21 Stylish Headboard Ideas for Master Bedroom

If you are looking for an easy way to enhance the look of your bedroom, look no further than these stylish headboard ideas for master bedroom.

Whether you prefer upholstered designs or bold colors with a style crafted from wood, you are sure to find the perfect headboard from this list.

If you are creative enough, take inspiration from the DIY headboard ideas. But if you’re willing to splurge, the upholstered headboards with grand designs would be perfect.

So, get your pick from this list.

Headboard Ideas for Master Bedroom

1. Curved Headboard

Master Bedroom Headboard

Image Credit: Pinterest

Make your bed stand out by choosing a headboard with a unique shape and style, such as this curved headboard made from wood.

Wood would never go out of fashion. It will complement any decorating style and can be easily given a makeover should you wish to change the look of your bedroom.

This lovely curved headboard would work best for bedrooms with rustic and country style.

2. Rug Headboard

Master Bedroom Headboard

Image Credit: The Rug Seller

Instead of sticking to the standard headboard design, add more interest to your bed by hanging a bold textile on it, such as this colorful rug.

This DIY headboard is so easy to follow. Simply hang the rug to the wood that’s attached to your wall.

Just make sure you choose the rug that matches the color of your pillow covers and blanket to make your bed look stylish.

3. Chalk Headboard

Headboard Ideas for Master Bedroom

Image Credit: Decoist

One of the unique headboard ideas that you can follow is this chalk headboard. This DIY headboard is ideal for those who are looking for a budget-friendly headboard to grace their beds.

To come up with this headboard design, you only need a wood panel, leftover chalkboard paint, and dustless chalk.

Measure the wood and cut it accordingly. Apply the chalkboard paint and leave it to dry. Then attach the headboard to the wall behind your bed and write down some interesting quotes using the dustless chalk.

Here are a few more chalk headboard designs for the DIYer in you.

4. Plain White Headboard

Headboard Ideas for Master Bedroom

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you want to keep it plain and simple, you better stick with a plain white headboard, such as this upholstered white headboard.

But when it comes to choosing a plain white headboard, it is best to limit the accessories and colors in the rest of your bedroom space.

You can add some color, but stick with neutral hues, such as grey.

5. DIY Headboard

DIY Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: DIY Network

This would be a great inspiration for those who are looking for budget-friendly wooden headboard ideas.

Made from wooden pallets, this DIY headboard is inexpensive and easy to install.

Best of all, you can customize it according to your taste. You can leave the wood bare or paint it with any color that matches your bed.

6. Vintage Headboard

Upholstered Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: Trendir

This vintage-style headboard decorates your bed with a hint of mid-century design.

It is made from a solid and engineered wood frame and upholstered with high-quality fabric. Thanks to its solid wood frame, this is one of the most durable upholstered headboard ideas you can find.

It looks very elegant and stylish and can make for a great focal point in your master bedroom.

7. Tufted Headboard

Master Bedroom Headboard Wall Ideas

Image Credit: Master Bedroom Ideas

If you are looking for a headboard that will bring comfort and class into your master bedroom, then you should get a tufted headboard.

This soft headboard is not only padded but also tufted. A tufted headboard means that the fabric is threaded together then secured with either a knot or button, resulting in an elegant look, perfect for any bedroom.

8. Floral Headboard

Unique Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: Decorarunacasa.es

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to upholstered headboard ideas is the pattern of the fabric. If you want something that’s eye-catching, choose a floral print.

A cheerful floral fabric can brighten up your bedroom space, making it look more stylish.

When it comes to the bedding, it is better to stick with plain colors, such as a plain white sheet and pillow covers.

9. Cut-Out Panel Headboard

DIY Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: Country Living

If you want an easy way to update the look of your bedroom, install a cut-out panel headboard.

In fact, this stylish headboard is a statement piece all on its own and can also work as wall decor.

What’s great about these wall-mounted headboard ideas is that they are not too expensive to follow. You can make your own using a room divider.

To make it look even more stylish, paint it with a color that contrasts the color of your bedroom wall.

10. Rustic Headboard

Wooden Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest

When used in creative ways, wooden panels can be transformed into a stylish headboard that looks way pricier than it is.

This rustic headboard, for instance, was made using wooden panels that cost less than $100. Best of all, it’s so easy to make!

Using a miter saw, cut the panels to the width of your bed. Apply a clear protective finish to each panel then secure them into the wall using wood glue.

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11. Moroccan-Inspired Headboard

Unique Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest

This wooden headboard is inspired by Moroccan doors and is ideal for couples who are looking for an attention-grabbing headboard for their master bedroom.

What makes this headboard even more unique is that it comes with lamps to illuminate your bed. Plus, it is made from dark wood, which gives off a moody look and can make your bedroom feel cozier and more romantic.

12. Colorful Headboard

Upholstered Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: 954bartend

This colorful headboard is ideal for those who want to add a bit of color to their master bedroom.

All eyes will surely be drawn directly to this colorful centerpiece especially if you stick with plain white color for the bedding.

You can choose to change the fabric of this upholstered headboard in every season if you feel like you need a change.

13. Bookshelf Headboard

Wooden Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: Amazon

If you have limited space in your bedroom and you needed more space for storage, this bookshelf headboard would be a great idea to follow.

Having a bookshelf as your headboard will give you some space to stack books, magazines, photos, and other small items that need storage.

Made from durable hardwood, this is certainly one of the best headboard designs for king-size beds.

You can order this headboard from Amazon here.

14. Decal Sticker Headboard

Wall-Mounted Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: Ali Express

For those who are renting and do not have the freedom to do modifications on their bedroom walls, this decal sticker headboard would be a safe choice.

Attaching a decal sticker such as this beautiful mandala design is an affordable way of updating the look of your bed without doing any major changes.

These days, you will find plenty of designs for decal headboards online, so it’s easy to find something that matches your design personality.

15. Paneled Headboard

Upholstered Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: Rowen Homes

These upholstered panels may look so simple, but they can certainly add glamour to any bedroom.

If you do not like the tall vertical look, you can choose to install these panels horizontally, which makes your bed look wider than it is.

Of course, you can choose any fabric that you want for the upholstery. But the safest choice would be to stick with neutral colors.

16. Bamboo Headboard

Wooden Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: Cangguco

A beautiful bamboo headboard is a great way to bring a beachy vibe into your bedroom space.

Since this headboard design is neutral, it can fit with any bedroom design style although it’s more suitable for bedrooms with beachy or coastal themes.

Make sure you follow the same theme when accessorizing your bed.

17. Mirror Headboard

Unique Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: Tuft and Trim

To make your cozy bedroom appear bigger than it actually is, choose a mirror as your headboard.

This DIY headboard design is perfect for those who live in tiny spaces. You do not need to buy expensive mirrors to achieve this look. In fact, you can convert any type of mirror into a stylish headboard.

This design can work with any type of bedroom, making it one of the most versatile headboard ideas for the master bedroom.

18. Wood Carved Headboard

Wooden Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: Siamsawadee

This chic and unique headboard is made from wood that has been carved into a beautiful intricate design.

It’s perfect for bedrooms with a modern minimalist feel. This headboard is not only stylish, but it’s durable as well.

For a more affordable way of copying this style, hit vintage stores and thrift shops.

This headboard design is sure to make your bed the center of attention.

19. Floating Headboard

Wooden Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: Housely

This extra long headboard is both a decorative and functioning piece of furniture.

It gives an illusion of a floating headboard, while also giving you a space to stash away your magazines, books, and other pre-bedtime essentials.

This modern yet rustic headboard is very durable and a perfect addition to any type of bedroom.

20. Vintage Screen Headboard

DIY Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: HGTV.com

Give your bedroom a vintage feel by adding a vintage screen right behind your bed.

This painted screen can make your bedroom look whimsical and will give your bed plenty of character.

Although this headboard design can work well in master bedrooms, it’s also suitable for kid’s rooms.

So, if you’re looking for a double bed headboard design for your little ones, this would be an ideal design to follow.

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21. Fabric-Covered Headboard

Upholstered Headboard Ideas

Image Credit: BHG.com

Featuring a medley of soft pastel colors, this fabric-covered headboard can give your master bedroom a fun and quirky vibe.

To make the headboard stand out, choose a plain color for your bedroom walls. Just make sure to choose a color that complements the fabric design.

What’s great about this type of headboard is that you can change the fabric depending on your mood.

Final Thoughts

Remember that one of the most important design decisions to make for your master bedroom is the headboard.

After all, the bed is the focal point of the room and the headboard design can easily change the vibe of the space.

Whether you want to elevate your bedroom space, make it cozier, or add some pops of color, these headboard ideas for the master bedroom should make your creative juices flowing.

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