41 Graceful Living Room Curtain Ideas

Living Room Curtain Ideas

If an eye is the window to your soul, then, a window is the soul to your house. Yes, dear friends, a window offers an insight into the true character of your house, and, hence, it must be dressed up as nicely as possible. Don’t you all agree? Well, there are many ways to style your windows, one among which is the use of pretty draperies and curtains. In any house, its the Living room that catches the attention first. One of the easiest ways to add bling to your living room is to dress its windows with beautiful and elegant curtains. Therefore, it is my pleasure to introduce the 41 awe-inspiring living room curtain ideas that I have rounded up specially for you. Do take a look!

Graceful living room drapes in gold

GOLD…this tone is magical, elegant and most of all, it’s a shade, when used in your decor, adds a dazzle like no other color. Yes, friends, golden tone is one of the most popular colors to have found its way in designing curtains and draperies. Golden curtains can update your room’s decor with freshness and style in an instant. These come in a variety of styles and textures. Some gold curtains may come in silk or satin, while, you may also get a few that are made out of linen or fabric. Choose the one that suits your decor’s style and your pocket.

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How about trying something as decorative as the golden curtain idea shown below? Doesn’t it lend a regal touch to the decor of this room? Well, the decorator has rightly matched the intricate golden curtains with transparent yellow toned curtains. These blend perfectly with the wall that features circular designs. The golden valance too adds to the regal feel of this room.

Living Room Drapes
Exotic golden curtains

Image Credit: decorehoje

I cannot help but notice the ornate patterns on these lovely golden toned curtains. They look stunning and are made of polyester. These luxurious curtains show how elegant your taste is and hence, has to be tried!

Living Room Drapes
Luxurious polyester gold curtain

Image Credit: curtainsmarket

The decor of this room will make you wonder if you’re in a sultan’s private chamber or in someone’s living room. Its stunning! The highlights of the decor are the gold valance and the curtains that are adding oodles of opulence to the room.

 Beautiful Drapes for Living Room
Golden valance and curtain

Image Credit: homelena

Golden accents are seen incorporated in this room’s decor in a very magnificent way. From its round mirror with golden border, to the golden long curtains, the decor features this stunning tone in a very elegant way. The curtains fall freely from the metal rod with roundel ends.

Living Room Drapes
Gorgeous golden curtain idea

Image Credit: stateviews

Awesome curtain design ideas in blue

Blue curtains make me feel energized and fresh. What about you? Well, blue definitely brings in calmness to any decor, and is one of the most popular choices as far as draperies and curtains are concerned. These curtains can update the style of your living room in a blink. From satin, to sheer and silk, you have a wide choice in front of you when picking blue curtains. So, scroll down and feast your eyes on a few ideas that I have rounded up!

The curtains in this picture feature white patterns that are inter woven over a blue canvas. These match quite well with the white color scheme used all throughout the room. The blue patterned cushions too look very stylish.

Curtain Design Ideas
Blue curtains with white patterns

Image Credit: dearmotorist

Don’t always go for dark or navy blue curtains for your living rooms because light blue tones also look adorable and bring airiness to the decor. Seen here are gorgeous light blue curtains that are seen draping the three white windows elegantly. These curtains lend a feel of spaciousness to this room and are worth picking.

Light blue curtain idea

Image Credit: pinterest

Flowers shouldn’t just feature in your gardens. Now, you can bring them in your decor with the help of curtains. Floral curtains are the flavor of the season, and do not seem to go out of style ever. Why? Well, floral curtains bring freshness and vibrancy to a decor, and, therefore, are very popular with householders.

Seen here are lovely blue floral curtains bearing big flower motifs. The combo of white and blue works like magic in this decor that features the same tones in perfect harmony. I love it, don’t you?

 Living Room Drapes
Pretty floral blue curtain

Image Credit: decoregrupo

The open floor concept used here lends a feel of a bigger space. In addition to the open plan, the other aspect that’s lending a spacious look to the decor is the patterned blue curtain idea. The white curtains with dark blue motifs help in adding liveliness and also work in contrast with the white tones incorporated here and there.

Beautiful Drapes for Living Room
Modern living room with dark curtains

Image Credit: decoratingclear

The high windows of this airy living room have been draped beautifully with damask blue curtains. These curtains are the most eye grabbing features here in addition to the neutral toned sofa, wooden coffee table and the rustic styled wicker rattan basket.

Beautiful Drapes for Living Room
Blue damask curtains

Image Credit: td-universe

Here’s a small living area that has been decorated with traditional styled light blue curtains. These heavy curtains drape the bay window of this room in a very elegant way. But, the highlight here, of course, is the valance with hanging tassels. If you’re looking for curtain ideas for small living room, here’s the one that you must invest in.

Beautiful Drapes for Living Room
Traditional light blue curtains

Image Credit: winwal

Pleasing curtain ideas for small living room

What’s the trick to lend more space to a small living room? Can you guess? Well, try for lighter color scheme, good lighting, and flowing curtains. Now, if you’re wondering why you must choose long flowing curtains to make the room look bigger, then, here’s the reason for it. Draperies in flowing style aid in expanding the space of a small room. These draw attention towards the room’s vertical space, and hence, make the area appear larger. Scroll down to get cool curtain ideas for small living room.

Try incorporating light toned curtains for a small living area, just like in the image shown below. The golden toned valance above the free flowing curtain makes the room look elegant and spacious.

Curtain Ideas for Small Living Room
Light curtains with ornate valance

Image Credit: saltyvolt

The patterned grey curtain draping the window of this small living room matches nicely with the grey and white wall. These curtains are light and bring in a feel of airiness to the small room, thereby, making it more genetic.

Curtain Ideas for Small Living Room
Patterned grey curtain idea

Image Credit: blogspot

The white color scheme of this room is broken down elegantly by the multicolored curtains that are seen draping the long windows. Its a small room, but looks bigger, thanks to the colorful curtains that are lending freshness and an aesthetic appeal to its decor.

Curtain Ideas for Small Living Room
Multicolored curtains

Image Credit: hupehome

Beautiful floral drapes for living room

Wish to transform your living room into your own private Eden? Then, try going all floral this time! Yes, flowers are loved in any form and in any place, specially in decorating homes. Flowers can feature on your curtains as well.

If you’re someone that loves to experiment with bigger designs, then, choose curtains with big floral imprints. But, always remember that bigger floral designs on a curtain suit such rooms that are spacious. For smaller sized rooms, pick draperies with small floral patterns.

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Floral curtains lend a feminine touch to your decor. In addition, these also aid in adding freshness and color to it. If you’re a nature fanatic, then floral curtains are your thing.

Shabby chic decor is in vogue always as it lends a vintage feel to a room, and makes it more feminine. Pick this shabby chic curtain idea if you’re a woman of taste. The curtains in white look absolutely stunning with pink blooms. The curtains match the white decor of this room and make the ambiance airy and fresh.

Living Room Drapes
Shabby chic pink floral curtain

Image Credit: dearmotoris

The neutral color palette of this stunning living room seems to get a stylish break with these floral curtains. Pick these light toned floral curtains for a discreet feel of spring. It will surely help in lightening your mood!

Family Room Curtain Ideas
Light floral curtains in a neutral setting

Image Credit: eminashville

Adorable family room curtain ideas in velvet

Pick living room curtain ideas in velvet if you want opulence to define your interior. Velvet is a stylish texture that goes well with any kind of decor. Curtains featuring velvety tones help in lending such dazzle that cannot be achieved with any other material.

Pick grey, red or blue velvety curtains to make a style statement that is unique. Velvet curtains are sold all over and are priced differently. The red velvet curtain seen below suits a family room as it helps in adding cheerfulness to every nook. The curtains are thick and are held together by ornate curtain holders. Don’t these look divine?

Family Room Curtain Ideas
Red velvet curtains

Image Credit: holyhunger

Wow! The grey crushed velvety curtains with ring top look stunning and lend a streak of sophistication to the decor. These curtains are sold over the net at varied prices, and are modern in texture and design. Made out of mixed fabrics, these crushed velvet curtains must be on your ‘to buy’ list.

Family Room Curtain Ideas
Grey crushed velvet curtain

Image Credit: amazonaws

Aren’t you obsessed with velvet? I am! These curtains in navy blue are made of velvet and are designed by Pottery Barn. The texture is smooth with a touch of sheen that cannot go unnoticed. The color of these curtains is neither too overwhelming for the eyes, nor, are these too subtle or dull. Buy this curtain as the pricing is affordable too!

Beautiful Drapes for Living Room
Velvet curtains in navy blue

Image Credit: blogspot

Stunning Victorian living room curtain ideas

Victorian styled living rooms feature opulent accessories and elements that are usually over the top and are downright expensive. From the choice of furniture, wall paint, ceiling, light fixtures to curtains, every little aspect in a Victorian styled room is well detailed and gorgeous. There’s no way you can mimic the Victorian tones in your living area without being ruthless on your pocket.

Curtains of Victorian style are luxurious in design and often feature ornate patterns, glossy tassels and intricate valances. The images of beautiful drapes for living room are rounded up below. Don’t you wanna get inspired? Well, go on…

These thick curtains are velvety and feature digital printed crafts. These are absolutely Victorian in style as these feature double draping. There’s a beautiful valance with hanging tassels that lend a regal touch to the whole decor.

Beautiful Drapes for Living Room
Decorative Victorian velvet curtain

Image Credit: curtainsmarket

Velvet is taking the world by storm, isn’t it? Well, scroll down and you’ll see velvety tones! Seen here is a gorgeous velvety Victorian styled curtain featuring ornate golden patterns and a regal valance with an elaborate golden work all over it. Ohh….I would die to have such a curtain in my living room! Pick it ASAP!

Living Room Drapes
Gorgeous Victorian styled velvet drapes

Image Credit: pinterest

Living room drapes with geometric patterns

Do not always pick such curtain design ideas that are done to death. Choose something that truly defines your taste and personality. Geometric curtains are definitely being talked about in interior designing circles. This is so because these designs are funky and lend a bit of eccentricity to your rooms.

Geometric curtains work well with contemporary styled homes and add an instant glamour. Look how gorgeous these curtains are! The beige curtains feature geometric designs and work in perfect harmony with the neutral accents splashed in the living room.

 Living Room Drapes
Beige geometric patterned curtains

Image Credit: billielourd

The blue and green triangular designs on the curtains help in bringing a touch of funkiness to the room’s decor. In addition, these also bring in lot of bright light inside. The room looks modern and very lively.

Beautiful Drapes for Living Room
Blue triangular patterned curtains

Image Credit: offsetqualityinitiative

Elegant striped curtains for living rooms

Aren’t striped curtains adorable? These curtains are everywhere – on the net, in magazines and lifestyle shops. I haven’t met any soul that doesn’t like stripes. Stripes are always in fashion and also suit every kind of decor. May be this is the reason why most people opt for family room curtain ideas incorporating stripes in various hues.

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Stripes come in horizontal as well as vertical styles. Pick horizontal striped curtains if you have a big living space. Seen here is a khaki striped horizontal curtain that has been crafted at home. The white curtain panel is bought from IKEA. The designer has purchased canvas cloth in khaki color and has stitched it horizontally over the white curtain panel. The end product is simply fabulous!

Beautiful Drapes for Living Room
Horizontal striped curtains

Image Credit: blogspot

There are a plethora of choices available when you are about to pick striped curtains. For example, instead of putting curtains that feature stripes everywhere, pick one that has stripes only at specific spots. An accent stripe curtain is perfect for lending a boho chic look to any decor such as the one seen below. Its a home in Ibiza and features lime plaster walls and quilted curtains with accent stripes. These curtains in red and blue have been designed with Braquenie Fabric and add a lot of suaveness to this room.

Beautiful Drapes for Living Room
Striped accent curtains

Image Credit: hearstapps

Gorgeous sheer curtains for living rooms

Curtains come in a variety of styles and materials. But, you must pick such designs that are suitable for your home as well as your style. Apart from block out, satiny, or velvety curtains, there’s one very decorative type of curtain that has become the talk among the designers. Yes, the curtain I am talking about is sheer. Sheer curtains, in addition, to looking very decorative and stylish, also help in filtering the harsh rays of the sun. These curtains also offer privacy.

If you’re living in a house that gets direct sunlight throughout the day and becomes too hot, then, opt for block out curtains. Otherwise, opt for sheer curtains that will keep sun-rays at bay and also at the same time will make your space more lively and fresh.

This green sheer curtain definitely looks a stunner! Look at its texture and the sheen…wow! It helps in filtering the sunlight and acts as a delicate cover to keep privacy under check.

Curtain Design Ideas
Green sheer curtains

Image Credit: rilane

Its not a mandatory thing to drape your windows with only single colored curtains. If you wish to add more liveliness and vibrancy to your room, then choose sheer curtains in various bright tones like pink, green, blue, orange and so on. The curtains below are lending the effect of a rainbow and look spectacular when the rays of the sun fall on them.

Curtain Design Ideas
Multicolored sheer curtains

Image Credit: pinterest

Monochromatic living rooms can become boring after a few days if you don’t add pops of colors to brighten them up. The living room below has monochromatic color scheme, but, it doesn’t look bland from any angle. It features beautiful pleated sheer curtains in orange. This sudden burst of orange lends a lively touch to the room’s decor.

Curtain Design Ideas
Pleat orange sheer curtains

Image Credit: rilane

Beautiful silken drapes for living rooms

Think exuberance…think silk. Silk is a material that is widely used in decorations and stitching. It has a sheen and texture that cannot be compared with any other material, and lends a dash of elegance to any aspect or element. When it comes to curtain designs, silk is often talked about widely. Most modern living spaces feature silken draperies in order to look grand and sophisticated. Why not scroll down to see how suave each of these living rooms with silken curtains look?

Here’s a living room featuring silk curtains in red. These curtains are adding layers of style to this space that features a cream color palette. The red curtains match well with the red cushions, stools as well as the sofas. The red tone helps in lending a contrasting effect to the whole decor.

Living Room Drapes
Red silk curtains

Image Credit: mommyessence

Mounted on metallic rods, the ivory silken draperies add a chic touch to the decor of this living area which also features a black mirror, crystal lamps and a coffered ceiling. Thanks to the curtains, the room looks bigger than it actually is.

Living Room Drapes
Ivory silken drapes

Image Credit: decorpad

Want to add a pop of bright color to your soft themed living area? Well, then, pick bright yellow curtains in silk as seen here! Doesn’t it look absolutely bold and vivacious? This yellow tone works confidently with the soft color scheme adopted here and boy…it looks lovely!

Family Room Curtain Ideas
Stunning yellow silk curtains

Image Credit: blulabelbungalow

Curtains in tones of red and beige

Matching dark with soft tones works wonders to add fun and liveliness to your interiors. Red and beige tones, when, combined together, aid in adding chutzpah to your decor. While, the color red helps in bringing warmth and richness, beige, on the other hand, brings calmness to the decor.

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Seen here is a living room that features adorable red and beige curtains with floral patterns. The curtain idea is modern and suits the style of this room.

Family Room Curtain Ideas
Floral red and beige curtain

Image Credit: fendhome

When your decorator tells you to go all red and beige, just go for it! The curtain below has beige and red tones to it, and looks adorable. There are four curtains in this set featuring beige floral patterns as well as dark red. The fabric used is faux cotton and this helps in keeping the temperature of the room under control. The red contrasts well with the beige and this helps the room appear gorgeous.

Family Room Curtain Ideas
Beige and red faux cotton curtains

Image Credit: aliexpress

Astonishing green curtains

What do you have to say in regard with green living room curtain ideas? To me, green is a color of purity and peace. It lends a surreal touch to every kind of decor, be it modern or traditional. That is why, I have decided that when I will remodel my living room, I’ll use green curtains to drape my windows. What about you? If you want a few ideas on green curtains, let me help you out. Scroll down as I have a few ideas ready to try!

How about trying this emerald green curtain for your living space? Doesn’t it look ravishing in this tropical themed living room? These curtains trigger a burst of bright green amidst soft toned settings. Lovely!

Beautiful Drapes for Living Room
Emerald green curtains

Image Credit: squarespace

These lime green curtains lend a wow factor to this living room. Love the leafy patterns as well.

Beautiful Drapes for Living Room
Lime green curtains

Image Credit: highendcurtain

Don’t you wish your living room was as sexy as this Manhattan apartment room? Well, ape the accessories used all over like the Milo Baughman sofas, the floor lamp and the Larsen velvety chairs. But, there’s one more feature that you’ll have to mimic and that is the beautiful leafy green curtain hung on the side window. If I ever get to try this decor, I would!

Living Room Drapes
Colorful living room with green curtain

Image Credit: hearstapps

Black curtain designs for living rooms

For a powerful pack of punch to your interiors, why not try black? Its a color that lends a unique and magical touch to your decor, quite contrary to what you believe. Like other accessories, your curtains too can feature black accent and patterns. A black curtain can transform the look of your living area by becoming its accent feature.

Most people shy away from using black curtains simply because they have never tried it before. So, do you want to fall in this category as well? Just to make you believe that black is the new color trend that’s going to last for a long time, I am here with some amazing pictures of black curtains. You can find your inspiration from these.

Look at this wonderfully decorated living room that has been styled on black and white theme. The long black curtains hanging from the window add a stylish punch to it. Quite opposite to what you believed, right? Combine these black draperies with white accessories and furnishings to get a suave decor.

Living Room Drapes
Black drapes in an airy living room

Image Credit: decoist

These thick black curtains don’t need to try hard to dazzle up your decor. The rose patterns designed over these curtains lend a sophisticated and feminine touch to the room. I am in love with it! And so are you, am I correct?

Living Room Drapes
Black curtains with white floral patterns

Image Credit: theenz

Rustic curtain designs ideas

Rustic living rooms below feature rustic styled curtain ideas that lend a bit of funkiness to their decors. These areas look bright airy and cheerful from each angle. You can style the rustic interiors with light curtains as well as floral depending on your tastes.

If you like the freshness of spring, then deck your windows with floral curtains such as the one shown here. It looks very pleasing to the eyes and match perfectly to compliment the other accessories and rustic details of this room.

Family Room Curtain Ideas
Lively curtain idea for rustic settings

Image Credit: roundecor

Looking at this gorgeous living room, I have decoded to give my room a sudden blast of flowers with these amazing floral curtains. Don’t these look cuter than cute? These curtains will make your space appear brighter and cheerful.

Curtain Design Ideas
Floral curtain design

Image Credit: ablissfulnest

Damask curtain designs

Damask patterns are very fashionable and hence they are always in great demand. Damask curtains feature intricate designs and patterns that take your room’s decor to the highest level. Combine these curtains with any kind of decor, whether modern or traditional. Damask curtains can weave magic in an instant and blend in perfectly with every color or tone.

Seen here are red damask curtains with valance that compliment the furniture’s salmon pink tone. The room appears opulent with other features such as the gilded mirror and the chunk cushions.

Curtain Design Ideas
Pleasing red damask curtains

Image Credit: anews24

Don’t steer away from turning bold curtain ideas as these can make your rooms truly stand out. When you add sudden bursts of bold tones to your monochromatic or neutral themed room, you make the interior appear more life-like and cheerful.

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What do you think goes best with the decor shown below? I guess, its the curtains in orange that floor the senses! The orange curtains break away the monotony set in by the white scheme used in the overall decor, and bring liveliness to it.

Living Room Curtain Ideas
Orange damask curtains

Image Credit: associateddesigns

After reading this article, I am sure you’ll vouch for the fact that curtains are integral to interior decoration. However, these need to be picked up rightly because a wrong idea can break or mar the look. From satin, velvet, black, red, beige, striped to damask, I have covered many kinds of living room curtain ideas today. And, I hope you like these curtain ideas. If you have any other ideas to add, do share with us in the comments section below!

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