35 New Years Eve Party Decorations For Family Gatherings

New Years Eve Party Decorations

After the big Christmas party, its time now to ring in the New Year with a bang! New Year Eve is the grandest of all the parties which is attended by friends and family members from far and beyond. Its an evening gathering where people welcome the new year by bidding farewell to the current year, and is characterized by glitzy tablescapes, sparkling living rooms and gorgeously dressed lawns and terraces. The article today will cover the 35 most amazing New Years Eve party decorations. All these ideas are extraordinary and will make your New Year’s Eve party rock with style and panache!

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1. Gorgeous DIY confetti shakers for New Year Eve

New Years Eve Party Decorations

Image Credit: homedecormagz

No New Year party is complete without your guests popping confetti from the shakers once the new year rings in with a blast. How about decorating the party venue with these gorgeous confetti shakers and surprise everyone? These shakers can add a lot of dazzle to your living room or to your drink trolleys. Just spread these poppers around your party dining tables or desserts table to add fun.

2. New Years Eve party decorations with sparkling ice cream

 New Years Eve Decorating Ideas

Image Credit: pinterest

Sparklers bring fun and merriment to any celebration, and when its New year, you must use these sweethearts wherever you can! Sparkler decorations have become very popular with numerous party planners using them as toppers for desserts. You can decorate your desserts with different shaped sparklers like hearts or stars to give a glittering farewell to the present year. These toppers can be lit up just when you are starting the countdown to usher in the new year.

3. Confetti filled balloon decoration

New Year Decorations

Image Credit: topteny

New Years Eve decorating ideas of modern times will always feature balloons and confetti. These two accessories play well together to lend a glitzy touch to a party, specially a New Year’s party. You can buy a pack of balloons including helium ones from any shop, and then fill these up with colorful and sparkling confetti before filling them with air.

Then, you can place these at any spot like the entrance, patio, living room or the dining room. Here, the confetti filled balloon decor is used before the entrance door. The balloons are attached on small pyramid like structures fixed to the floor. These look very celebratory and fun.

4. Dazzling New Year party decor with black and gold accents

New Year Decorations

Image Credit: comptoirdenfance

Who said that only golden and silver must be chosen when decking up New Year Eve party homes? Now, you can play with gold and black to usher in the new year with style and pomp. Seen here is a living room that has been decorated with black and golden accented accessories like balloons and paper cuttings. ‘NEW YEAR’ letter balloon in golden color is placed right above the sofa, while balloons in black and white flank the sides.

5. Glitzy New Year party drinks trolley decor

New Year Decorations

Image Credit: pinterest

What’s a New Year Eve party without champagne and bubbly? If you have a drinks trolley at home, you can decorate it using a lot of balloons and glittery accessories.

Seen here is a drink trolley that looks very celebratory and is dressed up with chic New Years Eve party decorations like party poppers, bottles, golden ruffles,’Pop, Fizz, Clink’ balloons and bow. The trolley’s lower deck is also decorated with an ice bucket with a champagne bottle and some candy jars in glass. Next to the trolley is an old and antique looking clock for the countdown.

6. Pinwheel and glittery ornament decorations

New Years Eve Party Decorations

Image Credit: fotonakal

If you have Christmas ornaments, you can re-use them for New Year party. Try this idea that is pastel themed and utilizes paper craft to make the pinwheels. The porch door from inside is dressed up with a HAPPY NEW YEAR garland and pinwheels that are made of paper. You can use your chandelier to hang these pinwheels if you want. On the table, the decorator has placed transparent glass jars that are filled with silver and blue toned ornaments. The whole party decoration in this room looks dazzling.

7. Happy New Year garland on fireplace mantel

New Year Decoration Ideas

Image Credit: homihomi

Fireplace mantels are perfect spots to show off your New Year decorations. You can play with myriad ideas using loads of accessories like the picture shown above. The fireplace mantel here looks stunningly festive with a black ‘Happy New Year’ garland hung at the front. The clock and date frames in black and white tones lend a charming touch to the mantel’s look. The decorator has also used fresh roses for enhancing the cheerfulness of the mantel.

8. Front yard New year Eve decor with string lights and lanterns

Classy New Years Eve Decorations

Image Credit: lushome

You can use Old Christmas ornaments for decking up your New Year Eve party just like the picture above. The front yard of this house has been given a festive look by using Xmas string lights and lanterns. The snowy exterior looks magical with a rustic wooden bench draped with a throw. Just next to it are arranged a few rustic styled lanterns with flickering candles to illuminate the icy surroundings. The tree branches are dressed up with string lights that glimmer and spread warmth all around.

9. Stylish New Year Party table decor with ruffles and hat cake

Classy New Years Eve Decorations

Image Credit: dorisleslieblau

How about trying this adorable decoration idea that makes use of garland, some glittery ruffles and candles for dressing up the dessert table? The dessert table looks very classy with a black ‘Hat’ cake surrounded by white pillar candles, votives, tall champagne glasses and dessert jars. While the candles wrapped with golden stripes lend classiness, the backdrop with the black and silver glittery paper bunting makes the whole table decor look very celebratory.

10. DIY clock balloons for New Year party

Classy New Years Eve Decorations

Image Credit: tumblr

Balloons are ever popular as party decorations, and, when its New Year, then, these got to be everywhere! You can either hang them near your fireplace mantel or place them in your living room. Choose any shade and shape that you like. The living room in the picture above has been decorated with clock balloons among a host of pink, white, black and golden balloons. These have been used to dress up the backdrop. The pink couch features a golden alphabet ‘PARTY’ balloon.

11. New Year countdown decor with blue round paper clocks

Classy New Years Eve Decorations

Image Credit: woohome

Clocks are an essential part of celebrating New Year, and there are umpteen creative ways to utilize these when decking up your homes for the grandest night of the year. Seen above are adorable blue colored paper clocks and countdown numbers on corks that are used as decorations. The paper clocks and cork numbers are all homemade and can be tried by one and all. These are not merely cute to look, but also save you money. You can try this decor idea in dining rooms, tables or living rooms.

12. Silver and gold candle decor on the New Year party table

Classy New Years Eve Decorations

Image Credit: iranazin

New Year dinner party tables must look spectacular, and for making them appear divine like, you have to use lots of gold and silver accented accessories. In the picture above, the tablescape features a stylish arrangement of fine cutlery, candles, a centerpiece and masks.

The layered plates have golden decorations on them and match well with the golden wine glasses. The candle sticks in silver and gold look stunning together with the branch centerpiece in silver. To break the monotony set in by silver and gold, the decorator has placed black new year masks as well.

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13. New Year Eve wall decor with confetti

New Years Eve Decorating Ideas

Image Credit: sadtohappyproject

If you have a vacant wall in your house and wish to dress it up for this New Year Eves party, then, do look at this awesome and insanely beautiful wall decoration using confetti. The wall in white looks striking with giant confetti in vivid colors. If you have extra confetti with you, just sprinkle them randomly over the floor and place a stylish wooden chair and a planter. This idea is very simple and can be done even by kids at home.

14. Sparkly heart shaped cake topper decorations

New Years Eve Decorating Ideas

Image Credit: britcdn

A New Year’s party cannot be called complete unless it has a beautiful masterpiece of a cake waiting to be chomped up by everyone! Cakes form an essential feature of a party tablescape. There are designer cakes that you can use as centerpieces on your dessert table. In the picture above, the New Year party table features a white cake that is dressed up with golden heart shaped sparklers. These sparklers are toppers and add a festive touch to the tablescape.

15. New Year party door with a wreath decor

New Years Eve Party Decorations

Image Credit: homihomi

New Year decoration ideas like the one showcased above will surely take your breath away! Wreaths are essential decor elements in any Christmas or New Year party. The beauty of a wreath is that it can be used to dress up any spot as required. Be it your walls, or the front door or the mantel, you can use wreaths to beautify these spaces.

Seen here is a front door that looks charming with a wreath in silver and black. It is a gorgeous piece with party hats, balls and ribbons protruding out of it. Complementing the wreath are the two side decorations made using greens, party caps and silver ribbons.

16. Unique New Year clock wreath decor

New Year Decorations

Image Credit: pinterest

No New Year Eve’s party decor will look complete without a wreath. You can use any type of wreath depending on your home’s decor and tastes. The front door in the picture above is made of wood and looks rustic. The wood integrates nicely with the floral and vintage clock wreath fixed on the door. Its made of an old vintage clock, an old record and is dressed up with flowers in black and white. The black body of the wreath is crafted using an ornamental black fabric with beads.

17. Fireplace decor with New year garland and candles

New Year Decorations

Image Credit: robertoboat

New Years Eve party decorations need to look at their premium best so that you can usher in the new year with a bang. Ideas that involve the use of wreaths and garlands are always appreciated and loved by party planners because these elements lend an elegant touch to the festive decor. The fireplace in the image here is dressed up with a garland made of dry pine-cones, a ‘Happy New Year’ garland and a wreath arrangement with candles. Two reindeer busts placed on side of the wreath look very festive and spread a cheerful vibe all around.

18. Bohemian themed New Year party decor

New Year Decoration Ideas

Image Credit: amazonaws

This living room is decorated on Bohemian theme, and hence features a stunning color scheme of gold and teal in its decorative elements. One cannot help but notice the gorgeous display of darker tones that integrate perfectly with the gold and teal palette.

There are many focal points worth noticing in this room. For example: the backdrop of the fireplace is dressed up with feathers while the golden balls made of paper make for a stunning hanging accessory. The rustic wooden table too captures your attention with its lovely tablescape featuring thick and sleek flickering candles. The use of faux fur in the decor enhances the Boho look and charm of this room.

19. New Year living room decor with bold metallics

New Year Decoration Ideas

Image Credit: blogspot

The beauty of the color white is that it blends easily with all other color schemes. Metallic tones like golden and silver work magically with white to create stunning decors. Also, black goes wonderfully with white. In this living room, the owner has played cleverly with a mix of white and black elements that look striking with the bold metallic tones splashed all around.

The plates dressing up the party table feature gold accented patterns. The main table centerpiece that breaks the monotonous flow of white is the silver toned floral vase. Matching with it is the green garland hung above the window. For a glitzy New Year affair, the decorator has placed votives that glimmer and spread warmth.

20. Outdoor New Year Eve party decor with lampions

New Year Decoration Ideas

Image Credit: anyward

If you wish to make the most of your exteriors this New Year, then try for such New Years Eve decorating ideas that involve the use of colorful lampions. The picture above shows a house whose front lawn flaunts a party decor with lampions. You can attach lampions from the roof and create a string of lights in-between. The outdoors will shimmer in no time.

21. Gorgeous terrace New Year party decorations

New Years Eve Decorating Ideas

Image Credit: homegoods

The use of gold can be taken to newer heights with this terrace tablescape idea. In the image here, the New Year party scene has been shifted to the terrace which looks just perfect for ushering in the new year with pomp and fun. The table is decorated with blue and golden themed accessories that integrate well with each other and spread a lot of cheer. The big ‘NYE’ letter cutouts in shimmering blue act as the main centerpiece. Matching with it are party poppers wrapped in gold and blue. The tall glasses are filled with these poppers as well as golden papers.

22. Golden rimmed glass decor for New Year party

 New Year Decorations

Image Credit: theballroomatmckay

The rims of the glasses on this party table look stunning with glitter. These glasses act as decorative pieces and add a lot of glamour to the tablescape. The glittery golden rims match with the glittery champagne bottle kept inside the gold toned bucket. The glitter is edible too and can be eaten along.

23. New Year party cupcake decor on table

 New Year Decorations

Image Credit: wannabemagazine

What can be more glamorous than embellishing the dessert tables with stylishly decorated cupcakes? This is what is seen in the picture above where the decorator has topped the yummy cupcakes with pom poms made out of yarn. The pom poms are crafted at home with readily available yarn. The color palette chosen for making the pom poms is metallic that lends a glitzy touch to the whole tablescape.

24. Colorful hanging lampion decorations

 New Year Decorations

Image Credit: souslelampionblog

Lampions are adorable and suit any kind of party or event. The white dining area seems to transform into a party hub with the colorful lampions hanging from the roof. You too can use these to dress up your dining rooms. If you have some spares then place them randomly at the base of your table.

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25. Pink and gold New year party table decor

New Years Eve Party Decorations

Image Credit: desideespourunjolimariage

The color pink goes well with most other tones. It can be used as the primary color for dressing up a party table as well as its backdrop. In the image, the tablescape and the backdrop feature a pink palette along with hints of gold. As far as the table setting is concerned, it looks stunning with pink display of desserts including the two tiered cake, the cupcakes and the pink transparent glasses. The cake stand and the cupcake stands feature white. The backdrop, however, manages to steal the show with its gorgeous display of pink and golden lampion garland.

26. Star themed New Year party decor

New Year Decoration Ideas

Image Credit: fiskars

New Year decorations in black always look fabulous. You can team the color black with many cool accessories like stars that often find place on New Year tables. Seen above is a cake trolley where the decorator has used black as the primary color. Black can also be seen in accessories like the big gift boxes. The backdrop is also kept dark and black so as to highlight the white cake on the trolley. The cake is dressed or topped with golden toned star toppers. The star garlands and the golden rimmed glasses also add dazzle to the decor.

27. Easy moon pinata decor on New Year Eve

New Year Decoration Ideas

Image Credit: homesandhues

Though, this decor idea may look a little unusual, believe us, it will definitely take your after-party talk to faraway lands! The moon pinata decoration is seen hanging near a stylish chair. You can use cardboard and paper to craft this moon pinata. Once you get the pinata made, you can hang it from the ceiling using a string. The string can be dressed up with stars and small beads.

28. Metallic hanging pom pom decor

Classy New Years Eve Decorations

Image Credit: alicdn

Metallic tones work wonders for party scenes. Be it tables or living areas, you can play with various tones of metallics and match them together. Metallic tones like golden work well with copper and silver. On this tablescape, the decorator has used metallic accented accessories like ‘2014’ cutout, a golden paper bunting and a white cake with a golden wrapping. Matching with the metallic tones at the table is the backdrop that features pom poms in silver and copper-golden tones. One can also see strings with metallic accented beads complementing the pom poms.

29. Black and white New Year party table decor

 Classy New Years Eve Decorations

Image Credit: robertoboat

A visually interesting tablescape is displayed in the image above where the party table has been decked up with a black and white color scheme. The black and white chairs are dressed up with white paper doves that match with the white fluffy strings hung from the roof.

Matching with these accessories are the white candles and the candelabras. The flickering light of these candles offer ambient lighting for the whole table, making it look divine and very chic. The white lacy table cover looks striking against the black runner. The use of origami to deck up the tablescape looks delightful, and so does the star LED candle that glows gently to create a romantic ambiance.

30. Garland and frames decor on New Year Eve

 New Year Decorations

Image Credit: getfashionsummary

In the above picture, you can spot gorgeous accessories decking its facade like the white tablecloth that looks interesting with black and white patterned table runner; silver accented New year ornaments spread all over; and a black and white garland decking up the front of the table. The backdrop of the table features black and golden frames to welcome the new year.

31. Black and golden New Year party table

 New Year Decorations

Image Credit: apurdylittlehouse

When its New Year, its all about celebrating the night with glitz and glamour. The party table here features classy New Years Eve decorations in black and white accents that speak only two words – glamour and oomph. The silver party hats with golden tinted black feathers are DIY and are placed to match with the golden ornaments and the fine tableware. The black countdown numbers standing stylishly steal the limelight along with the clock plates. The white flickering candles arranged over the golden dishes lend a warm glow to the whole tablescape.

32. New Year glittery candles decoration

 New Year Decorations

Image Credit: homedit

Everyone loves candles in all shapes and forms to be used to dress up party tables. Seen here is a lovely and glitzy candle decor that is DIY and is pretty easy to do from the comfort of your home. You can use any shade of glitter for making these beauties. These glittery candles are perfect accessories to add a party flair to any spot. Just place them as a table centerpiece, or else, combine them with other elements to create a dazzling show of glitter and light.

33. Balloon and gift boxes decor on New Year Eve

 New Year Decoration Ideas

Image Credit: mamaland

Do you plan to try New Year decoration ideas with stars and balloons this New Year party? If yes, you must try this awesome idea that makes a balloon the main centerpiece. The white themed living room in the picture gets a total makeover with a large sized black gas balloon. The balloon is dressed up with golden and black tussles and kept right in front of the window seat. It floats subtly in its place and refreshes the whole room.

To complement the blackness of the balloon, the decorator has used small black stars on the glass windows, and has placed gift boxes wrapped in black and white paper.

34. Rustic dining room New Year party decor

New Years Eve Party Decorations

Image Credit: goodhomesmagazine

The dining room hogs the limelight in any festive season, specially when its Xmas or New Year. If you are planning to host a New Year soiree and have some old and re-purposed things at your disposal, then, you must try this idea. The rustic decor of the dining area looks attractive. Any old table or drawer can be placed at one end of the room and dressed up with rustic accessories. In this case, the decorator has used pots and an Xmas tree to deck up the old wooden desk. For the main dining table, simply arrange some pine cones and moss to offer a border for your succulent pots.

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35. Gigantic golden tree New Year Eve decoration

New Years Eve Party Decorations

Image Credit: cloudfront

Xmas trees are used not only on Christmas, but are also used for celebrating New Year’s Eve party. If you wish to do something different this year, then make use of your Xmas tree and deck it up in any way that you like. In the image here, the white living room gets a transformation with a gigantic golden tree becoming the main centerpiece of its decor. Its decked up with plenty of ornaments that integrate nicely with the rest of the accessories.

From using candles, to balloons, to garlands, to tress, to natural elements like wood and moss, you have a world of decorations right at your feet. A New Year’s Eve party is the most awaited event of the year and hence, must be celebrated with glamour and show. Try these stunning New Years Eve party decorations and make heads turn! Happy New Year!

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