41 Amazing Home Gym Design Ideas 2020

Home Gym Design Ideas

The idea of building a home gym first sprouted in my aunt’s head and subsequently, it hit me too. Inspired by her, I built a home gym in my pad, and I can vouch for the fact that it was every bit worth it! Yes, my dear friends, having your own personal gym at home is a blessing you’ll realize once you see the results. Home gyms are convenient as you can work out in your own free time along with your family members which makes the whole session fun and cheerful. Also, it saves you from the hefty gym club membership fees. So, its my suggestion that you build your own home gyms, and for this, I have an exhilarating collection of home gym design ideas which will get you going on the right track!

Home Gym Designs With Views

How would it feel if you could work out and at the same time, could enjoy looking at the gorgeous views from your home gym? I guess you wouldn’t mind, right? Lol…Yes, now you can have the luxury to exercise while at the same time enjoy the scenic beauty from your pad’s gym. Here are a few gorgeous ideas that allow you to have a full view while you exercise.

Seen here is a home gym in the Los Angeles home of Michael Bay, the famous Hollywood director that features numerous kinds of plush work out equipment to make exercising fun, plus it also offers a great view of the hillside.

Home Gym Design Ideas
Home gym with hillside views

Image Credit: whiskeyyourway

A home gym mustn’t bore you one bit. This is why it is essential that it features big windows so that you can look outside and break the monotony. The gym below looks very spacious, thanks to its large windows that let in ample light and make exercising fun.

Home Gym Design Ideas
Stylish gym with large windows

Image Credit: sebringdesignbuild

This home cycling studio gym at a Malibu home catches my breath with its mindblowing view of the blue Pacific!

Home Gym Ideas
home gym with ocean view

Image Credit: architecturaldigest

The gym of this house overlooks the expansive terrain and makes working out a serious yet fun affair! Take inspiration from the home gym equipment Ideas incorporated here. The gym is spacious and not cramped up in any way.

Gym Room at Home
Spacious home gym with view

Image Credit: pinterest

I have my home gym that opens itself up to the terrace, but not quite like this gorgeous Manhattan home gym! The view of the roof deck from the gym makes working out a lively activity. Notice how stylish the roof deck lounger is!

Gym Room at Home
Airy gym with view

Image Credit: architecturaldigest

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Stunning Home Gym Ideas With A Pool

Do you escape your work out session every-time you enter a gym, thinking it to be a dull and over-exhaustive affair? If so, then, do build your own gym at home and see how enjoyable exercising becomes.

Exercising must be a fun activity, and there are numerous ways to ensure that your gym motivates you to burn out. One among those features is a pool. Yes, you can have a lap pool right inside your gym or alongside.

Pools like this one here will make even the couch potatoes try to burn their fat! Its a small lap pool built inside the home gym. After you sweat it out, a dip in this pool will definitely rejuvenate you!

Gym Room at Home
Home gym with a lap pool

Image Credit: irastar

Doesn’t this home gym inspire you to start shaping up? Sure it does because it is built with every possible feature to make exercising fun. Look at the swimming pool and the spaciousness of this gym along with its many high end equipment.

Gym Room at Home
Pool and an airy home gym

Image Credit: doublespeakshow

This compact home gym with a lap pool is a boon for all home gymmers!

 Building a Home Gym
Home gym with an indoor lap pool

Image Credit: pinimg

Wonderful Home Gym Design Ideas With Steam Rooms

Steam rooms are additional features to boost up your exercising routine. These can be made to fit inside the gyms or alongside. The state of the art home gyms often boast of spas, saunas and steam rooms to offer a luxurious time to gymmers.

Often, gymmers after having worked out feel exhausted and cramped up. This is where a sauna or a steam room comes into aid. It helps the tired muscles to relax. But very often, people hesitate to take that detour to the steam room as they feel it wastes their time. However, if you have a home gym along with a steam room, you don’t feel as if you’re wasting any of your precious time. After a hard work out session, you can straight away head to your steam room and relax in complete privacy.

How about getting a home gym with a stylish steam room such as this one? It is built just next to the gym and is a total stunner!

 Building a Home Gym
Home gym with steam room

Image Credit: hzcdn

This gym in a house looks well equipped with state of the art gym equipment and a compact steam room inside.

 Building a Home Gym
Modern home gym with steam room

Image Credit: homeandlivingdecor

Innovative Home Gym Ideas With Skylights

Your home gym must be built in such a way that it appears spacious as well as very well ventilated. Apart from windows and doors, there are other features like skylights to enable fresh air and light to come inside. Skylights are a new age interior design phenomenon to have caught the fancy of homeowners. These help in bringing natural light to the interiors as well as add a dash of style.

Home gyms with skylights look chic and lend liveliness to your decor. See how breezy this home gym looks. Thanks to its skylight and the accent wall, this gym makes working out super fun! Also, its located just next to the play room. A feature that will be liked by most gymmers with small kids!

 Building a Home Gym
Skylight and accent wall

Image Credit: eakeenan

The roof of this traditional gym features multiple skylights. Also striking is the hardwood flooring.

Gym Room at Home
Hardboard floors and skylights

Image Credit: pinterest

The windows of this gym are cleverly built to face treadmill runners and refresh them with the front view. The skylights and the flush lights bring lot of light inside. The other highlight of this gym is its chic brick accent wall.

Home Gym Ideas
Flush light and skylight

Image Credit: zillowstatic

Stylish Home Gym Design With Budget On Mind

Want a gym room at home but don’t wanna spend a bomb? Well, its possible now as most modern home gyms are now affordable even by ordinary people. Owning a home gym these days is not a dream anymore as you can now build a gym at a very less cost.

If you want exclusivity, but on a budget, you can now feel relaxed as I am going to show you some of the most stylish home gym ideas that are economical and won’t pinch your pockets at all. All these gyms can take your gymming to the next higher level even with little investment.

Look at how exclusive this home gym looks. It boasts of some basic equipment to get your muscles running and also hardwood floor. Its not a very high end gym but is complete with everything that you need to get started.

Building a Home Gym
Affordable home gym with hard wood floors

Image Credit: fkfadrank

Do you think its possible to build a gym on a shoestring budget? Well yes, it is! See a remarkable home gym idea below. Its a gym that has not gone overboard with high end equipment. Rather, it is designed with a basic treadmill and a cycle. The owner has built the gym at a spot that can serve as a sitting nook as well. Note: you can buy second hand equipment if you want your budget to stick to your plan.

Building a Home Gym
Simple workout equipment

Image Credit: home-designing

This industrial themed home gym looks very apt for working out, but did you notice that its a gym idea on a budget? The choice of equipment is simple and basic. It looks airy and has a simplistic charm.

Home Gym Equipment Ideas
Simple Industrial chicness

Image Credit: interiordesignexplained

For working out, you don’t need anything exorbitant. Just having basic equipment is enough to get started. The gym here in grey has been built on a shoestring budget with cleverly placed mirrors to give a feel of a larger space.

Home Gym Mirror Ideas
Home gym design on a budget

Image Credit: remontbp

An unused corner or room of your home can accommodate a small gym just like in this image below. Its a no frills gym design with no high end equipment. The decor is basic but inspires you to sweat it out!

Building a Home Gym
No frills home gym design

Image Credit: dlingoo

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Home Gym Designs With Accent Walls

Gyms are places where you sweat it out to shape every cranny of your body. But, does that necessarily mean it has to be a boring little place sans any style or decor? Gyms must feature stylish decor that will motivate you to keep going the hard path. And how do you do it? Well, you can deck up your home gyms by simply paying attention to the walls. Accent walls are very trendy and lend an instant touch of glamour to any decor. Look at these below showcased images where you will find a few ideas for accenting your gym walls.

If you are an art lover, try reflecting this aspect of your personality to your home gym by accenting its wall. This is what has been done below. The wall is accented with a beautiful black and white art and plays nicely with the color palette used in the decor. It surely makes working out comfortable!

Gym Room at Home
Accent wall art

Image Credit: yandex

The walls of this home gym are quite eye grabbing and inspiring. The wall with the custom decal looks fun as well as the one with yellowish green.

Home Gym Ideas
Custom wall decals

Image Credit: falcom

This modern home gym looks enticing with a dark wall accented with a bright work of art. This wall art lends an instant pop of color to this otherwise dark gym.

Home Gym Ideas
Bright wall art

Image Credit: falcom

What catches your eye by the balls when you enter this gym? Yes, its the chevron walls! The walls add a dash of chicness to this modern home gym.

Home Gym Ideas
Chevron accent wall

Image Credit: zillowstatic

The grey wall of this home gym looks glamorous with faux bricks and the art depicting sportsmen.

Home Gym Ideas
Faux brick accent wall

Image Credit: beeyoutifullife

Dual-Use Gym Room At Home

Imagine you’re working out next to the bar or the sitting room! How would you feel? Awesome..right! This is possible when you have a dual use home gym. A dual use home gym design gives you the freedom and the flexibility to combine two facilities together in a proper integrated fashion. Many a times, people prefer to build their gyms alongside or along with other rooms like living, dining room as well as home office. There is a practical aspect to building such a home gym. Firstly, it allows you to save space and money. Secondly, it helps in bringing fun element to your work out sessions.

Look at this pleasing and fun study room. What’s the feature that strikes you the most here? Is it the color pattern, or the lighting? Well, its the cleverly put together home gym that looks attractive! Imagine yourself studying here. How cool it would be to take a break from all the mugging and start running just to break the boredom?

Home Gym Ideas
Gym and study room

Image Credit: i-love-luc

Are you always worried of what happens to your kids when you are away gymming at a club somewhere? If so, then, why not try this home gym idea that lets you work out while paying attention to your kiddos? This is one of the most popular dual use home gym designs to have been invented, specially for the folks with kids. Its a fun combo wherein the gym space is closely located next to a play room.

Home Gym Ideas
Basement gym and kids play room

Image Credit: porch

How cleverly the designer has designated a small area of this living room for work out sessions! Its a small corner gym idea you must try.

Home Gym Ideas
Home gym and living room

Image Credit: evercoolhomes

All work and no work-out makes Jack a fat boy, don’t you feel? If yes, try this home office cum gym idea! Its practical and affordable.

Gym Room at Home
Gym with home office

Image Credit: evercoolhomes

This integration of a home gym with an adult playroom looks practical. Its a fun way to burn fat indeed!

Home Gym Equipment Ideas
Gym with play room

Image Credit: interiorsroom

Home Gym Design With High End Equipment

A home gym with high end equipment is called state of the art gym and is mostly designed for people that can splurge. The exercising gear of such gyms includes everything from a simple static bicycle to expensive treadmills. Below, I have presented a few home gym equipment ideas that are all high end and contribute a lot towards making you fit and fab. Look down!

This chic home gym looks spacious with many windows and also high end exercising equipment like the treadmill, dumbbells, ball and a host of other gear.

Home Gym Equipment Ideas
State of the art gym

Image Credit: trendir

Doesn’t this home gym look like its in a hotel? Its swanky and high end with many different kinds of equipment.

Home Gym Equipment Ideas
High end equipment

Image Credit: homedsgn

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Spacious Home Gyms

Spacious gyms are a blessing only when you can maintain them. Usually, people with lots of space and money opt for large sized gyms. If you’ve a big gym, then it must be designed in such ways that allow you to use it in the most optimal manner. For a large gym, you’ll have to decorate it with a number of accessories and accommodate numerous features.

Seen here is a very spacious looking home gym that also houses a seating nook and boasts of hardwood floor and fashionable lighting.

Building a Home Gym
Large home gym design

Image Credit: planner5d

This home gym belongs to the famous golfer Jordan Spieth and features cardio machines, benches, pull up bars, punching bag and an Olympic heavy lifting platform. Its a high end large gym where the golfer hasn’t hesitated to splurge.

Building a Home Gym
High end spacious gym

Image Credit: masatacoma

What makes working out fun and lively? Its the feel of a larger space that gets you going all the way, and this is what is seen in this spacious home gym. With numerous windows built deftly, the gym looks airy.

Home Gym Equipment Ideas
Airy gym with many windows

Image Credit: ebay

Home gym mirror ideas such as the one in this gym are used to lend a feel of a larger space. Thanks to the gym’s large mirrors, it looks spacious than it actually is. Also note worthy are the artwork and the ceiling light fixtures.

Gym Room at Home
Modern spacious home gym

Image Credit: beeyoutifullife

Colorful Home Gyms

What has color to do with gymming, you may wonder? But, the fact of the matter is that the brighter a gym is, the better are the chances that you’ll stick to your exercise routine. Colors in bright tones like red, yellow, green inspire you to get going. The brighter the room, the more energized you’ll be.

You can choose bright tones to decorate the walls, ceiling or the floor. The home gym below with a tropical decor looks enticing. Had the green walls not been there, the gym would’ve looked plain and simple.

Gym Room at Home
Tropical home gym idea

Image Credit: netmidiadesign

The basement home gym looks inviting with a pop of bright red on the walls .

Gym Room at Home
Colorful basement home gym

Image Credit: bstatic

Doesn’t the striped yellow color lend a stylish pop of brightness to this dual use home gum?

Gym Room at Home
Colorful striped home gym

Image Credit: omega-pure

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Small Home Gyms

Folks with small homes don’t despair for you, too, can derive the pleasures of a home gym! Yes, I am not joking as small spaces too can accommodate gyms, provided you follow the right kind of design. Here are a few small gym designs to try.

The most simple way to add more space to your small gym is to place mirrors. The gym here is small but it looks large, thanks to the mirror.

Home Gym Ideas
Small gym decor with mirrors

Image Credit: zhis

Minimal in design, this small home gym looks spacious because of the striped accent wall that strikes out amidst the white color scheme. The space is not cramped up with too many tools.

Home Gym Ideas
Small colorful home gym

Image Credit: blogspot

Its a compact home gym that’s built inside a vacant corner of a house. It is well ventilated, thanks to its tiny windows and looks bright with flush lights.

Home Gym Ideas
Design with tiny windows

Image Credit: decoratw

A small gym such as this one looks cool with a striped concrete wall and floor.

Home Gym Design Ideas
Concrete small home gym

Image Credit: twinyc

Building a home gym is not rocket science. But, you do need to do your research well and choose the design that suits you the best. Rather than going with the flow and doing what others are doing, try to envisage a home gym design plan that is balanced, suits your needs and is well within your budget. Happy gymming!