33 Amazing Valentines Day Decorations For Home To Surprise The Love Of Your Life

Valentines Day Decorations

I love Valentine’s Day, do you? Well, if you have a sweetheart, its time you started planning for the upcoming ‘Holiday of Love’ and surprise your lover with cute and gorgeous Valentines Day decorations.

I remember that on this day, every year, I do tend to go a little overboard with home decorations, and that includes my entertaining room, dining as well as bedroom. But, with the ideas that are about to be presented below, you need not necessarily do anything over the top.

A simple bouquet of roses arranged in a vase, or a paper heart garland will do the needful. In fact, there are lots of DIY ideas from this list that will inspire you to no limits. Therefore, without wasting any more of your precious time, let me get on with this spectacular collection of adorable Valentines decor ideas. Enjoy.

DIY Valentines Day decorations with conversation hearts

Is there anyone here today that has never heard of …oh wait…conversation hearts? I doubt! But if you are new to this ‘most associated V Day’ feature then you have surely missed much in your life. Without conversation candy hearts, there cannot be any Valentine day celebration my dear friends…period.

Newcomers, here is the thing about these sweet candy hearts….they are heart shaped and come in a variety of cool colors with romantic texts written all over them like ‘Kiss me‘, ‘My Valentine‘ and so on. Usually, sweethearts exchange these candies on the love day. So, to quench your thirst, I would be presenting a few awesome ideas that make use of these heart shaped candies for Valentine Day decoration.

One great idea is to create a floral bouquet. Its a simple DIY project that any novice can also try. All you need to have are a vase, candy hearts, ribbon and roses. I love this idea as it shows the romantic side of you and will definitely be applauded by your sweetheart. Hence, look at it carefully and get ready to smite your lover!

 Valentines Decor Ideas
Bouquet of roses and candy hearts

Image Credit: pinterest

Wow…what an idea to use popsicle and candy hearts together to create this amazing centerpiece! Seen here is a lovely centerpiece that one can definitely use it to bring a surprise element to any corner of their home.

 Valentines Decor Ideas
Popsicle hearts and conversation candies

Image Credit: ornamentshop

How about trying this idea that looks adorable and expresses love in the most beautiful way? Create this piece by using wire hanger, candy hearts, ribbon, glue and flower pot. An easy peezy project that’ll surely bring a smile on your lover’s face!

 Valentines Day Decorations for Home
Conversation hearts topiary

Image Credit: mommyonashoestring

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Aren’t all these Valentines Day decorations simply stunning? Here is another one involving cut outs of hearts using card-stock paper. You can hang these using strings from your wall. The idea is cute. Therefore, I am recommending that you give it a try!

Valentines Day Decorations for Home
Conversation hearts banner for wall

Image Credit: homedit

A love wreath made of conversation hearts? Well, yes, you must try this cool idea wherein you create something as unique as this wreath.

 Valentines Day Decorations for Home
Cute conversation hearts wreath

Image Credit: homedit

Valentine Day table decorations with candles

Candles…oh candles…they are the perfect companions on Valentine’s Day. Why? Well, candles help in creating a romantic flair for lovers in the most gentle and passionate way.

How about trying a few candle ideas that we have presented below? For starters, you can try this below mentioned idea that makes use of white candles, twine and pink foam hearts. Pretty looking, these candles are simple to decorate and you will also save money as its a cheap decor idea. Therefore, I advice you to fit it in your decorations somehow!

Valentine Day Table Decorations
White candles with twine and hearts

Image Credit: soufunimg

Candles form an integral part of most Valentines Day decorations for home. If you are searching for more gorgeous candle decorations, here is presenting below the display that will make your jaws drop!

Instead of using just similar shaped candles, you can try placing candles that look different and bear different colors. The table below looks very romantic with red dominating the color scheme. The decorator has used a heart shaped red candle which looks perfect with a white pillar candle bearing red hearts. Matching with these are long candles with metal and glass stands. So, if you want to take your decor to a notch higher, use this idea for sure.

Valentine Day Table Decorations
Cute candle display

Image Credit: nicholasprojects

Here is a very impressive Valentines sweets table that has been decorated with lots of accessories like buntings, Valentine’s Day card, conversation hearts, love and kiss cutouts, heart doilies and mason jar candles. The lovely red hearts backdrop looks mesmerizing and compliments the other elements. The white mason jar candles with pink hearts lend a gentle touch to the whole decor.

Valentine Day Table Decorations
Red hearts and white candles

Image Credit: epasamoto-ubuea

Valentines Day decorations with hearts

Want to woo the love of your life? Then, what are you waiting for? Just scroll down to feast your eyes on some gorgeous Valentine’s Day decorations that have incorporated hearts in various avatars.

Seen below is a stunning pink DIY heart tree. Its a sure shot way to gain her attention. In addition to being attractive looking, this project is easy to put together. Just buy a ceramic water jug, some twigs, paper hearts and XOXO cutout. Putting together the whole concept will take less than a day. Therefore, try it whilst you have the time.

Valentines Day Decorations for Home
Pink DIY heart tree

Image Credit: blissfullydomestic

Do you like hanging decorations on special occasions like Xmas and Valentine’s Day? If so, then you ought to try this adorable idea that has made use of pink paper and satiny ribbons, elements that are adding a refreshing touch to the Valentines decor seen below. These paper heart hangings look very cheerful and add a mushy touch to the interiors. The best part about this idea is that you can get it on board without wasting days and its cheap too.

Thus, now you see why this idea would rock?

Valentines Day Decorations for Home
Hanging paper hearts

Image Credit: diycozyhome

Bring out your inner artist and create this magnificently beautiful Valentines Day craft as its fabulous and will definitely add tons of style to your home. You would need lots of golden sparkles and fabric to put this baby together, and, the end result will be something that will make you and your sweetheart fall in love with each other once again. Oh my…I would love to have them by my bedside long after the love day has passed!

Valentines Day Decorations for Home
Sparkly heart pillows

Image Credit: homedit

Doilies are my favorite when it comes to celebrating festivals, and Valentine’s Day tops my priority list on this one. You have to choose a corner of your living room to pull this decor successfully. Once you choose the spot, then you can hang as many heart doilies as you wish, but, stick to pastels like pink and peach for a subtle look just as in the image below. This idea suits pastel themed interiors and works magic. Hence, just go for it!

Valentines Decor Ideas
Heart doily garland

Image Credit: arquidecohoy

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Personalized tree trunk Valentines decor ideas

Carved tree trunk crafts are the new age phenomenon to have hit modern day love stuck couples…really! What makes this craft so popular with lovers? I think it is the most personalized way to express your love to someone.

There are many decor ideas involving tree trunks like the ones shown below. Why don’t you carve out yours and your lover’s initials on the trunk of a log and place it as a decor item? Try this idea that has been displayed on the mantel of this living room. Apart from the mason jars and silver cupids, the other most striking feature on this mantel is the tree trunk. The couple’s initials are engraved within a cute little heart. It looks stunning.

Valentines Decor Ideas
Mantel decor with a carved tree trunk

Image Credit: makingtheworldcuter

Tables on Valentines Day must look romantic and a little different than the cliched examples we always see in magazines. One such innovative idea is to make good use of your timber or old log, and then carve out cute coasters for use on tables. The wooden coasters seen below bear carvings of the couple’s names and look very romantic. Team these up with flowers or candles or just about anything that seems remotely romantic.

Valentines Decor Ideas
Wooden tree carved coasters

Image Credit: gettingpersonal

Add fun to the decor with XOXO

XOXO simply means hugs and kisses, and no Valentine’s Day party is considered complete unless you incorporate XOXO decorations in your home. How about trying the below mentioned ideas this Feb 14th?

Well, to start, you can use simple XOXO buntings or garlands to deck the backdrop or the front of your Valentine’s Day sweets table. The picture below shows how charming XOXO buntings look, specially when you use white and pastels. If you have a pink and white themed party lined up, then I would advice you to use lots of fresh flowers, XOXO buntings and LOVE balloons to pep up the party scene.

Valentines Day Decorations for Home
Pink XOXO bunting

Image Credit: pinimg

What a stunning way to welcome guests on Valentine’s Day! Its a piece worth putting up right outside your main door as it makes use of romantic elements, perfect for setting the mood for love. The wreath is made of wooden frame and draped with white polka dotted fabric. It gets a makeover with impressive floral designs as well as an XOXO bunting in brown. The flowers can be made out of felt or tissue. Its a must try decor idea this year, thus, incorporate it without fail.

Valentines Day Decorations for Home
Wooden frame wreath with XOXO garland

Image Credit: homihomi

Rustic is ‘in’ once again. Try these rustic wooden signs that bear different texts like LOVE, and XOXO. You can put these sign boards anywhere outside your home for an added romantic punch.

Valentines Day Decorations for Home
Rustic XOXO wooden sign

Image Credit: stylemotivation

Valentines Day decorations with pom poms

Hey you all love birds!! Bring out the child in you and go the ‘pom pom’ way this time on Valentine’s Day.

Pom poms form an integral part in any Valentine Day decorations. Do you know why these are so huge in demand with people? Ya…you thought right friends. Pom poms look cuter than cute and suit any kind of theme.

Seen below is an adorable pom pom heart garland DIY project that’s simply easy to try at home. Use yarn of different shades, and then, make pom poms using fork. Yeah…fork, and its easy peezy! Once you are done with your pom poms, create your card-stock hearts in pink, purple and red shades. Cut both the ends of each heart and then, fit in your pom poms. Super cool…yeah!

Valentines Day Decorations for Home
DIY pom pom garland

Image Credit: chicacircle

Woooww….this has got to be the most artistic craft in today’s list, what do’ya all think? It makes use of yarn to make pom pom flowers and decoupage technique on the floral mason jars. These pom pom flowers are sure to last a lifetime, and when, put inside these cute mason jars, will always set the mood for love.

 Valentine Day Table Decorations
Pom pom flowers

Image Credit: pinterest

Unlike most other decorations involving pom poms, the one showcased below looks unique and very cute. All you have to do is collect a few pink shaded pom poms of about 1/2 inches, pillow cover in white, glue sticks and glue gun. And you are good to go. You can get this project pretty easily on road as it doesn’t need you to sew. Al you have to do is draw the word LOVE on the cover and stick pom poms on the letters. You can get the tutorial on any website if you want. Its a cool idea that you need to try this Valentine’s Day. So don’t ignore it!

 Valentines Decor Ideas
Cute pom pom pillow

Image Credit: consumercrafts

Paper crafts for Valentines Day

How about choosing Valentines Day decorations that feature the humble paper? If you wish to add an instant glamour to your decor on Valentine’s Day, then you have to try these awesome ideas that has one element, and that element is paper. Paper crafts are some of the most artistic and creative decorations that you can try for special occasions like Valentines Day. Some of these are easy while a few of them may need a little practice.

If you have always wanted to create crafts out of tissue paper, here is a brilliant project meant just for your likes. Its a gorgeous floral wreath made entirely from tissue paper. It may look complicated, but its rather easy to put together. You can place this wreath on the front door of your house and offer a grand welcome to your guests. Create flowers, each having eight layers and then fluff up the layers to create that flowery look. These have to be pasted on the foam wreath before you fluff them. Hang the wreath with a ribbon.

 Valentines Decor Ideas
Tissue paper heart wreath

Image Credit: heyletsmakestuff

Topiaries are another feature that I always like to use on occasions that are dear to me. One of those things is the topiary. Seen below are gorgeous topiaries made entirely out of paper with complementary accessories like foam cones, pins, ribbons, stickers, hearts, buttons, glue sticks and terracotta pots. These topiaries are quick to create and are a perfect feature to be displayed on your Valentine table.

 Valentines Decor Ideas
Gorgeous paper topiaries

Image Credit: craftsncoffee

Hanging Valentines Day decorations for home

Hanging decorations always steal the show as far as stylizing for special occasions is concerned. If you have any vacant nooks or corners, then, you can deck them up with a plethora of decorative hangers such as those showcased below.

Seen below is a cute looking pink hearts garland made of paper. If you notice carefully, the garland with pink hearts is no ordinary garland. In fact, its a 3D heart garland. It looks stunning and can be done easily without much sweat.

 Valentines Decor Ideas
3D paper heart garland

Image Credit: cloudfront

The chandelier in this picture looks dreamy, don’t you think? The decorator has made use of an embroidery hoop for hanging the hearts. Apart from the paper hearts in pink and red, you can find the use of yarn to create the strings. This decorative feature can highlight any corner in an instant and therefore, has to be tried. By the way, for your knowledge, I use personal pictures of my lover and paste them on both sides of each heart. It looks simply outstanding, believe me!

 Valentines Decor Ideas
DIY heart chandelier

Image Credit: pinterest

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Valentines decor ideas with mason jars

You cannot do full justice to a Valentines Day interior unless you have used mason jars as decorations. Mason jars can be used in different creative ways to usher in romance and love inside your interiors. Let’s look at some of these cool ideas before you make your selection.

Coming up below is a an elegant example that has made use of distressed mason jars in pastels. Distressed look offers your decor a vintage feel, and that’s what is seen here. The three distressed mason jars in light pink and white shades are turning heads with their vintage appearance. Creating them is like eating a slice of cake! You can use latex paint for these jars and use some sort of tool or sandpaper to add a distressed texture. Fill anything inside these jars as you like. Since, doing it is easy, therefore, you must try to use this idea on this Valentine’s Day.

 Valentines Decor Ideas
Latex printed mason jars

Image Credit: kastyles

Who on earth doesn’t like his front door decorated with cute little things? I, for sure don’t fall in that category, and so do you! So, what are you waiting for ? Take inspiration from this pretty idea that makes use of a heart shaped wooden frame or broad, mason jar, wire hangers and fresh flowers. If you are thinking how to hang the jar from the board, then let me tell you that there’s an easy way to do it – use pipe clamps to fix the jar. Voila… simple, isn’t it?

 Valentines Decor Ideas
Mason jar door hanger

Image Credit: hometalk

Decorations with romantic pillows

Soft pillows featuring words like LOVE, HUGS AND KISSES and XOXO are pretty neat ways of decorating for Valentines Day, and hence, I thought about presenting a few awesome ideas to inspire you. Take a look at these gorgeous ‘His and hers’ pillows in pink. How cute do they look! These are easy to put together using fabric and pillows. Believe me, once these are done, you will thank me for showing you the way!

Valentines Day Decorations for Home
His and hers couple pillows

Image Credit: popsugar

Its not that you always have to spend a lot of money on buying accessories for decorating your interiors. You can craft pretty amazing things from ordinary things, say for example, buttons. Here, the pillow looks ravishing and catches your attention with its adorable heart motif made entirely out of buttons. For this project, you can choose any kind and size of button. It looks vintage and can be done in 30 minutes time. So easy!

Valentines Day Decorations for Home
Cute button heart pillow

Image Credit: hometalk

The pink and red Valentine pillows showcased below help in spreading the cheer associated with this love day. One of the pillows, you won’t believe me is made of felt. It has been crafted out of two old sweaters, while, the others have used rhinestones and scrap ribbons as decorations. The LOVE pillow is crafted out of applique letters and the fabric chosen is red.

Valentines Day Decorations for Home
Pink and red Valentine pillows

Image Credit: thescrapshoppeblog

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Adorable Valentine Day table decorations

Planning to host a surprise Inventiveness dinner for her? If so, then you must use glamorous table centerpieces that will make the ambiance romantic.

Take the decor of the dinner table a notch higher with this stunning table centerpiece that has made use of pink in the grandest way possible. Its an easy project wherein you have to fill your jar with pink ruffles or shimmery tissues. Then, layer it up with pink hearts and ribbons. You can team the centerpiece with paper crafts as well. This idea looks quite exciting! Therefore, its a must to try!

Valentine Day Table Decorations
Pink flowers and hearts centerpiece

Image Credit: blogspot

I am sure you all have heard about terrariums, but, have you seen any of these babies teaming up with candies? Well, I am here to show you the first of its kind candy terrarium! How exciting will it be to put together these adorable candy terrariums this Valentine’s Day! All you need are bags full of candies and smileys. Fill these up in glass terrariums and place them on any table to create that dazzling touch of cuteness.

Candy terrarium centerpieces
Candy terrarium centerpieces

Image Credit: neoleague

For a passionate night of love, there can’t be anything as mesmerizing as this table centerpiece that makes use of candles and flowers. The theme of this table decor is pink and mauve. The decorator has arranged sleek pink and mauve shaded candles and mauve flowers on a petri-dish.

The soft glow of the candles and the aroma of these flowers will fill up the atmosphere with love and lots of sensuality, I am sure, and hence, you shouldn’t miss it.

Valentine Day Table Decorations
Candles and flowers centerpiece

Image Credit: homelk

Roses in red are an all time popular accessory for Valentine’s Day party table, and the reason for this is that both of them are typically associated with this day of love. While, red symbolizes love and passion, rose was considered the favorite flower of Venus, the Goddess of love. Hence, if you need to pull up an exhaustively romantic flair on the party table, try this idea by arranging white love mugs and fill these up with fresh red roses. Then, team the look with red balloons. Loved it? Well, then do try it.

Valentine Day Table Decorations
Red roses and balloons

Image Credit: bubblz

Roses…ticked….paper crafts…ticked…hearts…ticked…XOXO cutouts …ticked….candles and flowers…ticked…pillows, mason jars and pom poms…ticked….woowhoo….I guess there isn’t anything else that I haven’t covered today! So, if you desire for the best Valentines Day this year, its my suggestion you try a few of these Valentines Day decorations without even a blink. Go, surprise your lover..ciao!!

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