21 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

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Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If your bathroom remodeling budget is limited, these cheap bathroom remodeling ideas will get you covered. You do not really need to spend thousands of dollars just to give your bathroom a whole new look. There are so many ways on how you can come up with a relaxing and cool bathroom space without ruining your budget.

The average bathroom remodel cost in the US is around $10,500 while upscale remodeling projects could reach $30,000 and more. So if you don’t have this much money to spare, you can follow these tips and experiment a bit or apply your own creative ideas.

21 Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

1. Refurbish the Tub

Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Image Credit: The Spruce

Instead of buying a new tub which may cost you a lot, consider refurbishing the existing tub. If your tub is looking old or is showing some stains, think about repainting it. Consider hiring professionals or look for companies that can refurbish old tubs. This is much cheaper than having to buy a new one.

2. Paint the Floor

Cheap Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Image Credit: Real Homes

If you happen to have a wooden bathroom floor, you can give it a fresh look by applying protective enamel and painting a new shade. The enamel will help preserve your wooden floor and keep its beauty over the years. You can paint it with any color or pattern that you want. Just make sure it goes well with the color schemes of your bathroom.

3. Place an Accent Rug

Bathroom Remodeling

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

Break the dullness of a typical bathroom floor by placing an accent rug. A well-picked rug can be attractive and convenient at the same time. Rugs in complementary colors can be placed at the door, by the sink, or directly below the tub. You’d be amazed at how a rug can change the overall look of the room.

4. Limit the Tiles

Bathroom Shower Remodel

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

One of the most effective bathroom shower remodel tips for those on a budget is to limit the use of tiles. Tiles can be utilized as highlights only. You can place a single horizontal stripe in the middle of the wall and paint the remaining area. If you want to use an appealing but expensive tile, have it to accentuate some areas and use cheaper tiles for the rest.

5. Use Recycled Materials

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Image Credit: Pinterest

Instead of buying new items, learn to use and recycle old materials such as converting vintage tables to vanity in order to spend less. Repairing damages in lights, towel racks, sink faucet, and drawer can make a lot of difference as to how your bathroom will look like.

6. Repaint the Walls

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Image Credit: Pinterest

Giving your bathroom walls a new coat of paint is another great tip to follow for a budget bathroom remodeling. It will help to enhance its look while staying on budget. Choose a color that will brighten up the space and will complement well with your remodeling plans. Mold-resistant paint is also a good idea.

7. Change Your Old Showerhead

Bathroom Shower Remodel

Image Credit: Flipkart

Consider shifting to a low-flow showerhead. You can have a square-style head that produces a rain-like shower or a hand-held type that can be hung. These will help you save money as it conserves water and is also environmental-friendly.

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8. Replace your Tissue Paper Holder and Towel Racks

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Image Credit: Homebnc.com

One of the bathroom remodeling tips to follow for those with a limited budget is to replace old accessories in the bathroom such as towel racks and tissue holders. Towel racks and tissue holders wear out in time. They eventually need to be replaced to maintain your bathroom’s functionality and appearance. Besides, changing these items is not that hard and expensive. You can even make one as a DIY project.

9. Use a Single-Knob Shower

Bathroom Shower Remodel

Image Credit: Wayfair

The risk with two-handled showers is that its water temperature can rapidly change when another person flushes the toilet, leaving the person taking a shower blistered. Single-knobs are safer and more ideal because of its pressure-balancing feature.

10. Upgrade the Lights

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Image Credit: Wayfair

Bathrooms can be both functional and pretty. Thus, one of the bathroom remodeling ideas is to install decorative lights. There are lots of lighting options to choose from. Showstopper chandeliers are helpful in giving the place a stylish and presentable ambiance. You can also go for a bronze-toned light highlighted with crystal teardrops.

11. Install a Bead-Board Wainscot

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest

A wainscot modernizes and sophisticates a bathroom’s look while protecting it from unwanted spills and dents. It also produces a lively vibe, thus changing the typical dull bathroom. You can have it painted with any color you like.

12. Use a Wallpaper

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Image Credit: Decoholic

Wallpapers have been useful in beautifying any room of the house. Thus, one of the bathroom remodel ideas on a budget is to install wallpaper. For the bathroom, wallpapers of varying designs are easier and faster to apply. The wallpapers are way cheaper than tiles and can be changed into a different pattern whenever you want to change the look of your bathroom after some time.

13. Brighten the Tiles

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Image Credit: Decoholic

Unclean tiles make the bathroom look dirtier and older than it actually is. Neglected floor and wall tiles can also cause serious health problems. So always make sure to clean your tiles up especially if you have all-white tiles. Make it shine again using cleaning agents before proceeding with more complex renovations.

14. Place a Mirror

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Image Credit: Decoraid

One of the small bathroom remodel ideas to incorporate especially if you’re in a budget is to hang a huge mirror. Bathrooms usually consume only a small portion of the house, making it look cramped and crowded. The best solution to this is to have a mirror. Mirrors placed on the bathroom wall help make the place appear bigger and wider.

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15. Tile a Frame for Your Mirror

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Image Credit: clubhousebarberini.com

Having your bathroom mirror framed can help to enhance the beauty not only of the mirror itself but the entire bathroom as well. When it comes to this, you can use ceramic, multi-colored, and other types of tiles. Install them in the wall in such a way that they will frame the mirror. You won’t be spending a lot of money on this since you will only need a few tiles for the framing.

16. Use Cheaper But Look-Alike Materials

Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Image Credit: Tapi

Using cheaper but lookalike materials is one of those inexpensive bathroom remodeling ideas that budget remodelers often do. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives you can look out for. Instead of having an authentic wood plank, you can opt for luxury vinyl for the flooring. Granite can also be substituted with high-definition quartz and laminate countertops that will still give you a natural stone look.

17. Sculpt Out a Bathroom Wall Niche

Small Bathroom Remodel

Image Credit: Contemporist

Another great idea for a small bathroom remodel is to sculpt out a bathroom wall niche, which you can use as storage. Wall niches help create more space in your bathroom. It will serve as an area where you can place your bathroom necessities or other decorative pieces, such as a scented candle or a flower vase.

18. Install a Wall Cabinet

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Image Credit: Top Ten The Best Reviews

Some homeowners don’t give much importance on wall cabinets but they are actually deemed useful in the bathroom. You can store anything inside such as toiletries, towels, hangers, clothes, etc. Given the limited space in the bathroom, the advantage of having a wall cabinet is that no floor space is consumed.

19. Choose a Checkerboard Floor

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Image Credit: Decoist

A checkerboard floor is a must-have when you want the bathroom to look both magnificent and luxurious. Whether you prefer it to be monochromatic or colored, this type of flooring will make the room look organized and precise. Depending on the flooring material that you will use, this remodeling project should not cost a lot of money.

20. Add Some Scented Candles

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest

Candle lights produce a soothing and relaxing feeling. Whether you’re about to take a morning shower or end the day with a bath, candles bring serenity to the bathroom. You can go for a bathtub caddy, sink and shelves candle, or battery-powered candles to prevent fires.

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21. Hang a Beautiful Artwork

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Image Credit: Flutter NYC

One way to make your bathroom stand out without having to spend a lot is to hang a beautiful piece of artwork on the wall. To avoid mold problems, consider hanging a moisture-proof artwork. Avoid paper-based materials or those made from wood. Opt for metal frames such as those made from aluminum since they won’t rust and can withstand the fluctuating temperature in the bathroom.

Wrapping Up

It might not seem possible, but these cheap bathroom remodeling ideas are proof that remodeling a bathroom on a budget is definitely attainable. Given the extremely high cost of getting a bathroom remodeling these days, it pays to be creative and practical when it comes to giving your bathroom a whole new look. Hopefully, the tips above will inspire you to remodel your bathroom while trying to save money in the process.


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