-efficient kitchen lighting source.

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Depending on the kitchen lighting design that you want, under cabinet lights will require professional installation. You can go the DIY route, but for best results, better leave the installation to the experts.

Check out these designs for more inspiration on your kitchen cabinet lighting.

Unique LED under cabinet lighting.

Image Credit: denvertavern

Dimmable under cabinet kitchen lights.

Image Credit: amazon

Under cabinet lights in a rustic style kitchen.

Image Credit: theloopdetroit

Marvelous yellow lights in a kitchen cabinet.

Image Credit: falconersyellowpages

Unique kitchen lights under the cabinet.

Image Credit: annml

Contemporary under cabinet kitchen lights.

Image Credit: wearefound

Modern and Unique Kitchen Lighting

When it comes to modern kitchen lighting ideas that are unique, there are so many options to consider. You can go for uniquely shaped pendant lights or perhaps a chandelier with an unusual shape.

Modern lights are very versatile. This means that it can go well with any kitchen design or theme. In fact, even traditional kitchens will look beautiful with a modern kitchen lighting. If you want to give your kitchen a whole new look without having to replace everything, simply install a modern designed kitchen light in the middle, and that’s already enough to transform your kitchen into something impressive.

Thoughtfully chosen modern kitchen lights can surely enhance your kitchen space and improve the value of your home as well. If you need design inspirations, here are some of the most stylish modern kitchen lighting ideas.

Oversized pendant light.

Image Credit: certified-lighting

Modern circular track lighting.

Image Credit: selectivelighting

Modern lighting at the kitchen counter.

Image Credit: worldlpg

Modern designed kitchen task lighting

Image Credit: thebixbyknolls

Stylish kitchen ceiling lights

Image Credit: theluckycat

Unique Kitchen Lighting
Modern pendant lamps.

Image Credit: bigcommerce

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Remember that you cannot be productive in your kitchen if it’s not well-lit. Thus, lighting plays an important role in your overall kitchen design. If you’re in the process of remodeling your kitchen at home, these unique kitchen lighting ideas would be a great choice.