18 Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Decor Ideas to Give a Sassy Look to your Bedroom

If you’re a big fan of Marilyn Monroe, then you’re probably on the hunt for Marilyn Monroe bedroom decor ideas.

Marilyn Monroe is famous for her signature blonde hair and charming good looks. She may no longer be around, but she still has millions of fans around the world, both young and old. If you’re one of the diehard Marilyn Monroe fans and would like to decorate your bedroom in her honor, here are some of the Marilyn Monroe room decorating ideas that you can follow.

Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Decor Ideas

1. Pink Dresser

Marilyn Monroe Themed Bedroom

Image Credit: Etsy

The best way to get started with your Marilyn Monroe bedroom decor is to invest in a classy piece of furniture, such as this beautiful pink dresser.

As you probably know, Marilyn Monroe is known for her classy fashion sense. This pink dresser has a feminine flair and is a perfect representation of Marilyn’s love for stylish things.

Regardless of which area in your room you will place this dresser in, it’s guaranteed to stand out. In fact, it can make for a perfect focal point in any room.

You can get a similar pink dresser from Amazon here.

2. Oversized Wall Decal

Marilyn Monroe Wall Art

Image Credit: Fabrikamagaza.co

If you want to have something on your wall that will remind you of Marilyn, this oversized wall decal is perfect.

This is especially recommended to those who are only renting their place and cannot do any permanent modifications. What’s more, you can buy these removable decals at a very affordable price. Sticking these decals to your wall is so easy, and you don’t need to pay for anyone to do it.

If you are looking for budget-friendly Marilyn Monroe bedroom decor, these wall decals are highly recommended.

3. Wall Quotes

Marilyn Monroe Wall Art

Image Credit: Amazon

Marilyn Monroe is famous for her witty quotes. As a cultural icon in the fifties, she has said lots of things that remain popular today.

Decorate your wall with this popular Marilyn Monroe quote so you will always be reminded of your idol’s amazing sense of humor.

These removable wall decals can be easily attached and removed from your bedroom wall and you can choose from several different quotes. It is best to choose the quote that you can relate to.

You can get this wall decal from Amazon here.

4. Abstract Colorful Painting

Marilyn Monroe Room Decorating Ideas

Image Credit: Pricelessart

If you want to keep things simple, but would still want to have a Marilyn Monroe-themed accessory in your room, then consider hanging this abstract colorful painting.

There are tons of Marilyn Monroe paintings that you can find but opt for something with a sultry and feminine image to create a romantic and classy vibe to your face.

If you can’t find the painting that you want, you can hang an oversized photo of Marilyn with a cheerful, smiling face to energize your space.

You can buy a similar Marilyn Monroe painting from Amazon here.

5. Duvet Cover

Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Accessories

Image Credit: Pinterest

One of the Marilyn Monroe bedroom accessories that you can have in your room is a duvet cover that comes with matching pillowcases. This bedding set looks very classy and has a hint of pink color, which is what the famous actress is known for.

You will find Marilyn Monroe bedroom set being sold online. They are available in different designs and colors, so choose something that suits your style and matches the overall theme of your bed.

6. Bubble Gum Wall Art

Marilyn Monroe Wall Decor

Image Credit: Decorpad

One of the signature images of Marilyn Monroe is the one where she was blowing pink bubble gum.

The original image is painted by Michael Moebius, a contemporary German painter known for his illustrative portraits of famous personalities blowing up a piece of bubble gum. One of his most popular works is that of Marilyn Monroe.

Having this oversized painting hanging on your bedroom wall is truly classy. You can make it the center of attention by displaying it right above your bed.

You can buy a similar wall art from Amazon here.

7. All White Bedroom

Marilyn Monroe Themed Bedroom

Image Credit: Houzz

Marilyn Monroe is often associated with bright and cheery colors.

But this does not mean that you cannot apply this theme in an all-white bedroom. You can have this colorful painting hanging on your wall, which is a perfect contrast to the all-white theme. Face shots or full-body images of Marilyn Monroe can work well in your bedroom.

If you do not have the budget to spend for an actual painting, you can settle with framed posters.

8. Bedroom Rug

Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Accessories

Image Credit: Houzz

When coming up with a Marilyn Monroe themed bedroom, accessorizing is the key. Thankfully, Marilyn Monroe is so popular that you will not have a hard time looking for an accessory to decorate your bedroom.

This oversized rug is one of the accessories that you can decorate in your bedroom to make the space look stylish.

Consider decorating with other soft textures to match the rug, such as a classy floor-length curtain, or perhaps a chair made of plush leather or elegant fabric. Tufted ottoman and fur throw pillows can also be added to add warmth and comfort to your bedroom space.

You can buy a Marilyn Monroe area rug from Amazon here.

9. Red Wall

Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Ideas

Image Credit: Etsy

Red is one of those colors that are associated with Marilyn Monroe. Therefore, one of the Marilyn Monroe bedroom decor ideas that you can follow is to paint your bedroom walls in bright red color.

Painting your walls in the deep red shade is also a great way to emphasize the decor elements of the space. If you’ve noticed, most of the Marilyn Monroe decorative accessories are in black-and-white.

You can make these accessories stand out and become a focal point in your room by painting the walls bright red.

10. Retro Pillow Covers

Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Set

Image Credit: Decorzee

Decorating a bedroom with a Marilyn Monroe theme could mean sticking to an Old Hollywood retro theme. These colorful retro pillow covers are some of the most stylish accessories you can have in your bedroom.

Adding throw pillows with Marilyn Monroe’s image is a budget-friendly way of keeping up with the theme while still maintaining the classy look of your space.

These throw pillow covers can be bought online and should cost less than $10 each.

11. Vintage Bedroom

Marilyn Monroe Room Decorating Ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest

Another way to come up with a Marilyn Monroe inspired bedroom is to incorporate a vintage theme.

The beloved actress soar in popularity during the 1950s and became one of the biggest fashion icons at that time. Following a vintage style in your room to celebrate the life of your favorite actress should be easy.

You can keep everything in black with a hint of red shades. But don’t forget to hang a poster or painting of Marilyn Monroe on your wall.

12. Black and White Theme

Marilyn Monroe Decor for Bedroom

Image Credit: Baskingridge

Black and white is a popular theme for those who want to follow the Marilyn Monroe theme for their bedroom decor.

When decorating in black and white, choose a vibrant accent color for the focal point. Instead of the black and white poster of Marilyn Monroe, you can have a colorful artwork or painting featuring the famous actress.

Since Marilyn Monroe gives off a classy vibe, choose a classy fabric for your bedding and curtain to stick to the classy theme.

13. Kids Bedroom

Marilyn Monroe Themed Bedroom

Image Credit: Houzz

The Marilyn Monroe decor for the bedroom is not only applicable to adults. You can also have this theme for the kids’ bedrooms, too!

But when it comes to decorating your kid’s room with Marilyn Monroe decor, make sure to keep it colorful.

Choose bright colors for the soft textures, such as the curtain, pillow covers, and upholstery. Then hang posters of Marilyn Monroe with colors that match with the overall bedroom theme.

14. Marilyn Monroe Headboard

Marilyn Monroe Themed Bedroom

Image Credit: Noyohome

Marilyn Monroe is famous for her amazing sense of humor. You can portray this personality in your bedroom by having a naughty poster of her on your headboard.

This fun headboard will certainly become the center of attention in your bedroom. Just make sure you keep everything in neutral color in order for the poster to stand out.

15. Bedroom Chair

Marilyn Monroe Room Decorating Ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest

This classy Marilyn Monroe chair will surely stand out in your bedroom. To make it look more classy and sophisticated, place a throw pillow with fur covers.

This chair will not only look great in the bedroom, but also in the living room, office, and even on your patio.

Just make sure you keep it protected from your pet or the upholstery will be ruined.

16. Floral Bedroom

Marilyn Monroe Themed Bedroom

Image Credit: Architectural Digest

Marilyn Monroe bedroom ideas are usually about feminism. After all, this blonde bombshell is a symbol of sensuality, and there is not any feminine charm that she did not possess. Therefore, one of the best ways to create a Marilyn Monroe theme in your bedroom is through floral prints.

Take a look at this bedroom. The soft textures feature floral patterns in pastel colors. But what really stood out is the black and white oversized painting hanging on the wall.

You can buy this Marilyn Monroe black and white painting from Amazon here.

17. 3-Piece Wall Décor

Marilyn Monroe Wall Decor

Image Credit: Pinterest

When it comes to Marilyn Monroe’s wall decor, most people would turn to posters or paintings.

These bedroom accessories don’t cost a lot of money and they can be easily removed should you decide to change the theme of your bedroom.

While most people would hang a single oversized painting on their wall, having three pictures of Marilyn Monroe is a more stylish way of celebrating the one-of-a-kind beauty of the popular blonde bombshell.

You can get a Marilyn Monroe 3-piece wall decor from Amazon here.

18. Pop Art Painting

Marilyn Monroe Wall Art

Image Credit: Artwall and Co

This Marilyn Monroe wall art is a stylish way to give color to your bedroom.

Featuring fun colors, this pop art painting will surely stand out in your bedroom especially if you paint the wall in white or other neutral colors.

To make your bedroom look even more stylish, use pillow covers with fun colorful prints to complement the painting.

Final Thoughts

Marilyn Monroe is a timeless sex symbol and an unparalleled Hollywood icon, so it doesn’t come as a surprise why so many people adore her.

And if you’re one of those people who have so much fondness for this famous blonde bombshell and you wanted to decorate your bedroom in her honor, then get inspiration from the Marilyn Monroe bedroom decor ideas featured above.

These decor ideas will make your bedroom look classy and glamorous, just like your famous idol.

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