21 Boho Home Decor Ideas That Rocks

Boho Home Decor Ideas

The boho home decor ideas have been around since the 19th century. This interior design trend started in Paris, France, and was inspired by poets, artists, and nomads. These are people who consider creativity as something more valuable than money and would rarely conform to something that’s acceptable in society.

What is Bohemian Interior Design?

Boho came from the term ‘bohemian’ which refers to someone who is socially unconventional. Thus, Bohemian designs are usually characterized by their lack of structure, opting for carefree layers of texture, pattern, and colors. Although there are common practices that the bohemian home decor would follow, such as using bright and colorful prints, there are no hard and fast rules when coming up with a boho interior design. The main concept of a boho interior decor is to create a look that’s more personal and relaxed.

The bohemian style of decorating has become pretty mainstream these days, mainly because it’s so easy to execute. This interior design pops up everywhere, from your favorite cafe to hotels and restaurants. In fact, almost every home décor store has an entire section that’s devoted to bohemian style decors.

21 Boho Home Decor Ideas

1. Mix and Match Decorative Materials

Bohemian Living Room

Image Credit: Decoist

A boho home design is the exact opposite of minimalism. So when it comes to decorating, embrace a “more is more” concept. Fill your home with all sorts of decorative pieces and mix and match different materials and patterns. While keeping in mind variety and diversity in every color and pattern, look for objects that you love and use them to fill each and every corner of the room.

2. Use Lots of Rugs

Bohemian Home Accessories

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Colorful rugs are the most distinct bohemian home accessories. Mixing colors and patterns are easier when layering rugs. Rugs add more substance and visual interest to the room. A brightly-patterned old-fashioned rug layered over a fiber jute rug will be fantastic. Also, try layering rugs of the same color but in different shades.

3. Say Yes to Warm and Earthy Colors

Bohemian House Decorations

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There are no strict rules for bohemian-themed decors, but earthy colors like jewel and metallic tones are common. Greens, deep browns, and grays are perfect as base colors. While additional accessories can be in fiery orange, saturated purple, or electric blue.

4. Low-to-the-Ground Seating

Boho Home Decor Ideas

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A bohemian style room is all about chilling and relaxing. The lower the seats, the better. Some incredible low seats are floor pillows, soft ottomans, and bean bags. These make the place look more comfortable and invite people to sit down and relax a bit.

5. Turn Your Room Into a Tent

Boho Home Decor Ideas

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Make the room more exciting by having it tent-like. You can stretch-out vintage curtains with wooden rods for support and have it attached to the walls and ceiling. Curtains in floral prints are perfect in turning your room into a fantasy space.

6. Use Unique Items

Bohemian House Decorations

Image Credit: Teracee

For a dominating sense of exoticism and fun, feel free to use patterns and unique decors from different parts of the world, like those wall-mounted rattan baskets found in Indonesia. Boho is generally rule-breaking, so don’t hesitate to mix decors that will not conveniently go together.

7. Bring-In the Plants

Bohemian Home Decor

Image Credit: Shhoonya.com

Bohemian home decor will not be considered boho enough without the plants. Plants give off a natural earthy atmosphere that is perfect for the concept you’re after. Hanging and vining plants are suitable in making empty parts of the room look interesting.

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8. Soft Materials Are a Must-Have

Boho Home Decor Ideas

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A bohemian style bedroom is something that will make you want to jump over and feel cozy in the bed upon sight. You can achieve this with soft materials. A relaxing color scheme and plush textures will help you nail that bohemian-looking bedroom.

9. Combine Lush Patterns

Boho Home Decor Ideas

Image Credit: HGTV

The bathroom does not have to be the least prioritized when designing your home in a boho concept. Think about having wallpapers with colorful patterns and a tub in a bright color. A mosaic floor, colorful rug, vintage chair, and a leafy plant will also help bring-out that bohemian bathroom vibe.

10. Go For Suzanis

Bohemian Bedroom Color Schemes

Image Credit: HGTV

To give off a true bohemian vibe in the bedroom, make use of a vintage Suzani headboard or Moroccan rugs. If you don’t like the idea of a headboard, you can alternatively hang a textile above your bed. But make sure to choose the textile that complements well with the bohemian bedroom color schemes.

11. Look For Old Reusable Items

Boho Home Decor Ideas

Image Credit: Inspirationalz

Going for a bohemian-inspired house doesn’t have to be expensive because you can make good use of old accessories. An old trunk turned into a table, a sheepskin throw, chairs from vintage rattan frames are examples of repurposed boho decors. Consider visiting antique shops and look for vintage bohemian furniture that you can add to your decor.

12. Bring the Style Outdoors

Boho Home Decor Ideas

Image Credit: Inspirationalz

An outdoor lounge area is perfect if you want to enjoy the weather and the sun. For a more cozy and comfortable ambiance, bring lots of soft pillows covered in vintage textiles. Carpets in unique patterns will also add more beauty.

13. Invest in Good and Interesting Lighting

Bohemian House Decorations

Image Credit: Paintersequipments

Lights make any place look magical for whatever theme there is, and boho is not an exception. Use and combine different kinds of light sources if you want. Some ideas you can try are colorful Moroccan lanterns, string lights, funky chandeliers, and vintage candles.

14. Add a Modern Touch

Bohemian House Decorations

Image Credit: Decoist

Boho doesn’t totally mean vintage because you can give your bohemian house decorations a touch of modernity. Large and eye-catching lighting on the ceiling, modern mirror, and fancy beanbag chairs can help you achieve that bohemian vintage-modern look.

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15. Redesign Your Wall

Bohemian House Decorations

Image Credit: Ebay

Bring a new style to your Bohemian living room by making use of colorful tassels, fringes, and various styles of prints. And if you love mirrors, make sure to incorporate at least one. When it comes to mirror, look for a woven-framed type instead of a regular mirror. You can also cover the walls with any colorful items that you fancy. Fill it with textiles and color, and lots and lots of layers.

16. Don’t Be Boring

Bohemian Chic Furniture

Image Credit: Banarsidesigns

A regular bathroom can be functional and eye-catching at the same time. You can install ceramic tiles in striking color for the bathroom floor and hang colorful wall decors. Having some plants on your bohemian style bathroom is also a great idea.

17. Be Inspired With Nature

Boho Room Decor

Image Credit: Pre-tend

For a minimalist ambiance, you can use a nature-designed wallpaper. This can make the living room feel relaxed, formal, and at the same time sophisticated. Be sure to make the seating arrangement comfortable and add colorful items and accessories to achieve the bohemian look.

18. Use Different Kinds of Texture

Boho Room Decor

Image Credit: Decoholic

Don’t hesitate to use various accessories and items you can find. You can go for colorful throws, fiber rugs, Turkish and Persian rugs, bright-colored upholstery, colorful wood furniture, and wall hangings. Abstract artworks and even your old pile of books are useful! Just make sure to stick to the bohemian colors and patterns when accessorizing so as not to clutter the look.

19. Keep Patterns All Over the Place

Boho Room Decor

Image Credit: Decoholic

Patterns are an important aspect of boho room decor. Start with an overarching color palette, such as dark turquoise, violet, gold, mandarin, or any dark color that you fancy. Then throw in different patterns of bright colors, such as pink, orange, blue, etc. Avoid overdoing it and leave some space to prevent visual overload.

20. Have Something In Bright Color

Bohemian Interior Styles

Image Credit: Telegraph

The brightly-colored item can be a plush sofa with bright red upholstery, a turquoise wall, a cabinet in tropical green, or anything you can find of. Antique items turned a bit rough in the edges are also better. Be creative in the use of furniture. Opt for rich and vivid colors of any hue, and go bold with patterns and textures that you happen to love.

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21. Have Something Metallic

Bohemian Interior Styles

Image Credit: Pinterest

Make your bohemian living room stand out by adding something that glitters. There are lots of metallic pieces that you can integrate into a boho interior design, such as this metallic round table. You can also have a metallic mirror hanging on the wall, a metallic vase, or perhaps, a metal sculpture.

Wrapping Up

There are tons of boho home decor ideas out there that rocks. What’s great about this design is that you have the freedom to create the look that you want. As mentioned, the boho style of decorating does not conform to the conventional standards of decorating. The key is to come up with a look that appears busy, almost chaotic, but confident, and attractive.

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