35 Awesome Basement Design Ideas

Basement Design Ideas

A dumpster is your garbage bin, not your basement. Period. Yes, dear homeowners. Basements are not your dumping ground for old, obsolete or even nostalgic things. Basements of today have evolved into much more than being used as storage rooms only. Why am I even sharing this piece today, you may be wondering, right? Well, today, I am here to enthrall you with cool basement design ideas that are taking the world of interiors by storm.

Most houses have basements that are usually left unattended, simply because people don’t pay much heed to make them livable. They usually focus all their attention towards beautifying their living, dining or bedrooms. But, do you know that basements can be converted into stylish hubs where you can spend hours together? Once, you have a look at these stunning ideas, I am pretty sure you’ll set out to remodel your basements, and make them lively places. Read on…

Creative Basement Wall Panels

Does your basement need a total makeover or remodel? To begin the whole process of remodeling, you need to think first about the walls. Walls are the most important aspect of any basement remodel project and have to be designed well for your basement to look good and lively. Without proper walls, your basements will look unappealing.

There are plenty of wall panel designs that you can choose. From wooden pallets, brick and stone walls, to photo walls, the choices are huge. But, you must pick such wall ideas that suit your taste as well as your budget. Also, picking such wall ideas are advised that let your basement breathe. Dark toned walls will make your basement appear smaller, whereas, light or neutral toned walls will lend a feel of a bigger space.

Look at the picture below. Doesn’t the wall look stunning? Its a chevron wall in tones of grey. The wavy patterns of the chevron wall make the basement look really cool. Of course, you need to check the cost of these type of walls.

Basement Design Ideas
Grey chevron wall panel

Image Credit: centerkenes

The photo wall here has rustic tones. You can create such walls on the way towards the staircase, or on top. The lettering and the baby picture frame add loads of warmth to this basement staircase.

Basement Wall Panels
Rustic photo wall

Image Credit: blogspot

Wow…the pallet wall of this game room looks simply rustic and very smart. Its perfect for a boy’s gaming zone.

Basement Wall Panels
Pallet wall for basement game room

Image Credit: simplymorefurnishings

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Awesome Basement Design Ideas with Wall Art

Art comes in many forms. You can add artistic impressions to any aspect of your room like your basement wall. If the wall of your basement appears to be dull or empty, then, you can deck it up with different types of art pieces like paintings, photos and murals. Many homeowners decorate their basement walls with pictures of their family members to transform them into galleries. Turning a wall into a galleria helps in retaining old memories and nostalgia.

Decking the walls with empty picture frames is also very popular and many basements have walls featuring this type of wall art. Another art idea is to deck the walls with maps. Like this, there are umpteen number of art ideas that you can use on your walls. Here, I would like to point that its not necessary for you to use costly art pieces. You can also try DIY if you’re looking for decorating on a budget.

If shabby chic is what you’re looking for, then, take help from this picture that shows how one can decorate the walls with frames, pictures, word art and accessories made out of wood. This is a gallery wall that looks absolutely stunning. Matching with it are the small bench and the rattan basket. You can try this idea on any wall of your basement to accent it.

Basement Design Plans
A gallery wall art

Image Credit: jornalminuano

A basement can be transformed into a suave woman cave, just like the image shown below. Its a little unusual for a woman’s cave since it bears no feminine shades of pink or peach. Instead, the designer has used lots of yellow bursts to splash brightness all over. Particularly striking is the wall with yellow floral cutout design. Wow..that’s all I can say!

Basement Design Plans
Wall cutout design

Image Credit: sebringdesignbuild

Basement Living Room Designs

Some basements are better suited to be converted into man caves, media rooms or kids rooms, while, some are more appropriate to be transformed into living areas. A basement offers such space that can be used for a variety of purposes. If you wish to turn your empty basement into a living room where family and friends can spend fun moments, then, look below to get some inspiration. All these ideas are worth a try because these are fun and very creative.

How about trying a modern yet masculine look for your basement living room? If so, then, try this idea below. The basement belongs to Duncan Avenue and its main highlight is the ceiling. The ceiling is decorated with exposed piping that lends a bit of masculinity to the whole decor. To break the hard look, the designer has used an area rug and comfortable sofa.

Basement Design Plans
Hard and soft tones

Image Credit: ritchieforwa

What a lovely and suave basement design!! Don’t you too want something like this? Well, for this decor, you will have to choose black and white as your primary color scheme. Its a modern living area. But, the one aspect that makes it stand out are the sudden bursts of colors that break the monotony set in by black and white.

Basement Design Plans
Modern black and white design

Image Credit: rilane

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Fabulous Basement Ceilings

Unless you finish off the ceiling of your basement, its remodeling cannot be termed complete and fulfilling. Picking the correct type of ceiling goes a long way in determining whether your basement remodel project has been a success or a failure. However, most homeowners face lot of hurdles when selecting the ceilings for their basements. This is because of the huge choice that is available these days.

Some ceiling options are downright extravagant while others are quite economical. For example, coffered and drywall ceilings. These ceiling designs offer your basement a complete and a wholesome look. Ceilings, if chosen correctly, can help add value to your house and make it more lively.

Desire a stylish canopy over your head while you enjoy watching your favorite movies? Well, go for a coffered ceiling, just like in this image below. The media room in this basement looks lively and inviting, thanks to the white and pristine coffered ceiling overhead.

Basement Ceiling Options
Coffered ceiling design

Image Credit: armstrongceilings

The remodeled basement looks romantic and has been transformed into an intimate spot with the help of the rich copper ceiling, brick and stone walls. The copper ceiling matches elegantly with the wine rack made out of wood, and lends a very warm feel to the ambiance. If you want to bring rustic tones to any room, try copper ceilings.

Basement Ceiling Options
Copper ceiling

Image Credit: armstrongceilings

Looking for affordable basement ceiling options? Well, go for drywall such as in the picture below. Drywall ceilings are perfectly suitable for such homeowners that are low on budget but still want a stylish den in their basements. You can do the drywall or else, get assistance from professionals. These types of ceilings help in covering exposed beams.

Basement Design Ideas
Drywall ceiling

Image Credit: toolversed

Okay…this looks terrific! How about giving your basement a rustic makeover with this wooden beam ceiling? Wooden planks or pallets can be used to cover the exposed pipes of your roofing in a very suave way. The ceiling here suits contemporary styled basements. You can paint these in any shade as you like. However, this ceiling option may prove to be costly than the others shown above. Hence, think carefully before selecting it.

Basement Ceiling Options
Rustic styled wooden beam ceiling

Image Credit: casailb

Pocket friendly ceiling options like suspended or drop ceilings help you save loads of money, and therefore, it gives you an excuse to try these in your next basement remodel project. Drop ceilings like the one shown below are quite lightweight and can be installed easily. In case, you want a bit more flair, you can cover the ceiling with ornate metal or wood to make it more attractive.

Basement Ceiling Options
Drop ceiling in a modern basement

Image Credit: sciencerocks

Cool Basement Designs with Bold Colors

Are you really interested in adding liveliness to your basement? If so, then, you have to plan on using such colors to decorate it that will lend it life, and make it look inviting. Most basements are remodeled in order to make them fun zones. Hence, you must think of incorporating fun colors that bring in freshness.

If your basement is going to be turned into a kid’s room, then, you have to think a little out of the box. Going for neutral is a complete ‘no no’ and will be a disaster. Try picking bright colors such as yellow, blue and red to add more funk.

However, for a media room, the colors that you pick must be such that the room looks warm and inviting. Hence, for such a type of room, try going for a richer color palette like pomegranate and deep maroon.

Doesn’t the media room in this picture look breathtaking? Ooo…the richness of the pomegranate color, I simply adore it! It definitely sets the mood for watching a sexy movie, what say? Use a mix and match of white and deep red to break down the heaviness.

Basement Decorating Ideas on a Budget
Bold pomegranate red

Image Credit: tqn

Sometimes, using unusual color tones can help in accentuation of the warmth of a room. Go for navy blue tones in combination with darker accents like red. Paint your ceiling in navy blue if you want to try something different. The room below has used this stunning color for painting its ceiling which brings out the true character of the decor.

Basement Decorating Ideas on a Budget
Navy blue and red accents

Image Credit: freshome

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Stunning Basement Designs with Green Accents

The color green helps in adding freshness to any decor. Its cool and Serena texture lends an appealing touch to any type of room, whether living, media or dining room. If its a retreat that you’re planning to create right in your basement and want it to look relaxing, then, its my suggestion that you opt green.

Green works well with most other shades and weaves a different kind of aura in the decor. The basement living room seen here has incorporated green in various elements like the curtains, cushions, the side table and the stools. The beauty of this room seems to get enhanced with other tones like beige, grey and brown. Its a bright room with a dash of elegance.

Basement Design Plans
Modern basement with green tones

Image Credit: homeepiphany

This basement living room must be a woman cave for it bears pretty tones of pink and green. The green accents splashed on the wall, and the comfy couch work in contrast with the pink area rug and cushions. A fun and lively room, do you want to try it? Well, go for it.

Basement Design Plans
Cool green walls and sofa

Image Credit: pin-insta-decor

Use of Soft Colors in Basement Designs

A soft color scheme works like magic in such rooms that need to be transformed into retreats for relaxation. Darker shades like red, deep blue, orange and purple are more suited for media rooms and for such spots that see lot of guests. But, if you want a room just for unwinding, soft shades like pink, peach, white, and beige work best. Why? Well, these colors are easy on the eyes and lend a surreal touch to any decor. Choosing neutrals or monochromatic palette will also work well.

The family basement here has incorporated a perfect balance of soft tones that lend a surreal touch to it. From its walls, choice of furniture, curtains, ceiling, to rug, every little element has soft tones. The room looks very serene and is perfect for unwinding.

Basement Design Plans
Family basement with soft accents

Image Credit: pinterest

What do you have to say about this gorgeous room? Well, I guess, I will choose this color scheme of soft pink and grey anytime over others. This is because the subtle pink and grey tones add a dash of femininity and sublimity to the decor.

The room below has a perfect balance where the sublime meets colorful pops in the most interesting way. Notice how pleasing the cushions and the rug look…WOW!

Basement Design Plans
Basement with soft pink and grey

Image Credit: td-universe

The baby blue tones seen on the walls of this stunning family room blend in seamlessly with the white splashed on the furniture and the ceiling. This is a funky kinda room where the decorator has put much emphasis on decking up the walls with colorful paintings. The decor looks balanced with no tone overwhelming the other.

Basement Design Plans
Light blue and white colour tones

Image Credit: rmrwoods

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Basement Design Plans – Walk Out Design

Do you know there are different types of plans when remodeling basements? One among such plans is the walk out design. As the name suggests, a walk out basement is one that has a separate entry. You can enter this basement from this entrance and even walk out using it. Most walk out basement designs get lot of sunlight in the daytime and are casually bright and fresh. So, if you’re planning to get a relaxing retreat, choose this plan.

Seen here is a traditional walk out basement with an entrance and two windows that let ample natural light to come in. Other features that catch your fancy are the brick basement wall panels, a shelf made of exposed plumbing pipes and a leather sofa. The decor is predominantly masculine in tone but has no element that’s over stated.

Basement Design Ideas
Traditional walk out basement

Image Credit: hzcdn

This carpeted basement has a walk out plan, a terrific soft color scheme, and a wide space with a transitional feel. The space is apt for having a gala time at the pool table, while, at the same time, looks warm with the addition of a small kitchen. The gray walls of this room lend elegance to the decor.

Basement Design Plans
Transitional walk out basement plan

Image Credit: hzcdn

What can be more country-like and rustic than this amazing basement? Well, you’ll fall in love with its pine tongue and groove walls that are simply gorgeous! Oh, don’t forget to notice how warm the groove ceiling looks!

Basement Design Plans
Rustic walk out basement

Image Credit: sciencerocks

Basement Design Plans – Transitional

From walk out, how about heading straight towards transitional styled basements? Well, a transitional plan allows you the freedom to transit from a living space and step into a world of movies or games as smoothly as possible. In this plan, the basement is designed in such a way that one can easily step in and out of a zone to go to the other. Most open floor plans have a transitional setting.

Fancy a basement with an open floor plan? Then, pick this design as it offers you the comforts of every space. For example, there’s a kitchen, a living area, wine cellar and a gaming room. This basement helps the family to engage in a lot of activities together. Its a fun space and is styled with stunning accessories and furnishings.

Basement Design Plans
Open floor transitional basement design

Image Credit: benimmulku

How do you feel about this basement? Its transitional in feel with a very warm ambiance. The living space and the bar area are two of its primary zones and are perfect for friends to spend time with each other. Thanks to its lush light, carpeting and brick walls, the room looks very cozy and inviting.

Basement Design Plans
Warm transitional basement design

Image Credit: zillowstatic

Lovely….smashing and downright gorgeous! This transitional basement hooks you to its open floor plan, vast space and a number of zones to engage in all sorts of activities. The ceiling appears striking, and so does the furniture choice as well as the walls.

Basement Design Plans
Gorgeous transitional basement

Image Credit: hzcdn

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Basement Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Hey friends, are you planning to remodel your basements anytime in the near future? And, are you getting bogged down, thinking about the huge expenditure that you’re gonna incur? If so, take a chill pill for I am going to show you some cool decor ideas that you can try for your basements at very little cost.

Everyone’s budget is different. Some homeowners have more money to spend while others have less. Its absolutely okay! Now, you too, can lessen your costs with some wise choices that will see your expenses coming down drastically. For example, instead of picking wooden panels for ceiling, you can leave them exposed. And, then, paint them.

Another tip is to use area rugs that are more budget friendly than other forms of carpeting. Pick such rugs that accentuate the decor’s beauty and add liveliness to the room.

Choose simple and minimalist furniture to cut down on the costs.

The basement below looks very warm and has been styled with basic furniture. Not much has been spent on decorating it. The most striking features of this room are the leather sectional sofa, the dark toned ceiling and the carpeting. Its a no-frill kinda basement design.

Basement Decorating Ideas on a Budget
Simple basement design

Image Credit: prez16

If you’re searching for basement decorating ideas on a budget, then, look below at the image. Its a small living room basement with budget friendly furnishings and accessories. The homeowners have painted the walls themselves and dry-walled their walls. This has cut down on the expenses drastically.

Basement Design Ideas
Basement decoration on a budget

Image Credit: dressesit

Awesome Basement Designs with Lighting

What good will painted walls and stylish ceilings do if there’s no appropriate lighting in your basements? Lighting is vital to interior decorating or remodeling. Without proper light fixtures, your basements will lack the energy and liveliness. A well lit up basement can make your me-time more pleasurable and fun.

Of course, I don’t mean that you must go overboard and start installing expensive light fixtures all over. With very less investment, you can accomplish a well lit up basement for yourself. There are different types of lighting that can be used in basements, such as ambient, accent or recessed lighting. You’ve to choose the type that you need.

This is a cozy basement with track lighting. The lighting incorporates border lights that offer spot lighting to the room. These lights are small in design and are spreading a glow throughout the room.

Basement Design Plans
Basement design with track lighting

Image Credit: brendaselner

How about choosing pendant lights such as these in the picture below? These lights are seen hanging from the roof of this traditional basement. Offering a yellow tone to the decor, the pendant lights look striking to the eyes. Apart from these lights, there are two side lamps that offer much glow inside. However, for ambient lighting, there are windows that let in ample natural light.

Basement Design Plans
Basement with pendant lights

Image Credit: interiorsroom

Featuring an industrial themed decor, this basement living room is well lit up using recessed lighting. The recessed lights are offering a yellow tone to the ambiance of this room. It looks bright and very warm.

Basement Design Plans
Industrial basement light design

Image Credit: brendaselner

Basement Design with Space Dividers

There’s another design that you can use in your basement – design with space dividers. These days you get different kinds of space dividers to spruce up your decor. Dividers, apart from lending funkiness, help in breaking up a space. These spaces are broken only temporarily and can be merged with the rest of the room when needed.

Most people opt for wooden dividers as these look very trendy. There are different kinds of wooden dividers that you can buy. One common type is the pallet divider. It works fine with most decors but may be a little expensive than other varieties.

You can invest in a wooden divider for segregating a space in your basement. Choose a divider like the one seen below. It is a bookcase room divider and has a wooden finish. Its designed by IKEA and is used for hiding the bed area.

Basement Design Plans
Wooden room divider

Image Credit: godiet

How about going for this sliding door room divider? It looks quite elegant with dark wooden frame and transparent glass. Its a more costly option but creates a permanent space well hidden from the rest of the room.

Basement Design Plans
Sliding door room divider

Image Credit: madebymood

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Cool Basement Designs with Curtains

Curtains play a very important part in modern basement design ideas. This is because curtains have the ability to turn the look of a room in an instant. As far as decorating your basement is concerned, choosing the correct curtain is very vital. A basement is usually devoid of windows. Curtains help in giving an impression of a window to it. Curtains with their colors and designs can bring in freshness to a decor. They can also be used as room dividers.

The best use of a curtain is on a window, just like in this picture. The kitchen of this basement has a window to let in natural light. Its a white themed space that wouldn’t have looked lively had the yellow floral curtains not been there.

Basement Design Plans
Floral basement kitchen curtain

Image Credit: vissbiz

The green, brown and white curtains in this basement living room are hiding an unfinished space. These look stylish and are matching well with the furnishings.

Basement Decorating Ideas on a Budget
Cool basement wall curtain

Image Credit: pinterest

Want to space out your living area and bedroom in a stylish way? Then, what are you waiting for? Choose this curtain room divider as its an elegant way of dressing up your basement. The white curtains work as a temporary divider between the living room and the bed area. You can put up any kind of curtain for this type of decoration.

Basement Design Ideas
Curtain room divider

Image Credit: pinterest

Haven’t you gained some know-how from these cool basement design ideas presented today? Well, before you make a pick, think about your needs from a basement, your budget and your style. Don’t start any remodel project unless you’re sure of it. After-all a basement is a one, probably, a two time investment! So, be confident and take your pick!